CMS keeps upping maintenance payments

December 21, 2018

My wife filed for divorce a couple of times and finally the Decree Nisi was completed in 2017.

As a financial settlement she was awarded the FMH and one buy to let for which she paid me approx. £12500 I look on all the mortgages on the but to lets some of which were on joint names and I bought one buy to let from the redundancy money with the mortgage on her sole name as I was not working at the time the property portfolio has very little equity in it but it provides me with a approx. £15000 income.

I was a systems engineer in IT for many years but was made redundant and had difficulty finding suitable employment I then started work as a RAMP agent at LHR and earn a very modest salary of approx. £1500 PCM I work shifts and would look after the kids on my days off but then she started to spend money on the house and bad the boys comfortable at the FMH I live with my elderly mother as I cant get a mortgage to get myself any suitable place that I could afford I have been paying regular child maintenance but every couple of month my child maintenance keeps increasing and now I have received a TXT from CMS that I would have to pay nearly £700 PCM.

I am really struggling with this as I have to re arrange all the buy to let mortgages etc.

can CMS do this I have not even submitted my accounts for 2017 2018 as I had a few months void period.

I really would like some help as I have lost contact with my kids except when I take the young on football every weekend but not seen my elder son for over four months I have no say in the kids education etc.


The system has allowed CSA to financially abuse me!

December 20, 2018

I have in my eyes been unfairly treated and subjected to financial abuse by the child maintenance service, i have 2 cases one direct pay no problems i pay 168 which feels steep on my income then a second which was changed to collect and pay on request of mother, this is after she with drew my access as she was only getting 85 a month due to me having my son 5 nights, now im lumped with a 209 payment so this is a total of 367 a month then they was taking a further 75 in arrears 423 a month on 2 children leaving me around 800/900 a month to live off, i lost my home got MP involved as i could not afford to live i was refused befit help as they do not take non resident parents payments in to consideration, i just get fobbed off and told they dont care if im on the streets, i have been suicidal over this in the past, something needs done and soon, i have not seen my son in a year as i can not afford to go to court, now im told my case is classed as sensitive what does this mean?