CSA threaten me with prison even though I am retired with disability

June 23, 2009

just got phone call from csa,telling me my case is going to court to get £20,000, in two years they have arrested my disability pension @40% {£8000} but they say because i have not paid off full amount in the 2years allocate they will sieze al my assets!if that does not reach £20kthey will sell my flat!

if still not reached £20k a custodial sentence will be given!!!! i told the csa 15 years ago i was medically retired,told them who my employers were and i never heard a thing from them till two years ago,they have tottally crippled me .

CSA say I owe them £30,000

June 23, 2009

i have 2 children who i used to pay CSA for then i lost my job and things got messy so i didnt pay I do not dispute that if i have to pay thats it but recently i received a letter saying i owed £30,000 i wrote to them but no reply I then a couple of months later got a letter saying i owed them 14.500 and they were going to take it from my employer monthly approx £400 a month.

I have now received as letter saying that i have to pay £8,000 within seven days or they will get an order for this. I phoned them and got the jobs worth answer. (we are following procedure because you owe more than £13000 we are obtaing an order to recover £8000 imediatly, unless you can pay this by debit or credit card within 2 days (of the call I was making) I was polite and asked for an expanation to this i got you can attend court but we will get the order as a matter of course.

i asked what happened then and was told we will then need to arrange to collect it by direct debit or in full. i asked what happens if i dont have it to which i was told it will be passed to an agency to collect i once again explained i dont have it and he skirted the answer but basically sound as if they will then take goods to the value of (not that i have that much)during the conversation it was difficult to get him to say this *000 was part of the 14500 or extra and he also said well there is a 5000 outstanding i asked how many more figures were they going to come up with and of course he said he was only following procedure.

Im totally lost my children are now 24 and 27 during part of ther egrowing up i was out of work. no doubt if i die tommorow the CSA will be at the funeral to collect the money

CSA have assessed my earnings wrongly

June 22, 2009

well ive now been doin alot of research on my rights thanks to this very helpful website (csahell.com) and have been shocked to how many laws the csa have broken , with my case

firstly a couple of figures where wrong with my first statement i wrote on here and would like to make u aware of what theses where ,

When i first got asked to show them my 5 wage slips back in september 22-10-2008 , i actually got my re-assessment letter on the 24 march 2009 (a whole 5 months later to get back to me , and of course they had got it wrong by 50 pound a week, so was having to pay more than i was suppose to and a whole 5 months of arrears due to them taking so long.

i got in touch with them straight away and sent them another 5 wage slips , and kept phoning every week to find out if they had re-assessed it and was always told its till been done , FINALLY on the 17th june 2009 they had finally re-assessed it (another 3 months of waiting and they had done it completely wrong again this time it wernt just 50 pound over it was 200 pound over,

i phoned up yet again asking how the hell they have got them figures as i knew for a fact the wage slips i sent of clearly showed i earned my correct figure 400 pound a week, and was told that they had not gone by my wage slips but had actually been in touch with my employee and asked them to send my wage details .

Now i never knew this but thanks to this site , the csa have broke the law by goin behind my back and requesting my personnel details off my employee with out my consent . which of cause when i asked them about this they said they where entitled to do so BULLshit yes?????
also when i asked them where my wage slips have gone which they where suppose to use , have magically disappeard and they make out they never recieved theses wage slips . but why didnt they tell me this when i phoned up every week ?

Now i asked my employee to send my copys of the details they had to sent to csa , so i could try and work how the csa had done my new assessment , and was shocked to see that i could not see one week at all saying i earned what they made out i did ..

i phoned them today and asked how the had worked it out , and after an hour of gettin sarci replys they finally decided to tell me , and this is the best part , they had gone by my total gross PLUS added my weekly bonus which i recived off my employee , BUT i thought everyone knew when it says TOTAL GROSS PAY . that means it include my bonus and anything else ive earned that week , when i pointed that out to them , they did not even admit the mistake and did not even say sorry .

so now ive got to send another 5 wage slips off and wait god knows how long again till they get it right .

while in the mean time i have to pay a ridiculous amount i can not simply afford,

My ex tells the CSA he has no money to pay them

June 22, 2009

My case closed on my son’s 19th birthday(in full time education).Well it should have closed but my ex had refused to pay the outstanding maintenance.

The CSA closed my case for 4 years 1994 as my ex denied paternity.

They have then repeadildily allowed him to lie about his salary.

