How much will I pay for my children?

April 30, 2011

I have 3 children. My gross weekly income is £707 per week.

If I have another child with my current partner what will I pay in respect of my other 3 ?

For 3 children = 19% of gross weekly pay But if you have 1 new child who lives with you = 12%

Is this right ?

Or……. do I deduct 12% from my gross weekly £707, then work out 19% of the remaineder to get what my CSA payments will be for my 3 other children ? If I do it that way, I pay more than I am paying now despite having another child !!

Can anyone give me a definitive an swer please ?

CSA mistakes mean I have arrears

April 30, 2011

I have been dealing with the csa for 6 years , after offering my ex £80 a week maintenance she decided this wasnt enough and contacted the csa , who after many many lost letters and lost wage slips finally decided i had to pay £60 a week.

I have recently been made redundent and decided to go it alone and start my own business , I contacted the csa to explain this and was told not i wouldnt have to pay anything until i had books to prove my new earnings , which i soon found out was another one of their misinformed lies , so i then had to pay arrears which i have had to do many many times cause of their under trained staff.

Just before my end of year tax records had to be handed in, the csa contacted me and asked for my records i explained they were with my accountant and they would receive them in two weeks after an argument they agreed.

Four weeks ago i received a phone call saying iv overpayed them by £1400 and it will be refunded into my bank , today iv received another call saying out of the now £1600 iv overpayed they are only refunding £200 because i was late handing in my records , so they are keeping £1400 of my money , theft , scaming , above the law , csa has it all. I’ve got to the stage where i just laugh cause if i didnt id get myself arrested , i would never let my children go without , please please all parents if you value your sanity and cash keep away from the csa mafia .

CSA attacks absent parents

April 29, 2011

I split from my wife 3 years ago and we got divorced on 19/12/2008 ! A glorious day indeed. I have had 3 years of hell and it still continues, with the CSA only making things worse.

I have 3 children in total and pay 25% at present which is £113 per week. Under the new scheme that weekly amount would shoot up to a massive £132 per week (19% of gross weekly pay). Thats £572 per month and a huge problem. I already pay an unfair extortionate amount as it is. Why is it the CSA feel the absent parent must take the whole financial burden of the child/children ? The PWC gets all the Read more

CSA wants money back it paid to me 8 years ago

April 29, 2011

I have just received a letter to say that I owe the CSA £1000 + for the money that was paid to me over 8 years ago !!. The money from my ex. stopped in 2008 and as we have more of a shared responsibility we agreed that we no longer need the support from the CSA.

I phoned up and was told that the Welfare of the Child was paramount and that they chose to pay me to enable my son to be rightly cared for, but missed out the most important fact of telling me what ever i was about to receive they would claim the whole lot back when the cased closed ! interesting that.

There is no way I can afford to pay back anything at present, but feel really stung by this and shall follow it up with my MP.

CSA take from my children to feed someone else’s

April 28, 2011

The CSA are forcing my husband to pay more then we can afford for a child he doesnt get to see.

The mother doesnt even need the money!

The CSA dont consider how much rent we have to pay and benefits wont consider the csa we have to pay, its a no win situation! We have 3 children together who now have lost their dad because the CSA force you to pay money that you dont physically have!! They are called the CHILD SUPPORT agency, well they’re not supporting my three children are they!!!

Child does not live with father yet I have to pay CSA for her

April 28, 2011

My daughter went to live with her dad at the age of 13, i have an attachment of earnings order on me for child maintenance. She is now 16, no longer in education and has just had a child of her own….. yet i still have to pay her dad every month even though she no longer lives with him, and i’ve told them this many, many times!!

Getting nowhere with the csa just get passed from pillar to post and keep getting told different things by them.

Could you please give me some advice, much appreciated.

Child support is unfair and always favours the mother

April 27, 2011

I have had no problems paying my child support according to my income, but recently my income has reduced dramitcally due to the finacial crisis (i work for myself), but recently CSA has increased my child support payments based on an estimate, (and into the next financial year!) so much so that i cannot afford to pay. Additionally the assement process is so confusing, they are making claims of Read more

Changed job and the CSA messed up

April 27, 2011

I changed jobs in may 2010 and contacted the csa as required and after several phone calls I recieved a letter telling me that my weekly payments had increased from £35 to £50, great. After agreeing to continue paying by attachment to earnings I left it with the csa to sort out, which they didn’t. After four months I got made redundant, I contacted them again and was asked why I hadn’t made a payment which I explained about the attachment, I was then asked how I intended to support myself with no job, at the end of the call I was told I would get a call back ‘in the next five days‘ I didn’t, That was the last I heard.

I have worked thru an agency since but there is no garantee of work or income and trying to keep my house with my partner and my three year old son has taken priority. We came close to losing our home twice but somehow we struggle on. I am petrified that Read more

My kids don’t get a penny of what I pay

April 26, 2011

I am seperated from my wife but have always supported my children giving them money when they needed. If they needed to go on holiday I would pay for them. However, my wife has now gone through the CSA route, who have now completed the calculations and I pay by direct debit. The problem is my kids still come to me for money as she refuses to give them any for example if they want a haircut, I pay for it. She has just bought a brand new car but will not give the kids a penny.

What can I do?

The CSA are extremely unhelpful as their action do help support children but seem to help ex wives. Any advice would be gratefuly recieved.

CSA taking my travel allowance

April 26, 2011

I get a large travel allowance to travel around in my job, it’s over £5000 PA. I have 1 girl and she lives with her mom. I understand that i pay 15% of my pay to my daughter, but am confused about paying 15% of my travel allowance.

It has made it impossible to effectively do my job. The tyravel allowance even shows on a seperate line on my pay slip!!

Has anyone else had this problem?? All i get from the CSA is that the take 15% of my total pay, even though that includes my travel allowance.

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