Independent Case Examiner is a CSA stooge

October 25, 2014

After 2 years of arguing with the morons in Belfast I sent my case file to the ICE in Liverpool.The women who acted in this instance decided to up-hold the case for CSA even though they admitted that they had no records relating to my case and therefore could not provide any proof that I owed any money.

Basically it was a matter of my word against theirs and of course they are never wrong!

However, one vital detail has been glossed over by ICE. The CSA stated that they where entitled to collect arrears because of 2 liability orders granted back in 2003. Liability orders are issued by magistrates and a copy of any order is sent to the individual concerned as a matter of course. In my case I was never summonsed to court and no copies of orders where ever sent to me.

I have even contacted the magistrates court office asking them,under the freedom of information act, to provide details of these liability orders. Guess what? There are no liability orders against me!

If I can take steps to get to the truth why can’t ICE?

The answer is simple. The Independent Case Examiner is clearly not Independent and is not acting as an impartial entity. Luckily I battled my case and reduced my supposed arrears from £8,000 down to £2,500. At one point they insisted I owed £65,000 but could not enforce their claim for some reason and so the amount was gradually reduced.

My point is keep fighting if you know you do not owe the money but DO NOT put faith in ICE.They are DWP stooges just like the rest.


  • The ICE is absolutely NOT independent. They contradicted themselves in their own report on their findings and even passed comment about something entirely OUTSIDE of the CSA’s jurisdiction. I had to go to the Parliamentary Ombudsman after they failed in every way to bring the CSA to account. I’ve not heard a SINGLE story where the ICE upheld a complaint AGAINST the CSA.
    They are an absolute disgrace.

    David E. Gates
    Author of Access Denied.

  • Anthony Proud says:

    hi ..
    Ive paid all the money to the CSA for my child and never in all that time did the X allow me to see the child . My dealings with the CSA have been intense . I found out I had a child via the CSA bill came to my door back in 1997. This had to go to a DNA test cos the child was 3. Then the CSA up held the bill they sent then made it up to £6999 from £1550, saying id cost the case time and money and I was to pay. lots of phone call and letters the payments began against my will as I was threatened with courts and never listened too. not one time did they ever have any reason to treat me like that and was told to contact the ICE. this only made things worse cos the undertrained monkies thought I was going to stop paying so put an order on my wages and started to take 2 lots off money , once again id called them and after 5 months stop taking 2 payments and told to contact the ICE, didn’t get my money back they would just adjusts the payments which never happened. Then after 2.5 years 1999 I found out my child was put into care so notified the CSA for conformation and found this to be true( My child had been in care for 3 years) and they stopped the payments and kicked me off the system. gob smacked I was.. after some investigation work by me , I found out that the X didn’t even have the child in her care throw this process and it cost me £8500 that went to her and not my child….. CSA didn’t care I didn’t have rights to call as I didn’t have a case number…. 2005 the X got child back in her care and once again the CSA was on the phone, I made my inquires this was to be a true fact so started to pay as not to deprive the child of a good up bringing. then I got a bill for £14000 saying id never paid any money from 1995 to 1999 , I told them id paid but ICE didn’t have any records and the CSA started court proceeding for this money. now its 2014 and I gathered all the evidence to prove my child was in care and that Ive paid all that was due and the MASSIVE ERROR the CSA has made, cost me £8500 and I wanted it back, child was in care , X made false claim.. ICE sent me a bill for £4300 saying ID have to pay this as it was arrears .. and still to this day the untrained idiots wont listen and I just go from one department to another.. And they still don’t care even though ive sent the evidence they now realise the ERROR but wont do anything about it…. any SERGESTION PLEASE.

  • chrisnelson says:

    The Independent Case Examiner is the same as IPCC, there just media hype, the police and jobcentre laugh at them

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