CSA can’t fine my children’s father

June 21, 2009

well firstly i must say i brought up my 3 children on my own and had no help from the c.s.a. they just couldnt find my ex husband even though i supplied his national insurance number..this went on for 10 years and finally i receive a monthly payment now off my ex every month ( but i have to ring the c.s.a every month because for some strange reason they dont like parting with my money) any way lets get back to my story.

i met a lovely man back in 2004 and in 2006 we wed he has two children age 9 and 8 and every other weekend he see’s them over night, we treat them, take them on holiday’s, all the stuff a good father does for their children… oh but no thats not good enough, my hubby has paid for his kids since their split up when the boys was really young, and when i meet him i told him he needed proof of giving money out, so he got a receipt book and she refused at first to sign and date it….. then i said why dont you transfer her maintence doing on line banking( that way you still have proof) she didnt like this either but we carried on doing this) the c.s.a wanted this proof and so i sent 18 months of our bank statements… they then said that didnt matter!!!!!!

2004 – 2008 did not matter!!! so they started a deductions from earnings at 142.00 every 2 weeks so 284.00 per month, ok a bit tight but we got through with rent arrears etc. (that dont count either to them)then a little brown letter drops though the letter box saying my hubby is in arrears of 4 grand and has to pay 282.00 per fortnight so 464.00 per month… that leaves the poor fella 20.00 a fortnight to live off 40.00 per month for himself as we have to pay rent, bills, food etc…. i have told him to leave his job, i will leave mine and sponge off the bloody goverment… the c.s.a pick on the decent fathers and turn a blind eye to other father’s who do a legger, my children had nothing, no money, no father, no house we survived, but this is not fair….