How much is enough!

September 18, 2008

Hi, I have recently been fleced by the CSA. I called the CSA and asked if I should set up a private agreemen. They said yes thts fine and we would rather you did that. I then called the mother of my daughter and said. “Give me you bank account details, I will drop £1000.00 into your account tomorrow and £300 a month from now on. ” She told me to f off. So it has now all ended up in the CSA.

I thought I was being resonable. I know of guys who’s ex partners are getting 60 a week for two children, Im going to be looking at paying pos £600.00 a month for one through the csa. I have no other children. And have never married. If its a fair system. Why does one child get £30.00 a week and the next one £600.00,? Dont gwet me wrong. Its my daughter. I was trapped and never wanted to be in this situation. I dont mind paying. But £600.00 a month plus the goverment payments. No way. Can somebody please get back to me.


Child Support Agency in the US hangs up on people

September 14, 2008

We received this email today from Cindy Krauchun in the USA.

I need some help i live in California and i get my child support of Illinois what happen was California sent a order to Illinois for medical order and Illinois took it for child support this is the second time they’re holding my child support from my kids for a mistake done between both states each state is blaming one another. Illinois told me that a carol sheppard from California told them to close my child support case in Illinois back in march. She denies it all i want is my kids to get they’re child support again my ex’s wages are garished and they get direct deposited they blaming each orther please help i also closed the med-cal insurance in California because noone can read orders I’ve been hung up on and people are so rude I’m the middle man. So you go after dead beat dad’s what about dead beat agencys

cindy krauchun
54 madrid place
san ramon ca 94583

im calling the governor’s office in both states and the television new also this is crazy

The Times claims the CSA’s successor could be worse

September 7, 2008

According to the Times Online, the successor to the Child Support Agency, the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission, could be just as bad, if not worse. It claims there are doubts over the effectiveness of the new system.

The new system, CMEC, comes into play next month and plans to make parents decide among themselves how much they’ll pay in maintenance for their children.

The idea is that by doing this the CMEC will be able to spend more time chasing fathers who try to avoid paying. There is currently £3.3 billion outstanding and the CSA have a backlog of 300,000 cases.

£14,000 Palimony win for Scottish woman

September 6, 2008

A mother in Scotland has been awarded the sum of £14,000 as a Palimony win by the courts, so that her children can attend breakfast club and after school club. This award represents the first time that a woman in Scotland has been awarded such a figure for Palimony, and she is already receiving CSA payments by her 41-year-old ex, who is the father of her two primary school age children.

Non married, co-habiting couples in Scotland were awarded new rights by the 2006 Family Law Act in Scotland. However the money that former co-habiting couples are able to seek are not as much as those who are married, or are in civil partnerships.

The couple had lived together for eight years and have two children, for which the Child Support Agency are of course involved.

Lance Corporal Young commits suicide after CSA persecuted him

September 6, 2008

Lance Corporal Young was found dead, hanged, in his room after he’d been persecuted by the Child Support Agency. He’d made a phone call to his mother just before he died; telling her how much he loved her. His mother, Rosita Atherly, told the inquest how her son was in tears.

His mother called the MOD in an effort to get help for her son, but thirty minutes later Lance Corporal Young was found hanged in his room. A letter from the CSA was lying next to his body, with details about how he was having £300 per month deducted from his wages. This was done at the instruction of the CSA.

He was paying for a child who he claimed was not his, and after requesting a DNA test the mother of child failed to show. The persecution at the hands of the CSA drove him to drink, and then finally to suicide.

Lance Corporal Young is another example of a man being hounded by the CSA for money he believed he did not owe, for a child that wasn’t even his. Now sadly he is dead, and they cannot take money from him anymore.

Where’s justice?

September 5, 2008

10 years ago my ex and I divorced, he won custody of his step-son, I won custody of our two children. After our divorce i was homeless for 2 years with the children whilst i started work and earnt enough for a deposit on a house.

My ex then gave up his well-paid job so as not to pay me CSA payments. I went to work and supported the two children living with me. My ex allegedly started a business paying a friend in USA to purchase houses, do them up then sell them on and this is how he made his living. He refused to declare his earnings to the CSA, so he didn’t have to pay me any monies – my earnings were not enough and I was given tax credit. Over the years, I have worked hard to further my career to now not have to gain support from the government.  As I was working, 3 years ago our youngest child, living with me, moved in with my ex.  As the ex was home all day he was able to take him to after-school clubs which I was not able to. (His step son was now over 18 years old and whom has to pay his step father rent each month.)

During this time the CSA closed the account for my ex as the absent parent and following a tribunal and an appeal from my ex, they closed the account for me as the absent parent as the ex wouldn’t declare his earnings (under the old legislation).

Now my child living with me left college earlier this year and I receive a phone call from the CSA advising under the new legislation, my ex was entitled to 15% of my net earnings.

How is this fair? He has never supported our children, I have paid for all activities/clothing etc, he is better off then me (he kept the house in our divorce), has 4 holidays a year, just had the garden landscaped and his driveway rebuilt with, i presume, the proceeds he has earnt from USA.

Is there anything I can do to keep the money i have worked so hard to build from nothing?

Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission to get new IT budget

September 3, 2008

The Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission will start off its new life by spending £50 million on IT systems, when it replaces the Child Support Agency later this year. The new body will use the money to handle all of its systems, from cases to payments, arrears handling to the enforcement of payments by legal means.

It will tender the £50 million project as soon as it replaces the CSA. They plan for the system to start at the beginning of 2009 and will be finished by June 2011

The CSA was founded in 1993 and has continually made mistakes with payments, both with parents with care and non resident parents.

The Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission’s IT plans will  be under the spotlight because of the money wasted by the CSA when they had their IT systems upgraded. Last year, the parliamentary Public Accounts Committee attacked the government for the way the CSA’s IT contract with EDS wasted millions of pounds of taxpayers money.