Not the father, but CSA still chase my husband

June 19, 2009

My husband has being named as the father of his ex’s child, he denies this. The CSA have been involved and my husband has recieved letters saying he owes over £28,000 in child support.

In the last 17 months my husband has had all the money in his bank accounts removed by the CSA leaving us as a family (with a 9 month old daughter at the time) with no money to live on, hes had to appear in court and had numerous letters with threats of bailiffs, prison and the removal of his driving license(which he needs for his job). These are just a few incidents we have had to deal with causing us stress and heartache. In the last 17 months my husband has asked constantly for a DNA test, the CSA said they would deal with his request this still hasnt happened.

The CSA have told us that they still havent been able to make contact with the ‘so called parent with care’!!. So we have been going through all this stress, having all money removed from the bank accounts and being made to make regular monthly payments to a person they cant even make any contact with. When does it all stop!!! We have now been in contact with citizens advice for some help as the CSA will not listen.There is much more that has happened, too much to say.


  • deadbeatdad says:

    There is something you can do to stop this, we have now got methods that stops this company trading as the CSA/CMEC if you care to email us at [email protected] we will talk you through what to do. This method also allows you to lawfully demand money from the CSA/CMEC

  • brian says:

    Shame you appear to be the only ones able to stop this. Now wouldn’t it be more helpful to the others that suffer. you help them and why is it not common knowledge.? 😉

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