CSA Bullies & MP Who Fights my Corner

March 31, 2012

Before I start ranting, I want it to be known that I have no problem in paying for my child (the fact his mother spends the money on designer wear, is a different matter).

I recently have come to an arrangement with the CSA over payments and arrears, which they say I owe – which incidentally they were the cause of, by taking 6 months to re-assess me once I had moved jobs!

In the last 2 months, my Local MP and IDS had gotten the CSA to review their actions, agree a new arrangement and get this the CSA have paid me £25 compensation! However, last week, I received another letter from the CSA Read more

CSA is taking far too much money

March 31, 2012

My ex wife kept on at the CSA to re asses my payments and they increase my payments and back dated it saying that I owed them around £500. They then told my employer that they were deducting this directly and taking it out over 3 months.

My salary was at that time just meeting all of my bills and the normal CSA payments, when they took the amount they did over those first couple of months if I hadn’t manage to get some money from elsewhere I would have not been able to pay all my bills or even get to work.

They left em 2 months running with around £950 taking into account that my rent was £595 and I pay out £200+ on petrol each month they didnt care that they were potentially pushing me to default on my debts and even not having enough money to be able to buy food to look after my son. I am not saying I shouldnt pay, but the fact that they could have lost me my home and therefore left me unable to look after my son seems out of order

Mother is alcoholic and aggressive

March 30, 2012

I am a father of 2 boys aged 11 & 13. I seperated from their mother 1 year ago due to the fact that she is an alcoholic and was often very aggressive due to this.

When we split up the kids stayed with me full time for the first month until their mother found a flat. After this we agreed to share the custody of the children and, as I work full time, would allow her to keep claiing child benefit. This would allow her to work part time and claim family tax credit. She also gets a rent rebate and some income from a property that we jointly own and were unable to sell so we rent out. This seemed more than a fair deal to me, especially since I was left with all the debt from the relationship.

Despite our 50 50 care agreement, I actually look after the children more on average, mainly because of their mother being Read more

CSA just doesn’t listen

March 30, 2012

First problems in 2006. they assessed my earnings from my gross rather than my net pay and took too much money off me, leaving me scarcely able to afford food. I phoned to tell them this to be told (And I quote exactly) ‘Thats not my problem’ I ended up off work for 10 days with this stress as a result and phoned them to tell them that I would now have even less money as I had been off sick and was assured this would be taken into account. When I was paid again theyd taken even more off me, leaving me just £40 to feed myself for a month!

Again I phoned and again I was told ‘Thats not my problem’ I complained and was then contacted in a white-washing exercise when a liar phoned me and told me they hadnt assessed me off my gross pay (I knew this was a lie as the same man and me sat talking on the phone and discussing figures) needless to say I wasnt reimbursed.

Fast forward to January 2012, and my new place of work is in the throes of closing down and were all being laid off. One of them phones up demanding information from me. I tell them, im currently homeless (I have mental health issues related to my military service that cause me problems in permanent accomodation) and also in less than three weeks im being laid off.

They keep sending letters to my old address where I havent lived since 2010 which occasionally get passed on to me. They recently sent one saying theyve assessed for so much and its being taken from 08/04/2012. Good luck, I havent worked since 21/02/2012!!!

Ex moves jobs to avoid the CSA

March 29, 2012

I am absolutely fed up with being pushed from pillar to post by the child support office. My ex has for the past 8 years moved from job to job to avoid the csa. They took him to court and although he hasn’t paid for years because he paid £50 he got away without going into the court room. I have told the csa 8 times over the past 8 years that we do not have shared care yet when my ex claimed benefits for a while I was told he didn’t have any money deducted as we have shared care.

I feel that unless I call up every week nothing gets done on my case.

I have been on the phone to them this morning Read more

Unreasonable ex wife

March 29, 2012

I have been divorced from my daughters mother for 9 years, and have always paid my way for my daughter`s upkeep. She lives 100 miles away from me but ive always made sure when she visits in school holidays she goes home with a full wardrobe of clothes etc.

In July 2011 Her mother informed me she could not cope anymore and my daughter came to live with me for 6 months, during this time i never received a penny in support from ex wife and she even kept the first 2 months child support money.

When my daughter decided to move back in with her mother Christmas 2011, i decided that i would go back to the old arrangement, but only in around april 2012 so i could claw back the money she owed. This has resulted in my ex getting the CSA involved last week. I am devastated, the 15 or so % these people take is going to cripple me financially and even though i`ve pleaded with my Ex and the CSA it seems to fall on deaf ears I`ve never known such uncaring people.

With all my outgoings mortgage, loan,utility bills etc. i`m barely going to be able to feed myself, let alone visit my daughter or buy her presents! All this inspite of working 2 jobs.

Please help!

Persecution by CSA

March 28, 2012

During the last 6 months, I have had a number of battles with the CSA and have involved my Local MP Graham Jones and Ian Duncan Smith to get a resolve…….or so I thought!

In November 2011, I was told that I had arrears of £1,500 due to the fault of the agency not doing their jobs correctly and that they wanted £92 per week from me to clear the arrears.

Due to my personal financial circumstances, this amount was far too hi, so I involved the MP and in February I finally got it resolved. I even got £25 compensation from the CSA and a written apology.

Today, a letter has arrived from the CSA saying that someone has informed my circumstances have changed and they want Read more

Pursued for payments I cannot make

March 28, 2012

After 23 years of marriage my ex and I separated and divorced, and the children stayed with her. I should explain that i am a transgendered woman, so whilst being female I am also the children’s father.

My unusual circumstances proved to be unacceptable to everyone and as a result I was effectively excommunicated from my family; all ties were forcibly cut and I have not seen my children for the past 7 years.

Until 2 years ago, I was paying regular child maintenance, but then I was made redundant and was unemployed and living on benefits. During this time, I continued to make payments from my benefits at the rate of £5 per week.

Later I started my own business, which now makes enough money to allow me to share a house with my new partner – not enough to live Read more

The Only Way is CSA – a disgrace

March 28, 2012

My daughters are now 20 and 17 (21 & 18) this year. The elder one has left home to go to uni, the younger one doing her A’Levels and then going onto uni.

Since 2000 my payments have been erratic and I have had no payments since 2005.

NRP has been living in the same house for longer than I can remember. He has been in and out of work during this time.

The CSA had the information they needed because I kept them informed of any changes I knew about. The thing is as I recall, were they not set up to ‘locate absent fathers who were not paying’ but instead hounded those already with maintenance orders through the old Magistrates Court process and destroyed a lot of peoples lives. As a tax payer and voter I would like to see the Read more

CSA make up their own rules

March 27, 2012

My name is Garry i have a absent son he is 9 or 10 im not too sure could someone out there tell me. Is it 10% you pay when I have a child to my present wife for my absent child. Or do the CSA Make up their own rules as they go along.

As i am being ripped of. My thinking was that things would get easier but they have went the oppisite way. I am now unemployed and i get nothing but harresed from them for money and i am not claiming benifits. They have also done an avreage calculation on 3 pay slips to make up a calculation of payment when all of them were sent.

When you question them they claim they have not recvd them when myself and a MP Have sent this evidence. Also does any body have a problem when they get an MP involved have they made things worse for you or better.

All of this is driving me insane.

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