CSA threaten me with bailiffs

June 17, 2009

I have just received a letter from the c.s.a on the 4.06.09 informing me I had a child maintenance debt ( which firstly I wasn’t aware of)It was such a threatening letter about court,fines etc id had no previous contact from them even though they have my telephone number and address they stated that they would be evoking a deduction from earning order on the 15.06.09 from my workplace.

This letter never informed me of even the basic principles ie how much I was supposed to owe or from when, it took no account of my 2 kids situation as one has left school 2 years previous or the fact that my ex wife has been working full time for 4 years. When I rang to discuss this matter the guy ( I have his name) from the debt dept informed me I have arrears of £3600 and even though they were going to take £100 a month from my salary If I didn’t pay a lump sum of £2100 immediately they would take me to court and my possessions could be taken to pay of this debt I even offered to pay part of this amount £1000 now but this guy wasn’t interested he said he understood my position but that I had to pay the full £2100 NOW.

Im at my wits end I cant even afford to help my 18 yr old son Joe with his car ins ( which is £2000) Please can you help me.

Peter A Merchant

The CSA demand money we don’t have

June 11, 2009

My partner has two children from his first marriage. He has always supported them financially even before the CSA were involved. He is a great dad. My partner got divorced from his wife following an acrimonious separation. My partner’s ex wife took the children with her the children. He argued in court for custody of the children, to no avail. At that time their mother’s boyfriend had more rights to his children than him. It was decided that she should have £41,000 from the sale of the house. The house that was solely in partner’s name.

The CSA were then involved and he has been paying the amount decided by them at a rate of £240.00 per month. Myself and my partner got together and went on to have two of our own children. One day last week, out of the blue, we had a letter saying that the CSA had reassessed the maintaence, back dated it and they now want £640.00 per month. We honestly thought they had made a terrible mistake. No way could they leave us with no money to feed our younger children. But oh yes they can!!

We have received correspondence which does not include the figures they have used. The staff use jargon and apply formulas without having a duty to consider the facts in their entirity.

I work 30 hours per week over three days to facilitate childcare and the CSA have estimated that I earn more than my partner and can therefore cover our household bills and maintain our two children by myself. Thus my partner has more money to maintain his elder children.

I feel physically sick at the thought that I am now financially unable to support my children and provide them with the lifestlye that I had planned to. I have been bullied into providing the CSA with my wage slips in the hope that we will receive a reduced rate.

The CSA have done nothing to encourage the mother of my partner’s older children to maintain them financially in any way. They are happy for her not to support them but feel it is acceptable that two other innocent children should suffer as a result.

The CSA only take into account our mortgage and council tax. They do not consider all the other utility bills we pay. They do not also consider the fact that when the older children come to stay with us, we have to feed, clothe and accomodate them.

We are currently appealing the decision made by the CSA. However, if the maintanence is not reduced to a more reasonable amount the only option available to us is to separate and make a claim for maintenance for the younger two.

This agency is not supporting my children. If there was £640.00 available for the older two and £640.00 available for the younger two I could accept that.

We as a family of four are now left with £250 per week. I am now being told that the CSA can do this and they don’t want to know about the cost of nappies and formula, baby wipes,nursery fees, diesel, car tax and insurance.

The CSA have successfully managed to demolish a happy loving family. As far as I am concerned the CSA discriminate against fathers, working mothers and children who are living happily in a family environment. I am shocked to have found out that the CSA are supported by law and law states that they are able to apply their formulas, without having all the information.

I have never disputed the fact that the elder two should be supported financially, but I strongly believe that a percentage of my earnings should be protected, particularly when I have two of my own children.

CONGRATULATIONS we have become another statistic.

CSA Bunch of murderes

June 10, 2009

I have been paying for my three children from day one through the banks on our own agreement until the mother of my two youngest children decided she wanted to go through the CSA. i had been paying without fail for four and an half years now the CSA are wanting to take 20% of my total earnings wich means i will be paying double the amount of maintenence. as a farther who pays all the time why should they spend there time going for more money out of me when they should be fighting for people who dont pay anything! now i am at risk of loosing my house and everything with it its not fair and im at the end of my tether, there is no way out. CSA are a bunch of wankers!

