The CSA demand money we don’t have

June 11, 2009

My partner has two children from his first marriage. He has always supported them financially even before the CSA were involved. He is a great dad. My partner got divorced from his wife following an acrimonious separation. My partner’s ex wife took the children with her the children. He argued in court for custody of the children, to no avail. At that time their mother’s boyfriend had more rights to his children than him. It was decided that she should have £41,000 from the sale of the house. The house that was solely in partner’s name.

The CSA were then involved and he has been paying the amount decided by them at a rate of £240.00 per month. Myself and my partner got together and went on to have two of our own children. One day last week, out of the blue, we had a letter saying that the CSA had reassessed the maintaence, back dated it and they now want £640.00 per month. We honestly thought they had made a terrible mistake. No way could they leave us with no money to feed our younger children. But oh yes they can!!

We have received correspondence which does not include the figures they have used. The staff use jargon and apply formulas without having a duty to consider the facts in their entirity.

I work 30 hours per week over three days to facilitate childcare and the CSA have estimated that I earn more than my partner and can therefore cover our household bills and maintain our two children by myself. Thus my partner has more money to maintain his elder children.

I feel physically sick at the thought that I am now financially unable to support my children and provide them with the lifestlye that I had planned to. I have been bullied into providing the CSA with my wage slips in the hope that we will receive a reduced rate.

The CSA have done nothing to encourage the mother of my partner’s older children to maintain them financially in any way. They are happy for her not to support them but feel it is acceptable that two other innocent children should suffer as a result.

The CSA only take into account our mortgage and council tax. They do not consider all the other utility bills we pay. They do not also consider the fact that when the older children come to stay with us, we have to feed, clothe and accomodate them.

We are currently appealing the decision made by the CSA. However, if the maintanence is not reduced to a more reasonable amount the only option available to us is to separate and make a claim for maintenance for the younger two.

This agency is not supporting my children. If there was £640.00 available for the older two and £640.00 available for the younger two I could accept that.

We as a family of four are now left with £250 per week. I am now being told that the CSA can do this and they don’t want to know about the cost of nappies and formula, baby wipes,nursery fees, diesel, car tax and insurance.

The CSA have successfully managed to demolish a happy loving family. As far as I am concerned the CSA discriminate against fathers, working mothers and children who are living happily in a family environment. I am shocked to have found out that the CSA are supported by law and law states that they are able to apply their formulas, without having all the information.

I have never disputed the fact that the elder two should be supported financially, but I strongly believe that a percentage of my earnings should be protected, particularly when I have two of my own children.

CONGRATULATIONS we have become another statistic.


  • Lisa Weeks says:

    Me na dmy husband are facing a simliar issue. Once we have paid all our bills then we have about £20 to call our own….but yet they want £150 a week which will leave our mortgage short, which then means we could possibly lose our house. We also have a young child and now also have another one on the way. We are at the point of despair and really don’t know what to do for the best…..

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