He seems to always be redunadant. In fact he was redundant for 2 years twice while buying his first home £250,000 and 2nd £550,000 with a £75,000 mortgage.

He says he earns so little that he get nil assessments.£19,000.

He told them he gave me my house and was allowed £12,500 off his payments, which is what he gave me towards my home.He has now taken me to court to regain that money with interest £53,000.

How can I have to pay him back twice.He was leagally represented in court and I could not afford it.So not only did I have to pay this money again but ended up paying his costs £10,000.

His arrears grew so large but the CSA said if he paid 6 months maintenance they would wipe out the arrears.Hold on, he is let off again, what am I supposed to use to bring my son up.

During this recent court case I asked him to provide his finicial statements which he did.The same salary as he told the CSA. He then paid the csa arrears from march 2006 in march 2008.

CSA case then closed.

Judge orders updates of finicial circumstances. This time a very different story. This is what I submitted to the CSA.

So although my case was officially closed I came into the 13month rule.My God did I have to fight to get that tribunal(contacted James Parnell and everyone in the CSA) and has my ex kicked of.

Now I have had the first tribunal and its been adjoured for the CSA, at the judges directions to find out about my ex’s tax code etc. Can’t understand why the CSA had not done this before.They even say his payslips were false.He refused and got away with being interviewed under caution.For the last 5 years they have not even known where he worked.Never investigated.

The court statements prove he really lied to the CSA but will the tribunal enforce an action.I fear as always the CSA are weak and will just give my ex a slap on the wrist.

If you know of anyone else who has been in this situation, could you let me know how their outcome was.

Briar Redgrave-Plumb
Exhausted mum of one son at university

How to avoid the CSA

June 21, 2009

Many people come to this website looking for advice on how to avoid the CSA and avoid paying the CSA. The truth is that if you’re employed you have very little option as eventually the CSA will go to your employer and hit them with a deduction of earnings order (DEO) which will take money from your salary before your receive it.

There’s nothing your employer can do about it because the CSA will threaten them with bailiffs if they don’t comply.

However, there is a way you can avoid the DEO from the CSA, and that’s to be contracted. If your employer will allow you to go self employed, so you submit your own self assessment tax return, the CSA cannot issue a DEO. You deal with your own tax, therefore they have to go through you.

This way you can claim for travel expenses to and from work in your self assessment, and other costs as well, such as equipment. Your ‘take home’ pay would be much lower and the CSA would only be able to claim less from you.

If anyone has any other ideas on avoiding paying the CSA please let us know below, we’d be glad to hear from them and would like to share them with everyone else who is having trouble with the CSA.

CSA can’t fine my children’s father

June 21, 2009

well firstly i must say i brought up my 3 children on my own and had no help from the c.s.a. they just couldnt find my ex husband even though i supplied his national insurance number..this went on for 10 years and finally i receive a monthly payment now off my ex every month ( but i have to ring the c.s.a every month because for some strange reason they dont like parting with my money) any way lets get back to my story.

i met a lovely man back in 2004 and in 2006 we wed he has two children age 9 and 8 and every other weekend he see’s them over night, we treat them, take them on holiday’s, all the stuff a good father does for their children… oh but no thats not good enough, my hubby has paid for his kids since their split up when the boys was really young, and when i meet him i told him he needed proof of giving money out, so he got a receipt book and she refused at first to sign and date it….. then i said why dont you transfer her maintence doing on line banking( that way you still have proof) she didnt like this either but we carried on doing this) the c.s.a wanted this proof and so i sent 18 months of our bank statements… they then said that didnt matter!!!!!!

2004 – 2008 did not matter!!! so they started a deductions from earnings at 142.00 every 2 weeks so 284.00 per month, ok a bit tight but we got through with rent arrears etc. (that dont count either to them)then a little brown letter drops though the letter box saying my hubby is in arrears of 4 grand and has to pay 282.00 per fortnight so 464.00 per month… that leaves the poor fella 20.00 a fortnight to live off 40.00 per month for himself as we have to pay rent, bills, food etc…. i have told him to leave his job, i will leave mine and sponge off the bloody goverment… the c.s.a pick on the decent fathers and turn a blind eye to other father’s who do a legger, my children had nothing, no money, no father, no house we survived, but this is not fair….

CSA mistakes mean I now have to pay!

