CMS upped my payment because of a pension

January 31, 2017

I have been paying my CSA for years and always will but now I need some help. Now the new CMS has taken over I tried to pay my ex wife direct with the same payment as before but she was having none off it and contact the CMS.ok they sent me a letter telling me my new payment bearing in mind I was paying £192 a month it shot up to £285 because last year I forgot I had cash in on a old pension plan which gave me about 7 k in total and CMS think this is what I earn all the time and has worked out my new payments. They will not listen to me and I tell them it will put me on the streets because I can’t make these payments and will not look at it because off some rule about 25% differents,I thought your pension payment was safe is this not the case? Help.

How can I get my name put on son’s birth certificate?

January 30, 2017

I have a 2 years old son who lives with his mum in Wales. The mum refuse to put my name on his birth certificate. I have been involved in his life ever since he was born. Also made sure I give her mum month support contribution for my son till date. She got me CSA for some reason and I am still paying him upkeep. I have been having him every other week and recently i started spending the weekend with him at my house in England and dropping him back at his mum as planned. I have never been of any threat to her or my son but she keep refusing to amend the birth certificate to get my name on it. She just called me today to bring my passport detail so she can fill in the information as she is trying to apply for my son’s passport. when i asked her about the birth certificate , she just refused again. What can i do to get my name on my son’s birth cerficate?

CSA should suspend my payments until custody hearing is completed

January 27, 2017

My son is 7 years old. Up until December 2015 my son was living with me 3-4 nights a week. His mother, sadly, isn’t a very good parent or a good person and my son saw very little of her.

In December 2015 my son’s mother took him away from me for no reason other than spite, control and pound signs.

I went through all the necessary motions before taking her to court in early 2016 to get my son back and our lives back together. Where as this is how it started out, the mother has done and said anything and everything to turn the situation against me and is determined to make it go on forever. Now I am being forced to fight for my right to be a father and for the truth to be heard.

I have had to move out of my home and borrow money to afford my legal bills and what’s worse is that now I have to pay the mother £200 a month that I don’t have for her to keep my son away from me. It’s very clear that the reason why she is doing this is so she can get money from me and it’s seems a great and obvious injustice that she should given the circumstances. The more money she gets, the more she is encouraged to keep my son from me.

I read on the Internet that if “the mother is making it impossible for the father to see the child then child maintenace payments can be suspended”.

I believe that fathers should not have to pay child maintenance if the mother is denying access to the father all together but at the very least surely if one parent is taking the other to court to fight for custody of the child/children and there is proof of this and proof that the parent is paying more than what they earn for legal support and court fees and no proof that the father had done anything wrong then surely, in these circumstances, the law should be altered so that child maintenace payments be suspended until a decision has been reached?

I haven’t seen my baby in over a year and I don’t know when I will, I have had terrible lies told about me and have been wrongly penalised by the courts, I have been stripped of my dignity, pride and all of my money, my home and my future. I am alone and there is nobody to help or listen. I have cared for and provided for my son all of his life whilst his mother did not, I don’t deserve this.

I’ve moved abroad with assets still in UK, can CSA still pursue me?

January 24, 2017

I have been a slave to the CSA since my ex and I divorced in 2008. I have to say, the whole situation with them has been a dreadful ordeal. However, never one to get down…

I pay a massive amount of money to my ex for my two kids, which I really do not mind. This is done via attachment of earnings. I have not seen my two kids for four years as their Mother has poisoned them so much. I do, however believe in Karma!

I am now working for a Dubai based company (left my UK firm in December 2016). I had great pleasure in informing the CSA that I have left the UK, now a resident of the UAE and no intentions of coming back to the UK for a while. I also pointed out that I knew that the UAE was not part of the REMO thing they have.

They said that they will be carrying out investigations, which they can if they wish to. However, I have a few questions:

Can I still have a UK bank account in the UK? (they asked me this) I have a rented property in the UK still under contract, is this okay? (they wanted to know) Also, am I correct in thinking that as I have left the UK, they can not pursue me for CSA? The case is closed…

I have tried to make contact with the ex, however, constantly ignored my emails. I did tell the CSA I had this evidence.

Sorry for so many questions but the CSA have been dreadful and they simply do not give a sh1t!

CSA stopped taking payments 6 years ago and now want me to pay again!

January 23, 2017

The CSA fixed my payment and took it from me with a DOE. When my son reached 16 they stopped taking it out ( i never moved jobs/departments/roles , everything the same), just one week they stopped taking out the £68 ( £63 CSA , £5 back payments.) That was in 2008. I received a letter yesterday saying they were taking (yet) another look at my case ( Whjich i thought had finished in 2008) and they want to know my employment and housing costs etc from 1997-2005 and that they have ‘calculated’ i still owe them £9000!!! If i still owed them monet, why didnt they just keep taking the £68 or the £5 arrears till it was complete? and why can’t they already know where i worked/ didn’t work during this time?

