CSA keeps kicking dads in the teeth

October 30, 2014

My lovely ex who i pay every month without fail, have my kids every other weekend has decided to go to the csa and tell them that she wants all payments throught the CSA. They duly obliged.

My problem is….i’ve never missed one payment in 3 years, never said i can’t have my kids and have my kids more that the 52 days a year she put down. I’m now refusing to pay until the CSA have got the real amount i owe, not just numbers that have been magiced from thin air.

I take my kids away every yhear, have them over christmas and certainly have them for more than once day a week. I’m now waiting to see if i’ve been over paying, as my ex seems to think i owe her a favour. Give me my kids full time, and i wont request a penny from her.

Dads who do all they can gettin kicked in the teeth at every turn. Seems the mums tell the truth all the time.


  • Craig 3010 says:

    Thanks Stephen. We seem to be walking wallets. They don’t care less about what the dads go through

  • Gonk says:

    @ Cheryl smith, if you are reading this post or can be bothered since it is a Nrp.
    This is the sort of shit that goes on every day with dads like this and how the good ones are treated by the csa and scum bags like you. You call Ben wiskin a dick….lol…this posting is a classic example of what he is talking about, but he’s a dick in your money grabbing pond dwelling life…lol

  • Craig 3010 says:

    @Claire Green – Have you actually read the post i put. Or do you have blinkers on. Read it again, then reply with a grown up comment.

    You sound as deluded as my ex.

  • Craig 3010 says:

    I’d love to put these wopman with dads that don’t and refuse to pay Kev. Maybe they would then realise that we do all we can

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