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October 31, 2014

Barclays: We asked Mumsnetters and their kids to test-drive a Barclays branch, including the prototype for our brand new children’s activity book. Find out what they made of it.

Would my ex have to pay for all my children?

October 31, 2014

Hi i have 2 boys 7 & 5 years old the youngest boys fater has brought my eldest son up from being 1 yr old & he has perental rights with him.

If I claimed would he have to pay for both boys? Thanks in advance.

Why is the CSA treating us like criminals?

October 31, 2014

To start off with let me explain that I have been paying CSA payments for the past 15-16 years. During that time I have had no contact with any of my children through no choice of my own.

I had no idea where any of my children were because of their mothers influence over them meant they didn’t want to know me. Without going into detail lets just say my divorce was not very smooth at all!!!! Marriage from hell would be an understatement!!!!

In 2003 I lost my job and I wasn’t working for 6 weeks. During that time I moved to a new area and found a new job. I contacted the CSA to update my details with them so that I could carry on with my payments. It was at that point they put a deductions of earnings order on me because I had missed payments for the time I was out of work. The CSA didn’t seem to care that during the 6 weeks I wasn’t actually working. Since that time they have just helped themselves each month with significant increases along the way.

A couple of months ago I was sent yet another payment schedule by the CSA for the next 12 months. As I do each year I queried it because instead of the amounts coming down they were remaining the same despite the fact that my daughter has now turned 20. I was expecting the amount to reduce because I would only have my youngest son left on the CSA file or so I thought.

The lady I spoke to at the CSA said she would do a Child Benefit check and see what was going on. 3 weeks later I received a call from the CSA to say that the CSA payments for my daughter should have finished in July this year so there was indeed a error. A over payment of 2-3 months. Also she informed me that payments for my youngest son should have stopped 2 years ago because he had left education which was a complete shock to me.

I have phoned them a few times now to try and find out what is going on and I have to say I am getting passed around all over the place. I have asked for a statement of account and was told I would have to wait for 2-3 weeks before I could have one. Yesterday I spoke to yet another lady there and she asked me if I really wanted to pursue it stating that “it would affect the quality of life for the children”. What children? They are all now adults?

I have said I want to pursue it and I want a full refund for the 26 months over payment in total. I have also informed them that I have instructed a solicitor to pursue the matter if they do not sort the mess out soon. This doesn’t seem to have any effect on them at all.

It seems in such cases we have no rights. They will not give me any information at all other than they are looking into it. I have also already been told that it is probably unlikely I will ever see the money that I have over paid.

The CSA is seriously out of control. I think that in the beginning when they were set up the intention was good but somewhere along the way things have gone very badly wrong and non resident parents are treated like we are criminals. Has anyone else been through anything similar? May I ask what the outcome was for you?

What do I legally have to tell the CSA?

October 31, 2014

Hello. I conveniently lost my job when my assessment was completed.

Now they want to know how I support myself. Do I have to tell them by law?

What should I tell the CSA?

October 30, 2014

I have not advised CSA/mother of children of my payrise – will they backdate?

One of my children(17)is considering dropping out of further education – shall i seek a re-assessment and how?

CSA keeps kicking dads in the teeth

October 30, 2014

My lovely ex who i pay every month without fail, have my kids every other weekend has decided to go to the csa and tell them that she wants all payments throught the CSA. They duly obliged.

My problem is….i’ve never missed one payment in 3 years, never said i can’t have my kids and have my kids more that the 52 days a year she put down. I’m now refusing to pay until the CSA have got the real amount i owe, not just numbers that have been magiced from thin air.

I take my kids away every yhear, have them over christmas and certainly have them for more than once day a week. I’m now waiting to see if i’ve been over paying, as my ex seems to think i owe her a favour. Give me my kids full time, and i wont request a penny from her.

Dads who do all they can gettin kicked in the teeth at every turn. Seems the mums tell the truth all the time.

How can the CSA keep changing its mind?

