I do not want contact with my child but have to pay

June 30, 2011

I split up from my ex just over 3 months ago and with in a week i had a letter from csa asking for £35 a week for the child.

The child is not mine i found out after but i am put on the birth certificate because i was under the inpression that i was the childs father. I found out through my ex that she had slept around while i was out paying the bills etc so she could do what ever she wanted, which was nothing 90% of the time.

I dont have a dna test and i cannot afford a dna test as i have only £20 a week to live on for food etc after bills due to csa doing this and they want to take 300 odd pound for backpayments from me as well so they’re leaving me with nothing to live on for the rest of my life. Does anyone know if this is right that i have no contact with the child?

I do not belive the child is mine and i do not want any contact with the child or my ex but i still have to pay csa for her to live her nice life the child is 5 months old now.

Please help me.


  • rach says:

    because you are on the birth certificate the csa presume you are the father! you really need a declaration of parentage hearing at your local magistrate court and they wil then order a dna test be done i know you cant afford it but you really need to find the money to get this done (can you borrow it off relatives) if you dont do this the csa will not leave you alone and will totally destroy your life

  • al says:

    Get the DNA test done mate. Beg steal or borrow the money it will be worth it otherwise you will end up like so many of us paying and in debt for a very long time.
    Im in a slightly different position in that the boy is mine, I want to see him but the ex wont allow it unless I pay her massive amounts.
    But of course the CSA are hounding me.

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