CSA hell for 15 years and counting

June 26, 2011

Hi to all the CSA fans well here is my tale.

May 2008 I received a letter bomb from the CSA. Mr Ward you owe us 4,786 pounds in arrears. I called case work after case work asking where the arrears have come from “Well Mr Ward we re assessed you and back dated the Money you owe us give us ur Money” So since 2008 I have made 23 payments of 160 of my arrears plus my normal CSA payment.

So 23×160= £3680 and since May 2010 i have been paying £72.93 of my arrears plus 318 pounds normal CSA payment for 1 child I have only seen twice.

So 12x 72.93= £875.16 all together i have paid £4555.16 off my arrears leaving £231 pound left to pay off my arrears. Right this is where the problem starts I recently call the CSA asked how much arrears i had left to pay and was told £670 pounds i said how come i have been paying they said well thats what the computer said. I need help how can i pay my arrears off when the CSA keep adding money on i wouldnt mind if I didnt pay but I am paying 319 pounds a month any advice please……….


  • j says:

    I do have sympathy. In my case the csa clocked up a bill of over £10,000 against me even though they knew I wasnt working, using the excuse that I had not told them what I was doing. (I had but they denied getting the info)(even though their own files showed they knew I wasnt working) Anyway get a copy of your Data Protection prints, make a formal complaint, when you are not happy make a second complaint to the ‘independent case examiner’ (still part of the DWP like the csa so you probably wont get anywhere), if you remain unhappy get your MP to make a referal to the parliamentry and health service ombudsman. Dont deal with the csa by phone, put everything in writing and send recorded delivery, insist on written replies. Get legal advice from a csa specialist or good family lawyer. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  • chall says:

    Mr Ward,

    Depending on the method you are using to pay the CSA may depend on how long it takes for the payment to show on their system.

    Eg; if your making payment by DEO your employer should send the money to the CSA as soon as possible after the deduction has been made and never later than the 19th of the month following the month in which the deduction was taken.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • eddie says:

    Hi sorry for your plight please come on board [email protected]

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