Please HELP me with the CSA’s demands for money

June 9, 2009

My partner has recently received a letter from the CSA. They have advised him that he is now £13k in arrears and they would like payment by the 8th January!! He has been paying £30 a week since Jan 2005 plus arrears from last time but they now claim it should have been £98 a week Jan05 – 22Sep08 then £52 a week with effect 23Sep 08?. My partner is happy to pay the £52 going forward  When looking at the calculations they have put our housing costs down incorrectly on the first section, he has wrote to them to ask them to look into again to which they sent a letter back on the same day (so obviously spent a lot of time looking into again) to advise that is the final decision. I have checked the CSA calculated and his net earnings are £330pw and that says approx £50pw. m

One child comes to live with me & they increase my payments!!

June 8, 2009

Dont know if anyone has come accross the same circumstances, but I had 2 daughters living with my ex partner. She had originally said that she was happy for me to buy clothes etc on an as and when basis then after a number of years reversed her agreement and contact the CSA with my new address. What I HADNT realised was that a few years earlier, she had involved them, around the time I was moving in with my new girlfriend, but when she told me that she had stopped their involvement in fact she hadnt.

About 2 years ago, when she decided she was no longer happy with the ad hoc situation, I got an assessment from the CSA, also saying that I owed them £6000 in arrears. They wanted £200 a month. In December of 2008 the older of the two came to live with me because of inappropriate behaviour by her mother. I received my re-assessment today and they have INCREASED my payments to £350 per month,

I was told that they had decided to call in the arrears at a faster rate! Anyone else had this situation? Needless to say I have put this in the hands of my MP whose secretary sounded as appalled as me

CSA MUST take the blame

June 7, 2009

Today I have had to listen, once again to my brothers breaking heart. 4 years ago, (Feb 2004) his wife walked out & my brother got custody of their 3 boys due to her abusing the children.

He took over the house & because she had run up so many bills he had to pay these off before coming upto date with “todays” bills. 4 years later he is still in thousands of pounds of debt. He had to give up his job to become a full time father, being a baker it is night work only. He did not quibble about this he is an amazing father & the one person in the world I truely look upto.

Now acording to the CSA the timescale in getting any money out of her was 6 weeks – He got his first payment in Feb 2008 -this year! Not bad going huh for a 6week job?? She has contact with the children through a court order which she proposed, my brother would never refuse his children the time with there mother. Right so now she owes hundreds – thousands in areas – this is being paid off monthly on top of her normal monthly payments. Last month she decided not to pay the money, what did csa do? Nothing, just told her it would go onto her arrears. My brother & his children go without for a month, nothing he can do. Now this months payment hasn’t arrived in his account, he spoke with the csa, yes she HAS paid it this month but they have sent it to the wrong department instead of sending it to him. They will make this a PRIORITY CASE to get this resumed – This process will ONLY take 6 weeks!!!! So now he has not had any csa money for 2 months – soon to be Three.

I got a phonecall from him at 11am this morning telling me what csa had said, he pleaded for them to send him a giro – “£30 is enough” he said -“sorry sir, we have to wait for the payment to be located before we can do this. This in it-self can take upto 3weeks. Shall I go ahead & do this for you sir?” Now my brother is the most strongest minded, loving hearted, motivated, person I have ever come across. At every point in my life, every turn & decission I make I go to him, because he is the sensible one & knows exactly what to do. He phones me this morning in floods of tears, I can hear him gasping for breathe because he is so upset/cross. He is shouting at me that no-one understands – That the people in the csa don’t give a monkeys, they get paid at the end of every month & that is all they care about. THEY DO NOT REALISE THEY ARE PLAYING WITH PEOPLES LIVES. Now this morning he sent all 3 of his children into school with NO lunch, No money for school dinners & only a drink of water each – His csa money was due in his bank today so he would drop lunch’s into them when he had gone & done some shopping. BUT THE MONEY DIDN’T COME – & IT’S NOT GOING TO ANYTIME SOON. Can you imagine how I felt listening to him breaking down? Can you imagine anyone having to send their children to school with no food or money for food? I live over a hundred miles away- what can I do to make it better???? I have some money put by for my holiday next year, I will run down to the bank & put cash in his account – Oh but his account is overdrawn from charges, because of payment failure from last month’s lack of csa money.

