My daughter gets no CSA money from her ex

June 29, 2011

My ex-son-law, who is a senior NCO in the RAF, and on a very good salary I hasten to add is yet once again dodging and lying his way through the CSA system and being allowed to do it!

From our point of view the CSA appears to be there to support these so called ‘loving/selfish fathers’ only. As for CSAs case workers they appear to be on some sort of merry- go- round with constanly differnt ones being assigned to my daughter case.

My daughter who has two children with this ‘person’ has been divorced for seven years and has always worked very hard on mimium wage to support her children, whilst her ex has enjoyed numerous foreign holidays with his many girl friends over the years. Leaving my daughter and grandchildren to depend on us. As pensioners, I feel we have raised our children and whilst we will always help our children and grandchidren I feel it’s the fathers responsibility to support his children not the grandparents!!!!

My ex son-law is about to get married once again in July,in a castle with all the pomp and circumstance that entails and has the audacity to put in a HARDSHIP request to the CSA,, even though he is arrears anyway!!!! Once again no maintence!

I’m very aware that each case is different and there are a lot of very good fathers out there who take reponsibily and support their children but sadly there are many children living in hardship, simply because these fathers feel its some sort of game to get one back on the ex!!!! I would like to add shame on them, but alas they dont seem to have a conscious concerning this.

It time the government stepped in to put a stop to these maintence evading fathers! Its not the responsibilty of this country to keep and support their children!


  • karen bedford says:

    Please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others for support and advice as this is unfortunately common

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