Thinking of moving abroad to work because of Child Support Agency

June 30, 2011

I was seeing a girl 8 years ago, whilst she told me during our 3week fling that she was using the female pill, still i used rubbers, but one night whilst i was sleeping she came to my home from a night out jumped into my bed and had sex with me, i was still half asleep but the sex continued, when i woke up she had already left and i heard nothing again for 4 weeks where she then comes and tells me she is pregnant, i was shocked and clearly confused as the times we had sex were all protected apart from that 1 time where i was half asleep.

She agreed to an abortion but then backed out at the last minute.

I don’t see the child as the mother has basically bad mouthed me to the child as i wanted an abortion at the beginning and now that is all she says to me, i have to pay for the child as the CSA dont give a sh*t about the circumstances, all they are interested in is getting money from me.

I haven’t been able to keep a job in this country for the last 3 years and this has resulted in arrears in my CSA payments, i have now been offered a job abroad, and i am seriously considering it as the Job market in the UK is bleak.

What can the CSA do about the arrears if i no longer reside in this country or a country that has an agreement with CSA for payments?

I don not wish to come back to this country in a few years and end up being arrested!!



  • rach says:

    if/when you decide to go abroad write a letter to csa informing them that you are leaving country send it recorded delivery and make sure you keep a copy of the letter and the recorded delivery note then at least no more arrears can build up whilst you are away. hopefully when you decide to come back the csa will no longer exist if it does they may start to chase you again for the arrears you owe but first they have to find you!

  • KMcQ80 says:

    John boy,if you don’t pay for your child’s upbringing,who should?
    I’ve decided to buy a pet dog, are you prepared to pay for its’ food?

  • CBLLFG says:

    KMcQ80, perhaps the dog food link is rather tenuous…. If you secretly bought a dog whilst you’re partner was unaware, would you then commit that person to paying for the food once they had found out and left you?

    John Boy, you will not have arrears to pay if you do return to the UK; your payment would start afreash uless the country was under EU legislation or part of REMO.Hope that helps

  • rach says:

    remo means nothing really as that is nothing to do with the csa, the pwc has to apply at court for that and then the country that you have moved too will more than likely ignore it

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