Are CSA forcing us to pay more than deemed necessary by the government?

February 29, 2016

Just a thought if child benefit is £20.70 4 1st child and £13.70 4 additional children add to that child tax credit basic rate £545 p.a = £10.50 p.w , that equates to £31.20 4 1st child and £24.20 4 extra children , if c.s.a are forcing you to pay more than that against your will it comes under unlawful extortion ? or what government says a child needs to live on is not enough ?

CSA told me everything was fine, then changed their minds

February 28, 2016

I had someone from the csa come out to see me as my ex partner had contacted them I give all the info he need plus he told my pay slips I dint here anything back after 4 weeks so phoned them was told all is fine didn’t here anything so phone them again they said if I have to pay they will contact me didn’t here anything for 5 years they just took a attachment of earning order saying I owe £15000 they are saying they cant find anything from 5 years ago and when i complained the letter i got back basically said i don’t know why your complaining is there anything i can do?

Ex has no morals and won’t pay for his 3 children

February 27, 2016

I have 3 children with my ex partner.   He pays nothing towards our children’s upbringing I used to receive 10 pounds fortnightly although this has stopped for a matter of months now. He has made contact via Facebook with our daughter to say he is in a relationship and is currently working n supporting his new family!!! I’m disgusted with his lack of morals and am asking you for any advise over this matter.

The system is failing me as I can’t cope financially

February 26, 2016

Divorced 12 months ago ,2 kids 10 and 8 , see them every Wednesday ,and every other weekend ,arranged by ex wife agreed by me , pay for birthdays schools trips Christmas etc , csa taking 98 pounds per week out of my wage that’s a third ,400 pounds per month ,my rent is 425 pounds per month, that’s 825 pounds per month, before I even tackle , council tax , gas electric , food, I’ve never claimed benefits in my life , but payed thousands into the system ,but with no help , I’m going under financially , and csa don’t care , rent not going to clear this month, overdraft maxed out the system,is failing me.

CSA payments are taking longer because of new system

February 25, 2016

the csa have been dealing with my case since my son was 4 he is now 16 in june.
there are arrears of over six thousand pound owed to myself which is being paid monthly as well as regular payments.
from novemebr the amount l recceive each month should have gone up but since increase l have been notified by the csa that there is a change in his circumstances.

all payments l do receive are taking 2=3 weeks to leave the csa as they keep going onto the new system even though l am on the old system.

Ex won’t pay for our daughter

February 24, 2016

My daughters dad is refusing to pay anything for our child as I work and get tax credits but in finding it hard as she now wants to go to clubs ect kids don’t come cheap he works on and off on site not exactly clear what he does but he has a partner who lives with him who works to I’ve tried to come to a agreement mutual with him even just asking for 20 a month to cover football practice but he saying no he does have our daughter every other weekend and she doesn’t go with out but seen as I have her full time I find it hard now she older to do everything please could you help me and see if anyway round this?

Conflicting info from CSA has put me into difficulty

February 23, 2016

I need help csa is going fo ruin my life. I have no end of problems over the cause of 5 years with dealing with csa. My son was placed in my care for 6 months which I put in a claim to csa I am owed money from my ex which after approx 16 months still haven’t received all of the payments. I was told that when my son returned to his mother a claim for csa could not be opened on me until the arrears were payed. 14 months down the line I have received a letter telling me that I now them £1300 in arrears from last April and they are going to take it from my wages which means I won’t be able to pay the bills and the debt im in after.

It’s taking far too long for CSA to action anything

February 22, 2016

I contacted the CSA over two years ago and to date have received less that £20 in maintenance despite keeping them informed of my ex’s cash in hand exploits. In September 2015 I found out my ex had been employed by the NHS and I thought my problems in this area would be over, it took the CSA two months to action the information I have given and although an order is place and has been for over 3 months still no payments have been received. The payments have been deducted from my ex but the NHS has failed to pass them on to the CSA and despite weekly phone calls for the last 3 months nothing has been done, I am at my wits end!

CSA keep hounding me even though circumnstances haven’t changed

February 21, 2016

I have been investigated every 6 moths for the last 5 years even though all reassessments have either been the same or marginally more. Last June I was told by the CSA that they were in agreement with the current maintenance and no further contact would be made for 12 months.

Now 7 months later, I have to complete a full reassessment again because the Ex believes that I have changed jobs. This is not true as I explained to the CSA. In fact I quoted my current basic pay over the phone which was one of their options. Low and behold, I have received a letter saying they want my last 2 months payslips. When will they ever stop hounding us non-resident parents who always pay the full amount on time ?

I’m so sick of amateur clerks looking at my variable pay and asking what it means if an element is non-taxable (expenses hotel and food for working abroad)and other items. I have written countless letters and the CSA have contacted my employer to have it all explained.

CSA don’t care as long as they get my money

February 20, 2016

I work as a cleaner at Stratford-upon-Avon collage and worked for 10 hours a week and was paying 28 pound a month for my two kids. Then I went to 17 hours a week and only work term time. Well csa phoned me and a right rude cow said me to provide 4 wage slips in 2 weeks time. Well someone else phoned me and said they wanted two wage slips so I did that and I told her that that was a full month and I will have les because I only work term time and said we don’t care its worked out on what u gave us.

I now have to pay 55 pounds a month dispite the fact I am behind in my rent and council tax . They could not care less about me trying to live they are rude and I have never encounterd such hatred towards people as these wankers. They say 12 hours at college is full time how is that possible and when I don’t get paid in august what do I do then . I asked this and the reply was I don’t care . well . my lad works as well 5 days a week and pays his mom so why am I still paying her as well csa said no comment .So again just baseicly go away and pay .

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