Non-payment of maintenance

January 31, 2012

Because my ex-husband is self-employed the CSA as was proved unable to set a realistic maintenance amount or enforce the one it did set. So I did not even receive the £5 per week the CSA determined was the amount he was required to pay.

In reality his earnings were not being fully taken into account as he did not complete tax returns and his life style was evidence of that. However, whenever I have sought support from CSA I have been told that it would be up to me to provide them with evidence of his circumstances. This was not possible, not least because he lived on the other side of the country, but also because as the resident parent of 2 young children and having to work more hours to compensate for the lack of maintenance, I did not have the time to pursue the matter!

The most bitter part of this pill to swallow (apart from watching my children go without things I would have wished for them) is that he is able to take me to court to ensure his right to access to his children, even though this is not denied him, whereas I have no recourse to the courts vis a vis maintenance!!!

I think both matters should be overseen by the courts and further more, I think access should be dependant upon sharing some financial parental responsibility.

My husband shouldn’t have to pay

January 31, 2012

My husband is a fantastic dad to his 2 children and also to our own boy. He IS NOT AN ABSENT FATHER! He sees his kids almost every day he has them overnight and gives them dinner, clothes them sorts out school uniform and lunches they sleep round on 3nights a week every week. Now who can tell me he should be paying any CSA money at all! They have them about equal amounts of time and will do anything for them yet HE PAYS her and yet we don’t get anything! She gets all the child benefit also.

We have our son and he is one year old now and it is a struggle! We could do with that money to survive. What can I do about this?? It’s so unfair and causes a lot of arguments

CSA Have Never returned my calls after nearly 13 years

January 30, 2012

Oh where to start, Long and short of it is this, my Son is 13 in september,We know who the father is, The father lives in the same town , We know his address and registration plate for car, His wifes name also..

All this info was given to the CSA, yet I never ever get any contact from them at all, I have been calling them for years, each time i do call all i ever get told is that, its not this department that deals with it then i get passed to god knows who, and take contact detaisl from them as they do me. Everytime I call the case has gone ” Clerical ” for some reason, i have never asked for this Read more

I pay for my kids but cheating ex still went to the CSA

January 30, 2012

I have been seperated from my wife for nearly six years.

I left the marital home as i found out she was having an affair. We have two children together, 8 and 7 years old nearly, since i left i have seen my kids every single week for the past six years. I have them sunday night, monday and tuesday, i take them on holidays and also pay for everything they need when they are with me, be it school stuff or anything else.

My wife moved someone else into the house less than two weeks of me being gone, she is still with him and they have two kids together, i have not had a relationship for over 5 years as my two kids were my main priority, in may last year i got into a relationship for 7 months and in december when i got paid i found that CSA had taken Read more

CSA is threatening us

January 29, 2012

Our case has been going on for 4 years.My husband has 2 kids by his ex-wife who left him for a wealthy man that she was seeing behind his back .she had a child by him within 12 months of them starting to see each other.i have 2 children from my ex-husband who left the country and has never paid me a penny in 7 years, he also caused me to go bankrupt as we had a business together and he withdrew all the money from the sale on the day it went through. My husband was paying maintenance to his ex and we used to take all 4 kids on holiday and had his boys every weekend until his ex said that if my husband wanted to carry on seeing his kids he Read more

CSA took money for a year so why havent i received it

January 29, 2012

Two years ago i slit with my sons dad, 6mnth after the split i contacted CSA as he wouldnt help out fineaniely in feb2011 i received a letter stateing £5 a wk would be deducted from his benifit enclosed was a giro cheque for £20.

That was the first and last payment iv recieved since leaving me under the assumption my ex was no longer in receipt of benifits, as we split on really bad terms i have no contact nor does my now 4yr old son. In december 2011 i contacted my ex asking for fineanciel help towards christmas to be told “—- off i pay maintainance!” i then rang CSA and they confirmed that since feb2011 they had in fact been taking £10 a fortnite from him however they couldnt explain why the payments had not been Read more

Ex stopped paying me direct and went through CSA

January 28, 2012

I divorce my husband in Dec 2005. We had made arrangements that he would pay £660 child maintenance for our 4 kids every month. He paid cash and I gave him receipts. Then in January 2011, he decided to pay via the CSA and my payments dropped to £198 per month as he lied about his income. He has had no contact with the kids for the majority of the 6 years we have been divorced and works as a self employed personal trainer. The thing is, I was given copies of his invoices for the financial year April 200-April 2010 and hes earning approx. £2500 per month as opposed to the £1012 he has claimed to the CSA AND Inland Revenue!

I sent all the evidence to the CSA who said they couldnt do anything Read more

CSA Query for appeal

January 28, 2012

I am writing on behalf of my partner to see if anyone can offer me any advice on the following situation. I have recently changed jobs which pays alot more than my last, the csa are on about taking £400 a month off me, my ex wife has recently split from her new husband of which they had a child.

He pays nothing towards this child, and i find it hard to stomach for the child i share with my ex wife that i have to pay alot of money for. which makes my new family suffer because of the high amount.

Is there any way i can appeal this as I know that i am more than likely paying for the other child that is not mine. Please keep names and numbers confidential.

Payments made direct to ex are being ignored by CSA

January 27, 2012

HELP!!!! My husband and his ex wife split up 8 years ago. They both had an agreement about how much money he should pay for their child. After only 2 payments (given in cash) the ex tried to double the amount and use it to stop contact if not paid. My husband contacted the CSA to get a proper assesment. The CSA madethe assesment (less than what had been agreed) and left it Read more

CSA payments for those recieving war pensions

January 27, 2012

My husband started paying CSA back in 1999 for his 2 kids whilst he was in the forces. he was medically discharged in 2000 and recieved a tax excempted disablement pension.

He finished paying in 2010 and have since been filing the csa statements in the loft and discovered that all this time he’s had his full disablement pension taken by the CSA (as well as he’s normal wage) as an additional income! I’ve recently had my 1st child and noticed that the inland revenue do not require you to include non taxable pensions in you household income when applying for child tax credit but the CSA do?? I have also spoken to the ILR who have confirmed this.

So if this is a mistake we’re talking about a payment for £79.56 taken every week for 10 years!!! I’ve spent the evening looking for info regarding non taxable incomes but am unsuccessful, can anyone clarify weather its worth persuing this…..

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