Any help obviously greatly appreciated.

CSA keep telling me different things and I don’t know what to do

January 20, 2017

Any advice please, I live with nearly 17yr year old son as a single full time working dad. I have a family arrangement with my ex wife to pay towards my 16 yr old daughter every month and for the child that CSA is involved in I have contact that amounts to 123.5 nights a year (about 33% contact) During the school term I have child care expenses that include school uniforms and childcare outside of school hours. During the holidays I have no option but to arrange for a childminder to what amounts to 95 days after I subtract my annual leave of 28 days.

I have explained all this to CSA at great lenght and even though they have recalculated it would be impossible for me to continue with my current arrangement for the child in person as I would not be able to afford paid childcare.

I get next to nothing in child benefits for the child that lives with me, he is in college for “A” levels and fully dependent on me financially.

There are a couple of points I am failing to understand:

1. Every time I make the point that I am also a single parent but I am not getting child support for the child that lives with me they suggest that I make a claim, if I were to do that it would be against my ex wife (remarried with 2 other kids besides my daughter) who lives with the daughter that I make payments towards. Yet at the same time CSA are saying that they have taken into consideration that I am paying towards my daughter. So I am not sure how that works that where I am paying money and apparently they have acknowledged but are suggesting I make a claim?

2. when I break down the payments I make for the child in question they say that this is something that the mother does not acknowledge even though its something that was agreed in court.

In a previous discussion one of the advisors told me that they would take my payments into consideration and in the next conversation a different advisor said that those were my own costs for looking after my child and by law I have to pay the other parent. As it stands I am considering forfeiting my contact altogether and just set up the payment they are demanding as there is no way I can afford to pay both CSA childcare costs.

Ex still owes me 26 years of support and CSA won’t do anything!

January 17, 2017

Why is it my ex since 1992 does not have to pay child support for his child who is now 26 yes and still owe thousands but CSA still continue him to have a passport travel n have work permits which where supposed to be cancelled and even a hold put on his home and even still haven’t managed to do that but they want and required me to work and pay all costs and make me the bad mother and even tho he has gone to court he still says which they allow cannot afford 5 pound a week!!! He was supposes to pay around 192 a week back in the 1990’s so where is that n my 24 yrs child support!!! Yes I live in Australia now which he has visited last year! Just bought another new car and is now on a cruise in Jamaica and still can’t make PAY!!! I want answer and my child support NOW.

Don’t talk to CSA over the phone!

January 16, 2017

The CSA are like the nazi party, as some comments have alluded to they take the receiving partners word for it but not yours.

they only want to talk on the phone to twist what you say and use it against you as all calls are recorded but they won’t even give you their surname.

my advice is to tell them immediately you are uncomfortable talking on the phone and ask for all correspondence thro mail not email because they don’t want you to have any evidence against them.

2017 and don’t have email its a joke.

i joined a site to specifically send my questions and answers thro FAX can you believe i had to do that ?

if you want an answer to a question/query ive found out you have to send it as a COMPLAINT then they’re legally obliged to answer it.

if you don’t and you ask during a conversation or FAX you will be ignored basically.

thats my advice for what it is worth.

CSA is a scam and I’m going to fight it!

January 12, 2017

I thought csa should be on your weekly wage i have a daughter that is 14 which i pay for but questioning csa payments i have 2 year old daughter with my new partner they want to take her child benefit her child tax credits and other things into consideration which i do not agree to this what my 2 year old gets that is to provide for her i pay my 14 year old csa out of my wage i dont see my 14 year old at all cos of my ex wife.

I have the local mp invloved which are going to fight for fathers or mothers that dont see there kids should not have to pay this scam nothing its a joke and when they taking my 2 year old her money which we have to provide for her My ex wife will receive benefits so why are they coming to me for extra payments when i cannot afford this extra payments theres no wonder fathers and mothers end there life i have told my MP all of whats happening they are going to get the to the bottom of it and i will fight and fight for any parent refusing to see there kids and csa saying i am in arreas all the time no way am not its a scam yes it is what i have here am going to fight it all the way.

If I change my job, what will happen regarding my maintenance?

January 11, 2017

I am currently paying child maintenance for two of my three children. The third child who will be 18 this week lives with me and my new wife.

I am considering a life change by either changing jobs, which would possibly lead to a reduction in salary, or move abroad into semi retirement, again meaning reduction in my income. I currently pay my ex -wife £652 a month. What effect would my life changes have and would I have to continue to meet the £652 a month payments. My other two children are 14 and 16 years of age and still at school.

Also what age am I legally required to carry on paying maintenance?

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