CSA leaves me with nothing and I can’t cope

September 28, 2016

I live I Frome near Bath. I live and work in this area earning 16,000 per annum, about 12,000 net. My outgoings leave me with £2,200 per annum to eat and clothe myself, but the CSA say I must pay £1,700 in maintenance to my wife for my two children, this leaves £500. Per annum and they don’t care.

My wife enjoys nights out, tattoos, fags, and foreign holidays and I am seriously considering suicide as this is no life. My outgoings are not considered in the calculations. My wife has grabbed everything because she wanted more money and I can’t cope much longer. My outgoings should be considered not my incomings. If I could I would have dad sole custody, I have done nothing wrong. I cannot earn more. I have serious health problems related to stress about money. The CSA are not interested. This is an awful agency and grossly unfair.

They try to confuse you with their mumbo jumbo

September 27, 2016

I’ve been ready through everyone’s stories and it seems everyone is having the similar problem as I have. Poor service, lack of communication and rudeness. I set up my claim in may 2016 and I have not received a penny and my ex keeps switching jobs and leaving a paper trail to get out of paying for our 4 year old.

I was told at first that one particular company who he was working for a while was keeping the funds and not passing them over to the Cms. So I kept on contacting the cms and they reassured me that it was the employer who owed te payment not my ex partner as they had set up the deduction on his wages so he didn’t pay them direct.

So I started making a complaint nod the mine field you have to go through is ridiculous they try to confuse you with all their mumbo jumbo to distract you from your actual complaint so I wrote a letter and it was passed to their arrears department when it was supposed to go to the complaints department and they tried to handle my claim after speaking with mangers previously they were trying to tell me all sorts like they didn’t even know if the company my ex was working for even existed! (This was coming from a mangager by the way) but j stuck to my guns and carried on with my complaint witch was passed to senior manager who is dealing with my claim and has forwarded my case to consolatory payments department to see if j can get compensation I dunno if I will get any compensation and how much I will get and I was wondering if anybody has had one of these payments before. All the lies that has been told has bought me to te verge of tears.

I’m the victim of an extremely corrupt government agency

September 26, 2016

I had a very brief relationship with a womant that i ended abruptly. She told me she was pregnant “so you can’t end it”. The trouble is I’m convinced she was pregnant when we first met. She had morning sickness which she clamined was food poisoning. Moving on the baby was born and she asked me for £1500 which she said was for clothes etc. I told her I didn’t believe I was the father I wanted a DNA test. She shouted obscenities down the phone at me and hung up.

Several months later I had a call from an obnoxious csa woman demanding I submit a dna sample to my Dr. A subsequent test came back positive. Two days later the csa called me saying, “by now you’ve got the results so how are you going to pay”, I replied saying “I don’t believe the results sure you people didnt tamper with it”. She started talking to someone else but I couldn’t make out what she was saying because she put her hand over the reciever, then the line went dead. 3 weeks later someone else called me back using the same words, before I got halfway through my reply she interrupted saying “get your own test done and we’ll refund any money if the test comes back negative as long as its from a reputable lab”. They sent me a list of labs.

I spent the next 7 years trying to fight the csa and at the same time get a dna sample from the mother. I’ve lost in court every time because no one in authority will take me seriously, the magistrate in the last case even went as far as to try and ridicule me, laughing in the process. My evidence is all circumstantial with nothing I could take to court. The mother has told me she’d never give me a DNA sample even if directed to by the court. I’ve since found out no court will order a mother to hand over a child’s DNA sample unless its a court directed official test but I’m not interested in that because the same system that tampered with the first will do it again to the second so I’m the victim of an extremely corrupt government agency. I thought I’d give it one last try by asking the mother for a sample, she refused saying “there’s nothing to stop you using a friend’s dna”, so I suggested to her we meet, she come along with the child’s dna and she can watch me take a swab from my mouth, we put them in a jiffy bag and she can watch me address it and put it in the mailbox. This is the first time she hasn’t answered an e-mail from me.

P.S. I wrote to the PM about this, my accusation was passed onto the W&P dept. They asked me what my evidence was against them. I wrote them a 4 page document telling them how I know the child isn’t mine, therefore the positive test result must have been manipulated. I ended the letter asking them how many other unsuspecting men are they doing this to. Their reply was to get my own test done.

CSA are only in it for the money

September 21, 2016

The CSA are taking 186 per month thru my emplyer directly – even tho an arrangement has been written up between me and my ex – they are not interested in this and when the former partner kicks pff she contascts the CSA and now we have this arrangement without discussing it with me and they do not care about the fact that the former partner actually denies me access to my son. its a disgrace they dont help they just want there fees and charges paid for.

Comapny pocketed my contributions but CSA say it’s my fault

September 20, 2016

7 years ago I contacted the csa to arrange payments as my ex wife was claiming she didn’t get them, I wanted a recordable (apparently bank records do not suffice) means that I pay maintenance.

Because I was the one who requested and for the reasons why, they suggested an attachment of earnings as it was more backup, didn’t cost me anymore and I saw the benefits, so I went ahead with it.

