CSA MUST take the blame

June 7, 2009

Today I have had to listen, once again to my brothers breaking heart. 4 years ago, (Feb 2004) his wife walked out & my brother got custody of their 3 boys due to her abusing the children.

He took over the house & because she had run up so many bills he had to pay these off before coming upto date with “todays” bills. 4 years later he is still in thousands of pounds of debt. He had to give up his job to become a full time father, being a baker it is night work only. He did not quibble about this he is an amazing father & the one person in the world I truely look upto.

Now acording to the CSA the timescale in getting any money out of her was 6 weeks – He got his first payment in Feb 2008 -this year! Not bad going huh for a 6week job?? She has contact with the children through a court order which she proposed, my brother would never refuse his children the time with there mother. Right so now she owes hundreds – thousands in areas – this is being paid off monthly on top of her normal monthly payments. Last month she decided not to pay the money, what did csa do? Nothing, just told her it would go onto her arrears. My brother & his children go without for a month, nothing he can do. Now this months payment hasn’t arrived in his account, he spoke with the csa, yes she HAS paid it this month but they have sent it to the wrong department instead of sending it to him. They will make this a PRIORITY CASE to get this resumed – This process will ONLY take 6 weeks!!!! So now he has not had any csa money for 2 months – soon to be Three.

I got a phonecall from him at 11am this morning telling me what csa had said, he pleaded for them to send him a giro – “£30 is enough” he said -“sorry sir, we have to wait for the payment to be located before we can do this. This in it-self can take upto 3weeks. Shall I go ahead & do this for you sir?” Now my brother is the most strongest minded, loving hearted, motivated, person I have ever come across. At every point in my life, every turn & decission I make I go to him, because he is the sensible one & knows exactly what to do. He phones me this morning in floods of tears, I can hear him gasping for breathe because he is so upset/cross. He is shouting at me that no-one understands – That the people in the csa don’t give a monkeys, they get paid at the end of every month & that is all they care about. THEY DO NOT REALISE THEY ARE PLAYING WITH PEOPLES LIVES. Now this morning he sent all 3 of his children into school with NO lunch, No money for school dinners & only a drink of water each – His csa money was due in his bank today so he would drop lunch’s into them when he had gone & done some shopping. BUT THE MONEY DIDN’T COME – & IT’S NOT GOING TO ANYTIME SOON. Can you imagine how I felt listening to him breaking down? Can you imagine anyone having to send their children to school with no food or money for food? I live over a hundred miles away- what can I do to make it better???? I have some money put by for my holiday next year, I will run down to the bank & put cash in his account – Oh but his account is overdrawn from charges, because of payment failure from last month’s lack of csa money.

So to get any money to my brother I have to put in over £100 before he will get any. £250 I put in at 11-30am, to make sure his rent was paid this month – Electric put on (It run out at 7am this morning) & some money for the gas (£1.12 left on emergency) & also money for food to feed the children & himself. He stood outside the shop waiting for my text message so he could run in the shop grab something for the boys to eat & then cycle 3 miles back to take it into school. Now usually I couldn’t help out this much money a month, I have a haulage company which is now costing so much in fuel each month we only ever seem to break even because of the downturn in building work & also soaring fuel prices.

Will somebody tell me who is to blame for this????????? Can somebodytell me how to mend a broken heart of a father that struggles everyday & never complains????? Can somebody please tell me why parents are put into this position of such heartbreak???? & can somebody please Please tell me this does not happen in other poeple’s lives?????? This is a day I will never forget, I have sat here crying the whole time I have been writting this. Putting myself in my brothers shoes & feeling his pain of NOT EVEN BEING ABLE TO FEED HIS OWN BLOODY CHILDREN. THIS COUNTRY STINKS SOMETIMES. I AM HORRIFIED & FEEL DEEPLY SORRY FOR ALL THOSE PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT HAS TO GO THROUGH THE SAME. IF I WERE TO WIN THE LOTTERY I WOULD PROMISE TO HELP AS MANY PEOPLE AS I COULD & NOT WASTE A PENNY ON ANY UNNESSASERY LUXURIES.


  • chall says:


    Im sorry to hear of your brothers problems with the agency – he is not alone, there are many parents with care who are subjected to the same.

    Both your brother and yourself are more than welcome at http://www.afairercsaforall.co.uk – join us in the forum x

  • Tom Wilks says:

    Tammilou – well done for supporting your brother!
    I know only too well what an absolute bunch of wasters and excuses the CSA are
    Please tell him that I am thinking of him, as a caring father for my own disabled son (for whom the CSA and my ex-wife didn’t care, but used the DLA I received as income!!!!) and that there will be an end
    I believe the whole lot, CSA and politicians, should be prosecuted under Human Rights law for culpable manslaugther, sexism, emotional distress and ‘legalised theft’!
    Good luck!!!

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