4 years of no payments and the csa do naff all

June 4, 2009

I really dont know where to start with my case but to put it simple I have been seperated from my ex-partner since 2005 and in that time he has made 2 or 3 direct payments to me.  I have been on at the CSA the whole time to get an attachment of earnings, but because he keeps moving jobs and house they say they cant work any quicker!  Just recently (In feb) I started phoning them daily as I was getting annoyed, only to find out that my case wasn’t even allocated to anyone to review or do anything with!

After numerous calls and me updating his information (as he doesn’t bother) they said they were waiting for his wage details which have been given a deadline of 30th April.  I have left it a month to give them time to process it and called them today to see what was goin on, only to be told that nothin has been done on my case as its not straight forward so has been put to the back of the pile!

This is the 2nd time I have been told that by an agent and I am disgusted!!! I mean c’mon how bloody discriminative is that??  I have given them 2 days to sort it or im taking legal action cus my ex is flutterin his money on luxury items, clubs, alcohol, gigs and clothin and I can barely afford to keep a roof over my 2 sons heads!!  They really are a joke and somethin needs to be done to make it fair for the parents who struggle to support their kids when the other parent gets away scott free .. there is NO JUSTICE!!!!

On the other hand, my brother has been payin CSA religiously for some 10 yrs now and never misses a payment as it comes out his wages.  If he is off sick for a week and gets no money they take 2 payments the following week even tho he only picks p 1 weeks wage!! Then to top it off they write to him constantly sayin he owes back pay of £000’s cus of a cock up on their part!!! They forgot to increase his payment in April with the inflation rise so threatened him with action and ordered him to pay another £60 to £80 a week on top of what he already pays!!!! It just seems ludacris that some men get away with not payin a penny and others are backrupted thru the fault of CSA and their incompetence to sort out financial affairs!!!

I really dont know what to do about my case now, I am close to a nrevous breakdown and no one at the CSA care about me or my children, even tho they claim to be there for that sole reason, in makin sure the children get the support from BOTH PARENTS!!!!!


  • lisa says:

    I agree with you and have a similar story but with a worse ending. I split from my ex 10 years ago when our daughter was 1 he always dodged the csa by being self employed and doing cash in hand jobs over the last 10 years he has hardly paid anything and still owes me £2000 in arrears. Recently my daughter moved in with her dad as he has turned her against me I have note seen her in nearly 3 months and she is calling me names because her dad says its ok to call me names. Now he has contacted csa about getting money off me therefore I have worked all my life and he will get alot of money off me yet he never works and gets away with paying nothing for the last 10 years. The CSA is not fair.

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