No payment for 4 years

June 18, 2011

Its been nearly 4 years.. and not a penny from my daughters dad. She is now 11. He has his own jewel business and when at first he produced his accounts the CSA worked it out that he pays me £5 a week. I went mad and told them how he is taking the micky out of them and tax man. Then they reviewed and came up with £90 a week. He refused to pay and said there was a change in cicumstances.. yes, another baby!! He refuses to send any accounts and actually told them on the phone he wont be paying any money at all!!!

They are still sitting on the case.. everytime I call I get the same thing..they have to follow procedure.. !!

Need help!!

If I was on Income Support Im sure something would have been done years ago!!! no happy..


  • karen bedford says:

    Hi Kaye,

    same old story Im afraid, please join the facebook groups child support agency failings and others for free advice and support on what to do. Good luck as many are in the same situation as you and Cameron wants to shame absent dads like drink drivers – obviously that is so going to help single mothers struggling with children esp. ones like you and when mine where children too! I would like him to explain to me that one – as if that will make a difference – does it mean he will prosecute them and lock them up? Yep right!

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