So to get any money to my brother I have to put in over £100 before he will get any. £250 I put in at 11-30am, to make sure his rent was paid this month – Electric put on (It run out at 7am this morning) & some money for the gas (£1.12 left on emergency) & also money for food to feed the children & himself. He stood outside the shop waiting for my text message so he could run in the shop grab something for the boys to eat & then cycle 3 miles back to take it into school. Now usually I couldn’t help out this much money a month, I have a haulage company which is now costing so much in fuel each month we only ever seem to break even because of the downturn in building work & also soaring fuel prices.

Will somebody tell me who is to blame for this????????? Can somebodytell me how to mend a broken heart of a father that struggles everyday & never complains????? Can somebody please tell me why parents are put into this position of such heartbreak???? & can somebody please Please tell me this does not happen in other poeple’s lives?????? This is a day I will never forget, I have sat here crying the whole time I have been writting this. Putting myself in my brothers shoes & feeling his pain of NOT EVEN BEING ABLE TO FEED HIS OWN BLOODY CHILDREN. THIS COUNTRY STINKS SOMETIMES. I AM HORRIFIED & FEEL DEEPLY SORRY FOR ALL THOSE PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT HAS TO GO THROUGH THE SAME. IF I WERE TO WIN THE LOTTERY I WOULD PROMISE TO HELP AS MANY PEOPLE AS I COULD & NOT WASTE A PENNY ON ANY UNNESSASERY LUXURIES.

CSA mistakes and fighting back

June 6, 2009

I have been dealing with the CSA for about 15 months now.  Their mistakes, errors, confusion are endless.  Anyway I want to encourage you all to fight (verbally / legally) back.

I had a provisional assessment against myself but after bitterly complaining and providing evidence (which they lost) I managed to get this reduced by £10pw.  Up until the CSA were involed I was paying support directly to PWC (getting receipts on CSA advice).  She didn’t like this and asked the CSA to collect payments directly.  The CSA issued a DOE.

The CSA assumed the order would be carried out by my employer’s payroll but it wasn’t.  So I ended up in arrears.  When they contacted me, I made it very very clear, its their DOE, they administer it and its nothing to do with me if it doesn’t get paid.  They seemed to accept this concept after I repeated it several time to different staff.  Anyway I agreed to repay an immediate part payment with the outstanding balance recovered over 4 months (not that I could get out of this, but they certainly knew it was THEIR MISTAKE).  CSA sends me a repayment schedule along a figure for the min. legal earnings I cannot fall below.

Christmas passes, money is taken out monthly via DOE and my bank balance is dwindling slowly and no sign of stabilisation.  Checking my payslips (they are only on-line) I see that CSA has taken much more than they are entitled to and the amounts taken do NOT correspond at all with their schedule.

By this time I am livid, I have a £500 CC bill to pay and not enough money in my account.  I talk to a “temp. team lead”, get nowhere, ask for their team lead, who is on holiday, ask for their manager and work my way up the hierarchy if I don’t get what I want, repeating the salient facts (several times to each person I speak to):

– CSA stole money from my account

– CSA committed 7 illegal deductions (deductions more than legally allowed)

– CSA is fully and solely responsible (don’t let them blame payrol or the banks)

– Mention taking CSA (Matt Hillin) to small claims court & informing the media,


They get the message I am serious about my money and no I will not wait a week for payment.  They are told that if I were the PM/Home Secretary etc and asked for action it would be done straight away.  Also informed them that Banks can perform money transfers SAME day so there is NO excuse.

Team manger says a senior manager (Elaine Basel) needs to approve the payment.  TM to her credit calls me back saying they will pay back the money (they stole).  I also ask to speak to who is responsible for authorisation of the payment.  It turn out to be Elaine (no I don’t want to tell you my surname) Basel, who reports to Matt Hillin (Norther Area Operation Manager).  I also demand the DOE be recinded.

Be hold a few days later (day before CC payment due) a large sum is transferred into my account.

Alast the screwups continue, another oversized deduction is taken from my pay.  So it now 8 counts of take money without permission, and exceeding my min. pay entitlements.

Eventually Elaine B deems to agree to cancel the DOE and I agree to pay by DD as they can’t cope with Standing Orders.

I am still waiting for my money, but apparently its in the pipeline and will be paid in a few days time.

