About to lose home and job due to CSA

July 31, 2012

My wife and I are about to lose our home and I my job due to a deo from the csa , I have never refused to pay , but the csa have decided they want £440 a month which I cant afforcd , my mortgae company say it wont take a lower amount and my employer says they cant help.

The child is 23 , im 47 ,my wife is , we cant get help with housing and the benefits people say I will have to wait 6 weeeks to claim after the event any way .

6 weeks without a job or a home , bankrupcy etc all for a £6000 DEBT.

The irony is that my tax etc from my wages is £800 a month so in the end the govenment will lose money

Trying to get arrears I am owed, now I owe arrears myself?

July 31, 2012

I have been trying to get arrears from ex partner amounting to £3000. This has gone on for over 18 months now and is has no signs of being sorted out.

Last weekend I recieved a letter stating that I owed £1700 in arrears!!! I have paid the amount asked since getting involved with the CSA, so where do these arrears come from? On speaking to the agency they claim that they had tried to contact me for the last six months. Even though I have had contact with them roughly every two weeks.

They claim to only have my old phone number even though they have called me on my new number numerous times.They claim that they Read more

50/50 share care, ex drinks her benefits yet I pay CSA

July 31, 2012

I recently split up with my ex girlfriend who has been diagnosed with severe borderline personality disorder, as soon as I told her it was over and we can never go back together I was hit with an interdict and a whole lot of false statements against me.

She had claimed I was physically abusive towards her etc. when in reality it was myself that had his nose broke and at one point she attempted to bite my cheek off. after the interdict and a court case along with social worker meetings I returned home and got a phone call from CSA and they were telling me that the ex had opened a claim with them and they were going to be taking 20% of my Read more

I am on the breadline because of the CSA

July 30, 2012

I have 2 children being dealt with through the csa. Last October 2011 my wife and I seperated meaning I had to include our 3 children into the claim. It is now coming into August 2012 and nine months I am none the wiser as to what is happening?

An attachment of earnings that has left me on bread line since splitting up, a flat with no furniture or heating and all because i am trying to compensate for the failing of the csa. All information requested has been sent, i have obliged with everything i can.

I too have arrears, nearly £10000 according to them, breakdown what breakdown, ABSENT PARENTS SHOULD BE DEEMED IMPORTANT TOO. Complain to the watchdog, ‘Oh no, Mr Scully you complain to us’ and now i know why hides the shambles they call the csa???

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

What does my child support actually pay for?

July 30, 2012

I currently pay Child Support direct from my salary per month. I have been asked by my son’s mother to assist with additional maths lessons, and now been asked to contribute towards a school trip for my son.

In his mothers words, ‘my money situation has changed’ can you help out?. Whilst i dont want my son to mis out, this is causing arguements between my wife and i. The 2 issues i have; What does my Child support pay for??, also on the birth certificate the father is shown as unknown.

In addition i was not invited to my son’s christening.

Please any help or advice would be hugely welcomed.

After 9 years the CSA demanding almost Seventy Thousand Pounds!

July 30, 2012

The CSA first contacted my partner approx 4 years ago. He has not seen his child since 1999.

Then automatic deductions appeared to be taken from his pension, which have subsequently been paid since. The CSA are now demanding £67K for arrears!! Several attempts have been made to assess how this figure has been arrived at without success. Why has it taken 9 years?

This situation is driving us both to despair – which will inevitably result in non employment and thus inability to pay the current amounts. What can he do. He is due in court in 2 weeks – even though he is waiting for the CSA to respond to the most recent reply answering their questions.

CSA dreamt up 11k of arrears

July 29, 2012

After paying all the csa have asked on 2 cases for many years, in 2010 the CSA dreamt up 11k of arrears, and were set to take £800 a month to get it back by DEO i had agreed to pay regular maintenance by.

After many months they reduced this to £500.no evidence of arrears has been forthcoming, in November they came again for more. i have asked on many occassions for a full breakdown, they have produced 4 now all different. my case is now at ICE. last set of arrears were now down to 2k.

Both parents with care have asked the CSA to set a fair level and do not want me in poverty through no fault of my own. My MP is involved but needs a kick to get him to do anything.

I now am deep in debt as a result of their failings. and still have not got a full breakdown despite them lying to me and my MP, losing recordings when i have evidence of lies, and caused a 4 month delay with ICE by saying my case was not closed when it was.

So far they have givenm me £50 and said sorry…. I intend to fight all the way as having paid £36k in 5 years to be put in debt by them is obsecene, the last 2 years have been hell and do not anticipate it getting better, do these people not have a regulator??.

Child Support Agency Board Members

July 29, 2012

Hi Everyone… I came across the following contacts while on wikipedia and thought that all written complaints should be copied to one of these individuals (or more if electronic correspondence) so that they may see what the real problems with the CSA are….

It may achieve nothing but going by this website (and many more)… no-one seems to be winning the ‘war’ with the CSA…

Child Support Agency Board Members (as of July 2012) included:
Noel Shanahan, Chief Executive
Simon McKinnon, Information System/Information Technology Director
Angela MacDonald, Customer Director
Ian Pavey, Human Resources Director
Chris Forster, Operations Director

Good Luck

CSA told ex to refuse my money so they could open a case

July 29, 2012

When Brendan was born I started paying Sarah maintenance for Brendan and she let me visit, I also gave her cash to help out when I was there, after about 3 or 4 months, my payments to Sarah was returned to my account, (Bank of Scotland, Dunfermline Branch).

I ask Sarah about this and she said she had closed her bank account, I ask Sarah why she closed her account, her answer was “I have no need for it”, I ask for another account so I could pay her, she told me that it was not possible and I would have to pay in cash, which anyone with a bit of sense would realise that being in the Navy, it is not always practical to get home on a monthly basis, she also said that I was not to see Read more

Why should I pay for children I do not know?

July 28, 2012

I have probably the usual tale to tell on the CSA and their dealings of my case so I wont go into it you’ve all heard it before and experienced it your selves.

So my point in writing is this.I have not seen or heard from my children in over 8 years, they were very small when my ex and I had a complete nightmare of a separation,she became involved with someone else within a month of separating and quickly established him as my children’s guardian.

I was quickly pushed out of their lives and although Read more

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