Do my payments alter if son is sent to a private school?

July 31, 2018

I pay child maintenance every month for my soon to be 15 yr old son I haven’t seen for six years. CAFCASS were utterly useless as I have taken my ex to court twice to gain access but they decided they didn’t want to coerce my son to see me. I have moved house to be closer to him in the vain hope I may see him, but she moved nearly fifty miles away to disrupt any attempts to reconnect with my son. After sending letters to gauge how he is doing I finally received a limited response. She informed me that she had opted not to send my son to school after the move citing he was being assessed for autism which i find difficult to believe. Reference the continuation of payments must I still pay if he has been removed from state schooling?

CMS are going to put me in poverty over disputed collection fees

July 20, 2018

I have two daughters and I share their care. I have my youngest daughter (10) with me 5 days a week and I pick her up from school everyday, except Wednesday. She only stays overnight on a Friday and all day saturday till till 7.. (she used to stay every Monday but ex stopped this, and she is supposed to stay on a Monday during school holidays, court order). Eldest daughter is 15 and comes and goes…

CMS say I should pay £25 per week, and with this is mind I pay £109 per month into my ex wifes bank by standing order..But they also say I have collection fees, arrears and charges, (which I have always disputed).My ex says she is happy with £109 per month. I have had a letter from CMS saying that because I have not been paying the correct amount each month , that they are now going to take money straight out of my wages. They say they are going to take £278 per month,. I only take home £850 per month, ( I also get £49 per month working tax credit) If they do this, this will put my daughter and me in poverty. Although we are already there!!

I also pay £33 per week for my daughters dance lessons, straight from my bank. I have just paid half for new high school uniform and clothes, my youngest has a full wardrobe of clothes at my house. If I didn’t pay these things my ex would just stop me seeing the children. I have explained this to CMS and given them a letter from the dance school and receipts for clothes. I have tried to complain but they don’t reply. I have contacted my MP who has also been in contact with them. I don’t have money in the bank to cover the amount they want. I don’t know where to turn….

Should CSA be taking payment from my housing benefits?

July 19, 2018

2 1/2 years ago I had a operation that has gone wrong am waiting for surgery to correct this. Was on sick with work for 6 month’s,then esa for 12 months that finished in April, now receiving no benefits. Have been paying csa until benefits stoped. My partner and i put a joint universal credit clam on the 4th june we are now receiving housing benefit that we have just received (today).

I have to pay csa as of the 4th June £7 per week out of our universal credit (housing benefit). We didn’t receive the full amount £500ish we received £190ish as of a over clam my exwife made after I left in 2009. Have spoken to csa and they are not clued up on universal credits and want to know if its right that we have to pay out of the housing benefit?.. We cant afford it pay we are living on hand outs and food bank and have no idea what to do.

CSA fraudulently take money incorrectly claiming change of circumstance

July 18, 2018

My story starts way back when this crook run organisation starts. In a nut shell.

At any point in time when ive come off benifits or they have been stopped, these crooks have been ASSUMING i was working because i didnt tell them of a change in circumstances. My fault you might say. But i never went into employment at these times. So to me my circumstances havent changed. Ive gone from unemployed to still unemployed. But csa then look back 5 years in your employment history to calculate a figure ( as if your still in work) and let you rack up a massive debt behind your back.

How is this even legal. Firstly i feel they play the entrappment card which is illegal for even the police to pull off. Secondly is that fraud.

Please someone help me because otherwise this country will see the birth of a new guy faulks that will not fail.

CMS emptied my friend’s accounts twice unlawfully

July 17, 2018

The CMS were deducting payments from a friend’s wages until he lost his job. He was suffering from severe depression at the time and it was six months before he managed to get the CMS to accept that he was no longer earning. In that time he was living off a redundancy payment (less than the threshold for income tax). After another three months he got some one-off consultancy work which gave him a lump sum. He still takes a small monthly wage from that. The CMS did not accept his changes in income and emptied his bank account last November to pay arrears. Since he found dealing with them so difficult due to his mental health problems, he nominated his lawyer as his representative. The lawyer has tried to resolve the matter and has both provided them with tax returns and wage slips, and submitted a complaint but the CMS do not communicate with him effectively and send contradictory letters. My friend has just had his account emptied again. How can we get through to the CMS that his income is not what they think so they now owe him money? There is only so much his mental heath team can do if he continues to be persecuted by a state agency. Any help would be very welcome.

