Spent years fighting CSA yet got nowhere

October 28, 2014

Hi i was claming csa from 2007 where my ex partner refused to do a dna on my son who i just had so csa persumed parentage.

I recived money on/off for abt 2 yrs then when i got a new payment scedual out on i think on the june for the nxt few mths payments 2009 they said i would recive £267 in my acc on the start of nov so i left it for the 10 or14 days it was coz i didnt recive it.

When i phoned up they asked me when i last spoken to them it was the apeial of 2009 coz i had just moved house and gave them my new address the also informed me that i had phone up on the july 2009 changing my bank details in which i didnt change them ave had the same bank account for 22 yrs now i had to get proff of all my statments and send them in then they lost them i had to do it again.

I was told that the fraud team were getting involved for the missing money in which i was over the moon they were going to do that and then i got told someone shut my claim dwn it wasnt me tho so i think there security needs to be a bit tighten up against ex patners who nos there patners ni no it only take a min to get someone to say the are u if they have all the details written dwn in front of them.

Its now 2014 and am still waitting i gave up over the yrs fighting my case as i felt i was getting no where my kids have had nothing in the last 5 yr from csa or there dad i was wondering if anyone else had simmler problems.

Do the CSA take debts from a previous relationship into account?

October 28, 2014

Please advise, I have 2 children with my ex and I’m paying over half my money on maintenance and loans (of which the loans where to furnish the house I once lived in) and I’m strugging to live on the little I have remaining each month, to the point of getting myself deeper into debt!!

My question is, does any loans etc from a previous relationship get taken into account? (or is it ok for someone to think to the grass is greener and have everything) I have no problem paying maintenance, as they are my responsibility too but I feel like giving up!

Probably sounds like I’m being unfair and a typical useless father but I don’t know what to do! Doest seem fair that I lose in every way! Apologies for the rant.

How can I prove who is the dad?

October 28, 2014

I’m expecting a child in December, I know who the father is 100% but he is refusing that he is the father.

He won’t even agree to do a DNA one the child is here, is there anything I can do to prove he is the father?

What happens to the arrears money if the case is closed?

October 27, 2014

If your case has been closed and there is arrears who gets the money?

The pwc has been on benefits for the entire length of the case so will they get the money or does it go to csa if arrears are from before 2010 change, when pwc on benefits received all maintenance?

Why must I pay until 21?

October 27, 2014

Hi, my payments to the csa were stopped on the 30th of august , my daughter is nearly 20 this december.

Then she enrolled in a college course, now the csa have told me that they are re openning my case, and i will owe them money.

This is the 3rd college course she has done, as she does this when she cant find work ,also reading the d.w.p rules they stop paying child benifit to her mother when my daughter is 20 . so why do i have to pay untill she is 21. any advice would be helpful.

CSA system is disgraceful

October 27, 2014

Got letter from csa I called failed security question an was hung up on!!

The fact csa sent a letter saying he was paying too much a week £5 by the way considering he went back to work in november an has a new job on the books since sept.

Think csa system is crap no even ken he is working since last year an hasnt paid as he said he would !! My kids do without an a work 18hrs a week #disgraceful

Can’t the CSA help me to see my child?

October 26, 2014

I have been paying maintenance through AOE and I have no arrears. But my ex won`t let me see my 3 year old son with no reason.

Surely CSA should step in to put some pressure on my ex so I can see my boy (ie stop paying her and give the money to charities). Some reason it`s always the fathers suffer and no one cares.

What is the CSA entitled to know?

October 26, 2014

I have always paid a good amount of child maintenance and have my kids stay over once or twice a week.

My ex wife has called the CSA demanding more money, she has told them that I don’t see the kids at all. I work through a limited company and need to know what information they are entitled to get.

I also do not want to pay for a service that I did not ask for.

I believe CSA is withholding information

October 26, 2014

Child now passed 18 years of age & CSA say child still in education. I have asked for information with regard to courses taken or approved continued education criteria.

My numerous letters have not been answered & they say I need to keep paying. How do I get the CSA to supply information that I ask for?

I believe that CSA are withholding information that I should be entitled to have access to or are they victimising me because they can & keep me paying for the sake of it.

How can CSA make him pay for a time it knew he wasn’t working?

October 25, 2014

My partner who was unemployed from December 2013 until just recently received a telephone call from the CSA yesterday stating that he was in arrears of £1400.

They demanded a one off payment stating if they did not receive the sums within 7 days they would contact his employer and take all the money directly from them. My partner has never received any written correspondence from the CSA since informing them that he had lost his job and it was agreed that they would deduct £5 from his fortnightly dole money.

They contacted him today saying they have done an assessment and want him to pay £300+ a month until the “arrears” are paid. I don’t understand how he can be in arrears when he has not been earning and they were fully aware of this!

It’s making me extremely stressed as I have been providing for him for the last 9 months and it has caused me an immense amount of financial stress since he lost his job. I have just stopped worrying about money and now this.

I’ve told him not to pay anything until he has received a breackdown in writing as I do not believe that this sum is correct but he has said he will pay an amount of £200+ a month before getting any advice. They have said they will not take anything until he has received the confirmation but I do not believe that they will wait any length of time.

Please help as I don’t know what to do!

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