Unlawful detachment of earnings from the CSA

June 18, 2009

Hi, my son is now 13, 31 March 08 i agreed to let my son go & live with his father as at the time that is what he wanted. In June that year the csa notified me i had to pay him £27 a week maintenance which left me £111 a wk to live on, Nov o8 csa realised they had over assessed me so payments where stopped. Jan 09 my son came back to me i informed csa the case was closed.

June 6 i received a letter from csa with a payment schedule to start paying £27 a wk to my ex taking into account my son was living with me, i phoned them & was told to ignore the letter it was a coputer error on there part. When i picked up my wage slip fri just gone i was stunned to see that a payment of £27 had been paid to the csa leaving me £122.24 for my son & i to live on.

After several very upsetting phone call`s to them yesterday i was told that until they can sort out the computer error there`s nothing they can do. So i am now paying maintenance to my ex even though my son is living with me plus the stress & worry of how we are going to live on £122.24 a week.