How can CSA make him pay for a time it knew he wasn’t working?

October 25, 2014

My partner who was unemployed from December 2013 until just recently received a telephone call from the CSA yesterday stating that he was in arrears of £1400.

They demanded a one off payment stating if they did not receive the sums within 7 days they would contact his employer and take all the money directly from them. My partner has never received any written correspondence from the CSA since informing them that he had lost his job and it was agreed that they would deduct £5 from his fortnightly dole money.

They contacted him today saying they have done an assessment and want him to pay £300+ a month until the “arrears” are paid. I don’t understand how he can be in arrears when he has not been earning and they were fully aware of this!

It’s making me extremely stressed as I have been providing for him for the last 9 months and it has caused me an immense amount of financial stress since he lost his job. I have just stopped worrying about money and now this.

I’ve told him not to pay anything until he has received a breackdown in writing as I do not believe that this sum is correct but he has said he will pay an amount of £200+ a month before getting any advice. They have said they will not take anything until he has received the confirmation but I do not believe that they will wait any length of time.

Please help as I don’t know what to do!