CSA keep taking more money so I’ll probably be better off on JSA

July 16, 2018

Well they lie I was told arrears start when the child leaves education then all of a sudden they want on going payments and arrears how are they allowed to do this.40 percent of wages .i don’t even know if the child is mine.well my car on finance has just been sent back so no way to get to work ,public transport does not go there.well done csa. I don’t mind paying but your taking to not on the birth cirtificate I don’t see the child it’s a joke. I was paying 220 a month now they want nearly 400 a month. My bills are more than I have left.only get 300 less signing on .Well probably be better of signing on .it’s just unbelievable.

CMS are going to bankrupt me and they don’t care

July 15, 2018

ELP NEEDED – I have been bulldozed and bullied by the CMS stating that I owe x amount of money a week, due to them taking my earnings from HMRC however last year I had just become Self-employed and my accountant only just submitted my end of year accounts. So what are they basing their information on? Being self employed I have a lot of outgoings and I responded to the CMS by supplying them with my monthly budget I can only afford to keep up my normal maintenance weekly payments and not the extra amount of arrears on top.

I phone the CMS to tell them this and they said send in your accounts. Which I did via special delverly with a spread sheet of my budget and outgoings. A few weeks passed and I had no reply to my letter, just 3x letters sent on June 29 by arriving on July 5th stating that they have proceeded with an DEO (deductions form Earnings Order) Collect and pay. Last time they bullied me with collecting arrears it lead to my bankruptcy in 2015, which was very distressing and devastating. I lost all my assets. Which in the end was my car and any value of my ex-s house. If they proceed again I will end up bankrupt, depressed and it will destroy everything I had built up over the last 3 years as it will lead into my debt, and depressing and working 24/7 trying to stay afloat.

This is causing me a lot of stress in my life and with my new partner and the CMS are not listening to any reason and don’t care. My last conversation with the CMS, they stone walled me and said: “Thats our decision and its final and you cant appeal”. Surely I can do something about it? If don’t have the money I can’t pay. Does anyone know what else I can do in this situation?? Would a Lawyer help? Does anyone know of any legal or know what my rights are? Who can I turn too?

Can I claim backdated CSA even though my daughter is an adult now?

July 5, 2018

Not sure if there is anything i can do. My daughter is 23 now and her father never paid a penny towards her up bringing. I struggled bringing her up on a low wage,i found out recently that he had been living the high life. He is a professional poker player so gets thousands of pounds a year. If the CSA had of had more details about him years ago they could have been taking payments. I only ever recieved one payment which was a small amount,not even £10. I would like to know if there is legally any way of claiming back dated maintenance.

I was taking my son to see his mother abroad so CSA put a flight restriction on me!

July 1, 2018

Been paying child support for 25 years and had no access in that time,even though I tried.i am in a payment plan for a child I have never seen who is 18 in 2 months..i am in dispute with csa over an outstanding amount,but have always made payments..i have an 8 yr old son in 100 percent my care his mother lives overseas..its important l get them to see eachother when I can,i booked a visit in January when my financeswereok but now that has changed ,had an hernia operation and other issues..i informed csa and agin informed them l was taking my son too see his mum on june 26th 18,my son is so excited and had his bag packed 1 month in advance etc,we get to the airport and border force pull us aside to be handed over to the fed police to be told csa has put a flight restriction on my passport,absolutely devastating my soon he cried himself sick and had to be taken to the doctors..this was disgusting and heartbreaking by the csa,my son is now sick and we don’t know what to do next..we don’t have the money for a lump sum payment..thats why I was in a payment plan.this shouldn’t happen especially where it involves innocent children…please help.