Some junior calls back offering a £50 compensation payment.  I am naturally livid, and say Its not enough and no I don’t want it paid into my account.  I have lodged an official complaint regarding their errors and gross incompetence with administering their DOE.

When on the phone ask for the persons name 9including surname).

If you feel you are not getting anywhere, ask to speak to their manager.   If they say their line manager is out/ in a meeting, just ask to speak to their senior manager and so on until you ask to speak to Matt Hillin.  If they say he’s out of the office, ask them to call him on his mobile number (all senior manager have one).  Don’t take no for an answer. If senior managers are not available, then they should be sacked as they are not doing their job!

The latter excuse “my manager is in a meeting”, and then asking to speak to their manager’s mangager ending in a long pause and the manage cutting her “meeting” short to speak to me.  She then fiddled with her terminal and I asked her politely if she knew how to use the system – point made!

Threaten taking one of the executive board to court (Small claims is a good starting point) and media exposure.  This seems to help them to help you.

Why should I pay the CSA when I can’t see my children?

June 4, 2009

I have been paying back pay for the last 2yrs because my daughters mother my ex told the csa i had never paid a penny when infact she used to get 200£ a month off me but it was cash.

I havent seen my daughter for god knows how long and have no choice but leave it till she is older as my ex makes it impossible for me because she has a new husband and doesnt want anything ruining what they have!!!!

but yet i still have to pay
my daughter hasnt even got my last name anymore she has been adopted my her mums new husband.

why do i always read on forums and on csa that the dads/fathers are in the wrong when its not always the case.

I’m in the army and was on tour when my ex up and left with my daughter and ever since it has been broken contact there should be rights and laws about this.

if a mother doesnt want thier children to have anything to do with the fathers then why should they be allowed any money on a monthly basis???

4 years of no payments and the csa do naff all

June 4, 2009

I really dont know where to start with my case but to put it simple I have been seperated from my ex-partner since 2005 and in that time he has made 2 or 3 direct payments to me.  I have been on at the CSA the whole time to get an attachment of earnings, but because he keeps moving jobs and house they say they cant work any quicker!  Just recently (In feb) I started phoning them daily as I was getting annoyed, only to find out that my case wasn’t even allocated to anyone to review or do anything with!

After numerous calls and me updating his information (as he doesn’t bother) they said they were waiting for his wage details which have been given a deadline of 30th April.  I have left it a month to give them time to process it and called them today to see what was goin on, only to be told that nothin has been done on my case as its not straight forward so has been put to the back of the pile!

This is the 2nd time I have been told that by an agent and I am disgusted!!! I mean c’mon how bloody discriminative is that??  I have given them 2 days to sort it or im taking legal action cus my ex is flutterin his money on luxury items, clubs, alcohol, gigs and clothin and I can barely afford to keep a roof over my 2 sons heads!!  They really are a joke and somethin needs to be done to make it fair for the parents who struggle to support their kids when the other parent gets away scott free .. there is NO JUSTICE!!!!

On the other hand, my brother has been payin CSA religiously for some 10 yrs now and never misses a payment as it comes out his wages.  If he is off sick for a week and gets no money they take 2 payments the following week even tho he only picks p 1 weeks wage!! Then to top it off they write to him constantly sayin he owes back pay of £000’s cus of a cock up on their part!!! They forgot to increase his payment in April with the inflation rise so threatened him with action and ordered him to pay another £60 to £80 a week on top of what he already pays!!!! It just seems ludacris that some men get away with not payin a penny and others are backrupted thru the fault of CSA and their incompetence to sort out financial affairs!!!

I really dont know what to do about my case now, I am close to a nrevous breakdown and no one at the CSA care about me or my children, even tho they claim to be there for that sole reason, in makin sure the children get the support from BOTH PARENTS!!!!!

CSA threating me to take money from my employer

June 2, 2009

I have been sent two letters from the csa one asking me for infomation and one trying to bully me for money I don’t even know if the child is mine, also i don’t get to see him so they think i am going to pay for a child i don’t even see!! I feel lost and am thinking hard leaving my job because the way i see it i’m no cash cow for some low life female who has no heart. My next move is to immigrate from england to somewere else then i’ll be free of these troubles forever.

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