Why must I pay until 21?

October 27, 2014

Hi, my payments to the csa were stopped on the 30th of august , my daughter is nearly 20 this december.

Then she enrolled in a college course, now the csa have told me that they are re openning my case, and i will owe them money.

This is the 3rd college course she has done, as she does this when she cant find work ,also reading the d.w.p rules they stop paying child benifit to her mother when my daughter is 20 . so why do i have to pay untill she is 21. any advice would be helpful.


  • Bill says:

    Child maintenance ceases to be payable once the qualifying child reaches the age of 20 regardless of any other circumstances.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    If your child starts university at 18, CSA payments stop.
    According to the CSA, I understand there is a difference between further education and university education!

  • Bill says:

    Further education is below degree level, higher education is degree courses and above.

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