Do the CSA take debts from a previous relationship into account?

October 28, 2014

Please advise, I have 2 children with my ex and I’m paying over half my money on maintenance and loans (of which the loans where to furnish the house I once lived in) and I’m strugging to live on the little I have remaining each month, to the point of getting myself deeper into debt!!

My question is, does any loans etc from a previous relationship get taken into account? (or is it ok for someone to think to the grass is greener and have everything) I have no problem paying maintenance, as they are my responsibility too but I feel like giving up!

Probably sounds like I’m being unfair and a typical useless father but I don’t know what to do! Doest seem fair that I lose in every way! Apologies for the rant.


  • Lisa says:

    Yes they can under variation, as long as you can prove the debt was owed when you were a family you should get a discount, ring and ask for a variation form or join child support agency ripoffs on Facebook and we can help advise you further

  • Gonk says:

    I applied for a variation and included, the wedding cost, loan for doing up the house, car I brought her ( she needed for school runs and shopping) other layouts inc wedding and engagement rings, honeymoon etc etc, and remember, all this was for the benefit and happiness for the family.
    Firstly the csa contacted the ex and basiclly she lied through her back teeth, saying none of the debt was in any way related to her or the benefit of the family unit lol….even more laughable is the csa as usual believed her. Receipts meant or proved anything as far as the csa were concerned. I was even told by a commenter on here who was clearly CSA, that the debt inc the wedding cost was my choice….lol…..meaning my wife would have had no say in the matter…lol.
    So basically, tough on me. She walks out after 9 months married and leaves me to sort out the debt owed as a direct result of me trying to better the quality of life for her and our kids.

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