June 20, 2009

I have chased my ex for maintenance from the moment we split up 10 years ago it is only really in the past 12 months he has paid £25 and £25 off arrears of £2000. I have paid for everything for my daughter. He has now brainwashed my daughter and turned her against me and she is now living with him and obviously he will be applying for CSA off me the cheek of it! Becuase I work full time he knows he can get money off me but he has dodged csa all his life and has done many jobs cash in hand to get away from them I just think it is disgusting how I can pay for my child for 11 years and now she is living with him and not talking to me I still have to pay for her!

Csa Getting my Income wrong every Re-Assessment

June 20, 2009

Hi, Am 24 year old and have 2 boys aged 5 and 4 , i split from my partner 2 and a half years ago..

My Ex informed the csa last year around about september time that i was earning more than i actually was , which was total bull **** , so i receieve a letter asking to send my last 5 wage slips off to them , which i had no problem doin so. I didnt hear nothing back off the the csa till janaury saying that i had been re-assessed (4 months later) and that i was in arrear’s of £1000 plus. (i dont have exact figures as i dont have the paper work with me).

But they had got my weekly income wrong as they had me earing £450 . but i was earning £400. So Now i have to pay £90 a week plus arrears. Now ive payed my csa directly off my employee so it shows on my wage slip , right from the start of when i started payin csa , so my employee have been giving the csa my arrears for me , but i am still paying arrears off and its now june ,

i sent the csa wage slips again in march but never heard nothing back , ive phoned them endless amount of times asking when would this be sorted , and was always told it been assessed.

i recived a letter yesterday 18th june sayin ive been re-assessed and i now earn a total of £622-41 lol , which is completly wrong , i phoned them today asking wat the hell is goin on , and they told me they recieved documenttation directly off my employee that i earned this. I then asked what had happend to u assessing my wage slips that i sent u in march and was told they never have recieved them wage slips . (so basically theyve lost them) . i also asked what dates have u gone by for u to get theses figures and i was told the 12th and 19th of march.

Now I checked my calender for theses dates and it turns out that it was the 3 week shut down at my work so i basically recieved my basic wage and also i have not worked overtime at all this year due to the resession, and for that matter i have never earned £622 in my life a week .. I spoke to my employee askin how have the csa got theses figures , and she laughed and told me i aint got a clue how the csa have worked them figures out ..

So now ive been told to send 5 MORE wage slips off to be re-assessed Which will no doubt take another 3 – 4 months to sort out . and most worrying ill have more arrears to pay off 🙁


Due to payin arrears off for the past 5 months , ive fell into alot of debt with my mortage and alot of my other bills , i work hard to support my kids and yet i am losing my home and my prosessions

Not the father, but CSA still chase my husband

June 19, 2009

My husband has being named as the father of his ex’s child, he denies this. The CSA have been involved and my husband has recieved letters saying he owes over £28,000 in child support.

In the last 17 months my husband has had all the money in his bank accounts removed by the CSA leaving us as a family (with a 9 month old daughter at the time) with no money to live on, hes had to appear in court and had numerous letters with threats of bailiffs, prison and the removal of his driving license(which he needs for his job). These are just a few incidents we have had to deal with causing us stress and heartache. In the last 17 months my husband has asked constantly for a DNA test, the CSA said they would deal with his request this still hasnt happened.

The CSA have told us that they still havent been able to make contact with the ‘so called parent with care’!!. So we have been going through all this stress, having all money removed from the bank accounts and being made to make regular monthly payments to a person they cant even make any contact with. When does it all stop!!! We have now been in contact with citizens advice for some help as the CSA will not listen.There is much more that has happened, too much to say.

Unlawful detachment of earnings from the CSA

June 18, 2009

Hi, my son is now 13, 31 March 08 i agreed to let my son go & live with his father as at the time that is what he wanted. In June that year the csa notified me i had to pay him £27 a week maintenance which left me £111 a wk to live on, Nov o8 csa realised they had over assessed me so payments where stopped. Jan 09 my son came back to me i informed csa the case was closed.

June 6 i received a letter from csa with a payment schedule to start paying £27 a wk to my ex taking into account my son was living with me, i phoned them & was told to ignore the letter it was a coputer error on there part. When i picked up my wage slip fri just gone i was stunned to see that a payment of £27 had been paid to the csa leaving me £122.24 for my son & i to live on.

After several very upsetting phone call`s to them yesterday i was told that until they can sort out the computer error there`s nothing they can do. So i am now paying maintenance to my ex even though my son is living with me plus the stress & worry of how we are going to live on £122.24 a week.

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