Thanks to the Fathers for Justice, my ex got away with kidnapping my son

November 30, 2013

Welll were to start at the beginning I think!

My ex partner kidnapped my son and thanks to the lovely fathers for justice he got residancy.

After many years at court paying court fees etc and arrange contact for myself, he fled to scotland but without my permmission With that sorted i Read more

They’re taking my wages for a child I’ve never seen

November 30, 2013

csa are now taking money from my wages for a child I have never seen and im not on the birth certificate.mother of the child refused a dna test in Read more

Fixed payments for child maintanence?

November 30, 2013

OK, so there’s the thing, Child Tax Credits have a max amount depending on PWC’s income. Child Benefit is fixed at a certain amount per child. So why can’t child maintenance be fixed? £30 one child,£50 for 2,  £60 for 3 or similar????

So what if the NRP earns millions, that’s THEIR fkin earnings!! As long as they pay the set rate the PWC gets help financially so that should be that. If the PWC WANTS (not needs, it can’t be needs as they get ctc, wtc, cb!! and the NRP doesn’t) more ££ they should do what everyone else HAS to do and work or get 2nd (in some cases 3rd / 4th etc.) job!

The NRP is not a wage for the PWC and they should NOT be treated as such! To the detriment of their own health/wellbeing!!

A cash machine is called an ATM not a NRP!!!!

If I cancel the case, can he still open it?

November 30, 2013

Over the years it has been a nightmare. In mid 2009 they even pressed the wrong button and cancelled the case altogether. I only went to them because my ex walked out Read more

The CSA have taken a tax-free allowance into account

November 29, 2013

For the interest of anyone who receives a fuel allowance for a temporary place of work – Hi I’m just after some advise on seeking a back dated payment on over Read more

If you think something is wrong, appeal it straight away

November 29, 2013

Well, its been a roller coaster of a ride as you all may know. i had my little girl very young and because my daughters mother was claiming benefits the csa opened a Read more

The CSA’s bizarre reasons not to pay out arrears witheld from NRP

November 29, 2013

This is quite literally a copy of the umpteenth complaint I just made on the CSA’s on line complaint form which can be found on
The form is easy to use and  you usually get some sort of response, although seldom the one you hoped for.


Acknowledgement Message sent on 29/12/2012 17:05:42.

Your message reads:

We were given a curtsy call that a change of circumstances above was passed to Finance who were going to do yet another breakdown of arrears, rather than increasing the £5 amount paid by the NRP towards arrears of £12,000. We were told this could take up to 21 weeks. This of course is totally unacceptable for a case which has been closed since July 2007! The last thing we needed is yet another CSA person to waste taxpayers money to work out what the arrears should be! The CSA have done this three times already over the past 5 years since the case was closed and I have received pages and pages of spreadsheet printouts, every time resulting in an insignificantly different amount being owed to my wife  by the NRP, who is now in full time employment. This means either your staff is incompetent or the rules too complex. 

Roll forward the clock to June 2013 and my wife is promised full payment of arrears dating back to when the case was closed in July 2007 in 24 instalments of £456.66 starting June 15th 2013

Only one payment was received on August 1st, so this lead to the next complaint of today below:

Acknowledgement Message sent on 02/10/2013 11:40:42

Thank you for your e-mail to the Child Support Agency.
Your message reads: Promised payments of £456.66 on 01/09/2013 and 01/10/2013 were not received. CSA staff confirm they can see the received payments from the NRP’s employer on their system, but they cannot release these payments because they have to do yet another breakdown of arrears first [SIC]. They say they cannot find any of the five previous detailed arrears breakdowns performed, as they were never recorded on the system. If this is not a sure sign of maladministration, what is? Anyway why should my wife be punished by withholding her payments because of incompetent CSA staff who lose files and forget to update records. Repeating ‘We have to’ is not a defence. It is not an excuse to withhold payments that do not belong to the CSA. What it is, is common theft and piling insult after insult on injury after injury. Under Freedom Of Information Act rules, please supply me with the applicable regulation, that says that if the CSA misfiles a detailed breakdown of arrears – one of many they have done over times without actually pursuing these arrears – the PWC has to be withheld the money finally paid in by the NRP after six years in good faith. How does this benefit anyone except CSA coffers?

I was given a three-month limit but I’m still waiting

November 29, 2013

Hello, I’m a single mum with three children. I was having issues with the father of my children regarding their maintenance. He would deduct money from the maintenance Read more

Ex refuses to take money from me

November 29, 2013

Now she’s gone to CSA with lies and they contacted my employer. They even want arrears at a rate I cant afford. CSA wont listen to my side so I have got an unreasonable ex, an intransigent CSA and a disappointed employer to contend with. These are the sort of situations that make a man do something regrettable. Please help! They tried to contact me at an address I left long ago.

My case was opened 10 years ago but I have had nothing

November 29, 2013

i opened a case with the CSA when my daughter was 3 she is now 13 and my son is 21 i have constantly phoned them and heard not one single thing apart from Read more

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