Can we get CSA to investigate mum on benefits?

September 29, 2015

We have got custady of a little boy when he was living with his mum we where giving her £90 a mounth for him but no we have got him she want give us any money for him the little boy is still under social services his mum says she hasnt got any money but is able to get him lots of precents when he goes to see him on supovised contact is there anything that we can do i do bolive she is on benifits.

Is proof of payment satisfactory to the CSA?

September 28, 2015

I’ve been with my partner for almost a year and he has 3 young children. All the time we’ve been together I know he has paid his ex weekly her maintenance. He missed 2 weeks payment because of losing his job and didn’t pay her another time because we had taken the kids on holiday for a week so didn’t see why he had to pay her when we were providing for them for that entire week!

Ok so now he has received a call from the csa saying he hasn’t made any payments, he has bee  doing so and can get proof from his bank that these payments are being made. Will the csa carry on with this or will they leave it if he provides proof? Personally I am furious with her and need all the help we can just so she only gets the money that the children deserve and not so she can go spend it on mac make up and nights out!!

CSA encouraged private payment then intervened with a bang!

September 27, 2015

I was on job seekers allowance for a brief period where the CSA would take £5 for each child from benefit. I have 2 children with my ex. That was fine, but when I started my new job, my ex wife asked me if I wanted to pay a private arrangement just between her and me. I agreed, so she suggested an amount that she would like from me each payday. I think the CSA call this a private family arrangement and also encourage this to happen.

However, a year into this payment plan and the CSA sent a letter demanding how I am paying my maintenance payments. I sent a letter back telling the about the private arrangement along with proof of receipts, they sent a letter back saying they are now taking over and have doubled the payments which are taken straight from my pay. Is this fair? Why cant I pay with the private arrangement? Is it right? I dont think so. I have 3 children with my current partner.

How can I tell if ex is spending CSA money on my kids?

September 26, 2015

I have been paying csa for 2 month now and I am already had enough because when I received the latter from csa I called them to explain my circumstances of how much rent I pay and what my expanses are but they told me you are responsible and you would have to pay. Also they told me that they only take income into consideration. I am now struggling to pay csa while my ex is enjoying the money. When I told my ex to provide me the prove of spending on the kids she told me she do not need to. How do I know if she is spending money on kids or not. I can understand why people quit their job it’s not fair in us who can not move on in their life because of csa. I have seen people living in single room because of csa and that is not fair because if you do over time and earn more you pay more csa.

Useless CSA are failing the country

September 25, 2015

I divorced ten years ago I have a daughter off 17 years who I have never seen since, mother and daughter at time wanted nothing more to do with me as my health deteriorated and couldnt work long hours, wife refused to work!

It was agreed between lawyers that if I stayed out of there lives they would leave me alone regards CSA. well been ok up until a year ago csa got in touch using threats of fear and intimidation, I told them bluntly fuck off! they tried to say that my wife had been in touch to ask for money, lies lies lies, show me the proof I say, they cant, then get a letter saying case closed may this year, rightly so says I, then in june a new csa has taken over the case accordinging to a Farooque who works there and this teenager then tells this 53 year old man I have a duty to my daughter! farooque gets told swiftly to go pleasure himself and never bother me again result is 8.40 a week taken from my disability benefit, yes after 53 years of killing myself to stay above water and pay all my bills my body finally quit, so one more hamster fell off the wheel, instead now creative ways are beeing used to extort money from my benefit, money that I need and calculated by government to exist on not live on!

appealed another word for beg the decision as farooque surprise surprise failed to do his job so now farooque is in the shit for not doing his job and now have been told I will be sent proof, they refer to my ex wife in her married name but she has now remarried , how does that work? the whole thing is an exercise to pay less benefit to a genuine claimant and put money back in government coffers, shame on you bastards the revolution will fuck you once and for all, People when have we had enough? when do we turn the tables? why are we running scared and being dictated to, world war 2 was about not being dictated too? The government is failing this country they need to go quick.

