CSA rules on fathers who are students

June 17, 2011

Can someone/anyone please help me to find some legislation on being a student and how and what you are expected to pay please?

I have been studying for the past 4 years and have been exempt from paying maintenance now since Jan 2011 they have decided to reassess me and have started saying that I must now pay money from my student loan and maintenance grant.

They keep quoting me some legislation but cannot provide me with it, I have searched the internet but no joy.

Does anyone out there now anything about CSA and being a NRP student?

Many thanks



  • Darren says:

    I can’t help with the legislation, but I can tell that most CSA customer advisors are very poorly trained and know very little about the rules. Infact a monkey would do a better job! So write to them requesting copies of the legislation they are refering to, send it recorded delivery, then wait for them to deny receiving it. Keep pushing contact your MP the press make them justify what they are doing to you. Always make notes when you phone them, if possible record the conversation. Phone, email and write as often as you can until they answer you. Put as much pressure on your MP as you can to get answers for you, don’t accept no for an answer, they do work for us after all!!

    Cheers, Darren.

    PS. I am looking into how we can take a class action against the CSA for forcing children into poverty and contravining our human rights. I have to do this because my MP failed me and the Secretary of State for the DWP (ian Duncan Smith) has ignored all my letters.

    Its Time we stood up for ourselves and closed this illegal government dept down.

    Rant over 😉

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