Unfurtunatley the company I worked for deducted the funds, changed their company name and didnt pay the csa what was deducted (didnt help that the csa did not tell me they were not receiving payment), the director was fleecing the company of funds and sending them abroad, so now the csa/csm whatever they are say I am still accountable for the debt because I should have known the company was about to be liquidated! The amount is over £4000 and now i have an attachment of earnings to recover the debt because I told them I wont paying the arears again, even after numerous conversations over the years where twice they have said I’m not accountable, they’ve now decided I am, surely this isn’t legal, could someone please advise me on this?!!

I will add I have always paid maintenance for my son, even when the ex wife prevented me from seeing him, I went down this route to prove I was paying because of the kind of person she is, with another attachment of earnings ready to clear me out I cannot afford to work, this system stinks!!!

Child’s father won’t pay towards upkeep

September 19, 2016

We have been married since august 2014 but he wants a divorce.since February 2015 he has stop paying any money towards the upkeep of his daughter.he works full time and does loads of overtime even works on his days off.lm a full time mum and only receives only child benefit and child tax credit.he does not pay for any food for myself or his Childs food or nappies or anything else his child needs.everyone I have spoken to told me to get in contact with you buys his own food and if I ask him we need nappies he will buy the smallest pack.he has lied about what he earns I saw his wage slip and he took just over £1600 in one month possibly more.he does pay the bills rent etc.he works for NSL he’s a CEO can you help as when I’ve asked him he claims he can’t afford it.he used to pay me £47p/.we do still live together in separate rooms.

3 months later and I’ve still not received my payment

September 16, 2016

I haven’t received payment since 4th June 2016 that 3 mouths I am rang up loads of times they keep saying its with employment team n there sending a request out I am still waiting don’t understand how they can keep someone’s money for so long with no explanation as we’re there money is I am getting frustrated now web speaking to a car colleague.

CMS are a waste of time and money!

September 14, 2016

He is a good story – relates to the CMS. My ex wife opened a case against me for a dispute of £88.60 having refused my offer of mediation and free counselling to resolve our differences – her income £65k. It was her that hadn’t contributed financially The day after she opened the case she told the CMS she had no intention of collecting any money from them or following their advice. The case was opened to control me After fours months the CMS tried to cancel the case as they could see she was wasting their time.

Incredibly they then found THEY couldn’t close the case because they didn’t the legal powers to do so and my ex wife then held THEM to ransom for a further four months before our MP got involved when she quickly dropped her claim. Not a penny collected by the CMS and a file approaching 800 pages.

What a waste of public money !

Does CSA send out templated letters without assessing cases first?

September 13, 2016

My husband has received a letter from the CSA telling him that a new claim has been made against him, the letter goes on to tell him that they will be back in touch to calculate payments. The letter then goes on to say that he does not owe arrears on his old existing payments.

Allegedly my husband rang the CSA and they said it was a computer generated template letter. I have never heard of the CSA sending out a letter such as this. Please can you help?

CSA always takes mother’s side even though she’s admitted to benefits fraud

September 8, 2016

Oh where do i start..I’ve suffered the hell of the CSA since 2007 and it seems neverending.

MY ex left me with my son aged 9 he was living with me then she claimed the Child benefits and my CSA Hell starts…She started a claim by giving incorrect details about me subsequently i had an application against me, which eventually got cancelled after she admitted her mistake. Then she decides the child must live with her so onwards we start. I agreed without any arguement to pay that day immediately, somehow after 2 yrs of never missing a payment they lump the backdated claim onto me saying i shouldve paid it despite her admitting she made a claim under false pretences…so my maintenance is increased without my knowledge (i’m still paying the initial agreed amount) for another 2 yrs at which point they send demand letters not a pleasant experience.

So up goes my payments paying off arrears i never knew i had nor had been informed of for 4 years so they also added their pound of flesh….anyway we are no 9 yrs down the road, and my son is 18 and at college…i use that term loosley because although his course states 13 hrs a week he regularly doesnt attend and has missed a good proportion of the year but nevertheless i still must pay..I still must pay because he works full time 40 hrs a week and earns over £200 per week because his mother still gets child benefit.

This a woman who is fraudiently claiming single person allowances dspite remarrying well that might be debateable as she remarried in the US and there is no proof of her wedding other than Facebook, and she knowingly acknowledges that the son misses college to go to work. Can i get the CSA and the Revenue and customs to look into this NO…they arent bothered at all the benefits fraud team wont check that my son is working as it isnt relevant at all and in their eyes it isnt a problem many people go to school and work 50 hrs a week why should it affect benefits to the parents…Now he tells me at almost 19 he’s staying on for another year at school £13 hrs a week is full time and working full time and guess what NVQ 3 means i have to pay another year…THE SYSTEM IS RUBBISH it favours my ex i’ve never missed a payment and will have to pay now until hes nearly 20…If i’d been the bad person in all this i never had the affair and left me with all the debts i wouldnt complain but i’m not…I’m just the mug who has to take the crap from these nightmares…..

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