How can the CSA keep changing its mind?

October 30, 2014

Hello i am new to this and dont know which way to turn.I have been fighting a DEO for two years now and have been fobbed off so many times with quote “it is being dealt with by the finance dept”.

I logged a complaint with the complaints dept online after being told by the CSA that good news i had overpaid by £1500.00 pounds and i was to get either a refund or my monthly assessment would reduce to the resident parent until the over payment had been recovered.

This was than subject to a call from them to confirm within five days.Low and behold five days passed and no phone call so i called them and to my utter amazement i was informed that i had not overpaid and that i was in arrears to the sum of £1600.00 and that they had no record of any such call.

I have been for two years requesting an up to date figure for the total arrears on the two cases i have but they have never been able to supply this information.I currently pay £350.00 per month of which £135.00 is regular maintenance for my 18 year old son who is signed onto a college course for 16 hours per week but also works every night and most weekends in a pub.

After dealing with the complaints dept for the last few weeks they called with some more good news to inform me that my overall monthly payment would be reduced to £266.00 per month and i will recieve a new schedule in the post,the lady had great pleasure in telling me that i will be £77.00 per month better off.

Today i recieved my new schedule and to my horror they are going to take £404.00 from my wages per month.I called sophie at the complaints dept who claims she has made a mistake.It is incedible to think that after my first contact with the complaints dept they sent the police to my place of work concerned for my welfare,so how can they do this to me ? Please help.


  • King Canute says:


    Just a bit of sound advice for you. Never, ever, deal with the CSA over the ‘phone.

    If you have to contact them, write. Take a copy of everything you send them and file it in date order. Keep anything they write to you and file in date order with the letters you send. . Try to get your local MP to help you and try to get it arranged so that you only deal with your caseworker.

    Good luck with that lot. In my experience, it won’t make any difference but at least you can be secure in the knowledge you tried your best.

  • Bill says:

    This was first posted 2 June 2013.
    Why has it been posted again?
    Hopefully Jason has resolved his difficulties by now!

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