October 30, 2014

Hello i am new to this and dont know which way to turn.I have been fighting a DEO for two years now and have been fobbed off so many times with quote “it is being dealt with by the finance dept”.

I logged a complaint with the complaints dept online after being told by the CSA that good news i had overpaid by £1500.00 pounds and i was to get either a refund or my monthly assessment would reduce to the resident parent until the over payment had been recovered.

This was than subject to a call from them to confirm within five days.Low and behold five days passed and no phone call so i called them and to my utter amazement i was informed that i had not overpaid and that i was in arrears to the sum of £1600.00 and that they had no record of any such call.

I have been for two years requesting an up to date figure for the total arrears on the two cases i have but they have never been able to supply this information.I currently pay £350.00 per month of which £135.00 is regular maintenance for my 18 year old son who is signed onto a college course for 16 hours per week but also works every night and most weekends in a pub.

After dealing with the complaints dept for the last few weeks they called with some more good news to inform me that my overall monthly payment would be reduced to £266.00 per month and i will recieve a new schedule in the post,the lady had great pleasure in telling me that i will be £77.00 per month better off.

Today i recieved my new schedule and to my horror they are going to take £404.00 from my wages per month.I called sophie at the complaints dept who claims she has made a mistake.It is incedible to think that after my first contact with the complaints dept they sent the police to my place of work concerned for my welfare,so how can they do this to me ? Please help.

How can he just slip away from CSA?

October 29, 2014

My daughter was born 2001, her father and I split up before she was born. He has never paid through csa.

The csa have him under warrant for arrest and cant get hold of him, how can this be that’s hes getting away with not paying?

CSA error had me paying the mother while the child was in care

October 29, 2014

Ive paid all the money to the CSA for my child and never in all that time did the X allow me to see the child . My dealings with the CSA have been intense . I found out I had a child via the CSA bill came to my door back in 1997.

This had to go to a DNA test cos the child was 3. Then the CSA up held the bill they sent then made it up to £6999 from £1550, saying id cost the case time and money and I was to pay. lots of phone call and letters the payments began against my will as I was threatened with courts and never listened too. not one time did they ever have any reason to treat me like that and was told to contact the ICE.

This only made things worse cos the undertrained monkies thought I was going to stop paying so put an order on my wages and started to take 2 lots off money , once again id called them and after 5 months stop taking 2 payments and told to contact the ICE, didn’t get my money back they would just adjusts the payments which never happened.

Then after 2.5 years 1999 I found out my child was put into care so notified the CSA for conformation and found this to be true( My child had been in care for 3 years) and they stopped the payments and kicked me off the system. gob smacked I was.. after some investigation work by me , I found out that the X didn’t even have the child in her care throw this process and it cost me £8500 that went to her and not my child….. CSA didn’t care I didn’t have rights to call as I didn’t have a case number…. 2005 the X got child back in her care and once again the CSA was on the phone, I made my inquires this was to be a true fact so started to pay as not to deprive the child of a good up bringing.

Then I got a bill for £14000 saying id never paid any money from 1995 to 1999 , I told them id paid but ICE didn’t have any records and the CSA started court proceeding for this money. now its 2014 and I gathered all the evidence to prove my child was in care and that Ive paid all that was due and the MASSIVE ERROR the CSA has made, cost me £8500 and I wanted it back, child was in care , X made false claim.

ICE sent me a bill for £4300 saying ID have to pay this as it was arrears .. and still to this day the untrained idiots wont listen and I just go from one department to another.. And they still don’t care even though ive sent the evidence they now realise the ERROR but wont do anything about it…. any SERGESTION PLEASE.

Why won’t CSA help when boot’s on the other foot?

October 29, 2014

Why are nrps not refunded overpayments made to the csa???

How is it that payment shedules sent out to the PWC ,by the csa, clearly state a warning that if an NRP is found to have made overpayments the PWC is liable for repayment yet the csa continues to avoid collection of said debt from the pwc.

Yet they are very good at hounding NRPs for arrears/debt.

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