Who can help me fight the CSA?

December 31, 2010

In the last 3 months I received three assessments all saying different things but funny enough always in arrears!

My money gets deducted direct from my salary and they know clearly what my basic salary is but yet they choose to change payments almost every month.

My patience is running out with their incompetence. Who do I turn to without consulting a lawyer that would probably bleed me dry for errors that are not mine in the first place.

Can’t afford the CSA payments

December 31, 2010

Admittingly i have arrears of around £5000 for child maintainence but i am willing to pay this, but the CSA have placed an attachment on my earnings and are now taking £450ish a month. I only earn £1012 to take home, but recently my daughter has moved in with me and i have advised the CSA of the changes however they will not negotiate a smaller amount and are still taking this money.

How am i supposed to manage with the pitance they leave me with with bills and another mouth to feed?

No access to my children so why should I pay?

December 30, 2010

When i first split with my partner all was good. I am paying £257 every month through the csa, she has now moved to somewhere else and changed her phone number so i am unable to see my children. Even the csa dont have a contact address or number for her so why do i have to carry on paying?

She says the kids are better off without me but it seems not without my money. Surely the system needs to be looked at? If partners leave and say they can do it on their own then why should we have to carry on supporting them?

It’s a choice they made, but the csa dont take any of this into consideration – they just want to screw us.

CSA mistakes could cost me everything

December 30, 2010

Im now being hit with the CSA. They decided to review my case and are now demanding £102.29 a week for my 13 year old daughter. This is back dated to 30/08/10 therefore i am already £1328 in arrears.

The CSA run 2 seperate systems. If my ex and i were breaking up now i would be on the new system and my payments would only be £60 a week.

I tried to get my ex to accept £60 a week in a private agreement but she refuses. All she is seeing is the £ signs. At this rate i will lose my home due to not being able to pay my morgage.

I blame the CSA for not doing anything when i first informed them that i had got a full time job back in 2002. I rang them 5 times and sent 3 letters to them with my earnings. They never did anything. I then got my morgage in 2005.

Now i may lose everything.

Father with custody, getting no money from the mother through CSA

December 29, 2010

Hi my name is ian and I have full custody of three young children due to my ex wife physically abusing them. Age 10, 8 and 6. My ex wife took all the profit from my business which almost went bust now I get tax credit and struggle.

My ex has a house which she does not live in and it is rented out at 645 per month and was mortgage free cost 320,000 CSA investigated and she gave them the run around for 9 months, they told me today that she has sold the house so this is no longer included in the claim.

I did a land registry search on the house and she has transferred it into her parents names.

Regardless of the fact the house is mortgage free she must have the 275,000 that was on the transfer or if her parents didnt pay for it this is a fraud. I will put money on her still getting the rent 645.00 from barnsdales letting agents in her Read more

Ex hides all his earnings so he doesn’t have to pay

December 29, 2010

Im into 11 years of a losing battle with the CSA. They have closed my case 4 times wrongly, gave my ex-husband money back when it should have been paid to my children, gave me my ex husbands new wifes child and removed one of mine of my claim, then phoned to ask if my ex was the father to both my sons and if so why do my children have diffrent surnames.

The CSA have allowed my ex and his solicitor wife, to lie and cheat the system. I provided court papers, bankcruptcy records, official reciever reports, all of which I paid for and went to court for, sent the lot to the CSA, and they have not used them as evidence into my ex’s business intrests. The information I have given the CSA proves my ex owed a public house, his name is on all the documents, the courts said he owed the pub, the inland revenue said he owned it everyone knows he owns it, but the CSA said he doesnt because Read more

Ultimate CSA blunder

December 28, 2010

I divorced in 1999, everything sorted amicably. Paid my Ex wife directly monies to support our 2 kids. CSA not required agreement in place, which is the best way forward. I got a letter this week stating that monies would be deduct from my benefits for child support maintenance.

Both of my kids one is 20 in University, the second is 17 and working. Anyway contacted the CSA and asked for an explanation. They could not give me a valid answer. So I explained their service was not required as stated above. A review of the letter indicated that I would need to pay child maintenance until both my kids were in their mid 30’s. I spoke to a senior manager at the CSA and pointed out the complete incompetence. Furthermore if monies are being deducted, where is it going and to who ?

Anyway once cornered, he apologised and stated that this matter would be corrected and any monies deducted would be refunded plus an apology letter. Has anyone heard of anything so ludicrous.

I am completely dumbfounded are these the cock up’s happening at the CSA. Furthermore any delay on their part I have warned them that I will sue them.


Baffled by CSA calculations

December 28, 2010

I’ve paid for my kids through the CSA since the day my partner and I split. Ive provided wage slips been honest and worked to earn enough to allow CSA to take payments straight from my earnings for 3 years.

From the beginning I paid what I would consider to be a lot, but I paid it as I had no choice. I was baffled by the calculations, confused as to who comes up with “minimum protected earnings” and to what justification that person had to dictate how much an individual was “allowed” to earn and keep before CSA was calculated……….but, who was I to argue?

Dealing with money for kids through them was a damn sight more pleasureable than dealing with money directly with the ex at the time. As it was, they messed the payments up at first, they calculated everything, then failed to take direct debit payments from my bank account due to their error ( i gave them bank details over the phone and filled in a mandate for the monies to be debited) they either lost it or didnt action it………blamed me for failed payments, accused me of dodging my responsibilities and decided to go straight to my employer and began to directly deduct from my earnings.

When I telephoned my bank at the time, they told me no direct debit had ever been set up from CSA. That was 3 years ago, and the story gets better…….my ex decided that she was missing out on some of my money, I got married 3 months ago, moved on, she decided it was time to have me investigated, check out how much she was missing out on and requested the CSA look at my earnings. To cut a long story short they wrote to me, giving me 7 days to Read more

Ex pays more for his new family than for my five children

December 27, 2010

I have been separated from my ex for years and we have five children together.

He has never paid for them until i got csa on him. He started giving me twenty pound a week for them all. He started messing me about with payments so i contacted csa again, when they finally dealt with our case i received a letter back saying they take into account for his new partners 14 year old child into account. They said they take into account his earnings, which is fine, but he is ment to pay 42pounds for our five kids and 35 for her one.

They dont take her wages into account. I am a single mum who would love nothing more to go out to work and not have hand outs for my family, but how do they expect us to do this when there is no justice for single parents?

The nrp get away with having children and not paying for there kids and end up paying for someone else. Can anyone help me with this? I have been to mps and dont know where else to take it cause i really aint happy about this!!!

I want to stop my ex seeing his children

December 27, 2010

My ex (nrp) is self employed he pays £5 a week for two kids via the csa he was paying £50 a week private agreement that was untill he started to pay when it suited him (hardley ever) then stopped compleatly & told me to go through the csa. If i asked for money as we had nothing no baby milk nappys etc i was told to find some other mug to pay for them!

I cant afford to live its only because i have my parents support that we survive my kids are 1 & 2 i dont have the option to get back to work yet childcare costs etc makes it not worth it, he works full time & sees them through a contact centre that i take my children to voulenteraly he says i use them as a weapon but as far as i can see he dose i have no life anymore while he’s been on holiday this year & has a fully paid one booked for beg of nxt year he parties every weekend & wears desighner clothes, my kids are lucky to have clothes most are hand me downs from friends or bought by relatives! I’m thinking about stopping contact & making him pay through the courts to see them as he obviously dosnt Read more

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