Ex is avoiding CSA who will not help

September 24, 2015

I have tried to obtain money for the past 6 years for maintenance for my 2 children. Ex made himself bankrupt when we separated so he did not have to pay. I found out he was employed last year and got a minimum amount of maintenance for a year until the arrears of £10,000 caught up with him in June this year. He immediately gave up his job and is now claiming unemployment, however he is working as a subcontractor but the CSA state they cannot help, nor will they use the enforcement team. I am about to lose my home because of the debts that are piling up due to his lack of payment. How am I supposed to cope?

Ex son-in-law now out of work, what are we to do?

September 23, 2015

My ex son in law has left his job of 20plus years to take six months off to do up a new house he has bought, and is being supported by his new wife who owns a business. My daughter has been told that any savings he has is disregarded as they are only interested in earnings. What is she to do? She works almost full time, has two children and an ex husband doing well but not paying? Since he is renting whilst doing up his new home, and his parents are housing them on his weekends, he also says he has no need to give my daughter his current address? Is this correct too?

They tell her his new wifes earnings are not relevant and not taken into consideration If he works for her ‘as a favour’ as long as he is not registered as working for her, he is entitled to help her in her business – That any savings he has are not relevant – he does not have to use savings to support his children That they only deal with actual income and if he is renting out his place and living with his wife elsewhere, this does not count either, as it is probably no more than his mortgage on the property.

I think unless you are a parent working and co operating, the CSA are totally useless – to anyone but the people who are employed by them – My daughter doesn’t know what to do as she is struggling as it is, and the minimum payments her ex agreed to pay £360 per month for 2 children aged 12 14 is now at zero.

I can’t afford to make 800 mile trip to see my kids because of CSA and ex

September 22, 2015

I have to daughters 3 and 5 i work close to home but i travel 800 miles a month to pick them up whilst still paying there mum 20% of my income and back pay that i already paid her for over a year but she said she never had and i could not prove due to the direct debit not being set up as child maintenance.i came barely aford to do the trip and pick my girls up while her and her partner are finacaly well off can i clam travel allowance or a reduction to my child support if any one can help.

Can’t afford to keep paying so much to CSA

September 21, 2015

Been seperated from my wife for a year now   am paying £850 per month csa money to my wife as agreed with csa  for my two boys  and arrears  due to the csa taking so long to set up the payments .son started work  . so i assumed i could cut down my payments  as he has started  work  . as i pay by direct debit  i assumed i   would be able to pay £200 less by direct debit . but they are saying  no i have to keep paying the sme amount  till arrears paid.

Problem is  or i pay the morgtage  which is also in her name and all the debts she left me with  i can not afford to pay the £850  they want me to keep paying  so they say if i dont they will arrest my wages.   as i have not refused to pay , can they do this can they do this to a father who is willing to pay  but cant afford it   this will end up in me getting house repossed  and  having nowhere to stay  of course the csa told me not interested in that  there money comes first   thats your problem  ps dont know what to do feel like packing in my job and  not paying anything  cant see any light at the end of the tunnel.

Ex and CSA hell bent on destroying me

September 20, 2015

Had to go to court because my ex husband would not let me see my children they were 3 and 1 they are only 3 and 5 now.

Left him because he was a control freak and was phycologically abusing me. He gained custody of the children I was moving back to Scotland, he lives in England. I lost my job and had no family in England which is why I was having to move back to Scotland.

He has kept his full time job while my children get passed around for people to look after them. He earn 55k per year.

I have to pay £250 per month to pay for all the travel to see them 8 times per year. He gets £576 per month from me through CSA.

Gets better! I get paid by my company a company car allowance which I need to do my job and guess what come next tax year once figures are in that gets included in what his entitlement is! Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as I’m at rock bottom he’s hell bent on destroying me which he’s doing a pretty good job of.

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