Csa Getting my Income wrong every Re-Assessment

June 20, 2009

Hi, Am 24 year old and have 2 boys aged 5 and 4 , i split from my partner 2 and a half years ago..

My Ex informed the csa last year around about september time that i was earning more than i actually was , which was total bull **** , so i receieve a letter asking to send my last 5 wage slips off to them , which i had no problem doin so. I didnt hear nothing back off the the csa till janaury saying that i had been re-assessed (4 months later) and that i was in arrear’s of £1000 plus. (i dont have exact figures as i dont have the paper work with me).

But they had got my weekly income wrong as they had me earing £450 . but i was earning £400. So Now i have to pay £90 a week plus arrears. Now ive payed my csa directly off my employee so it shows on my wage slip , right from the start of when i started payin csa , so my employee have been giving the csa my arrears for me , but i am still paying arrears off and its now june ,

i sent the csa wage slips again in march but never heard nothing back , ive phoned them endless amount of times asking when would this be sorted , and was always told it been assessed.

i recived a letter yesterday 18th june sayin ive been re-assessed and i now earn a total of £622-41 lol , which is completly wrong , i phoned them today asking wat the hell is goin on , and they told me they recieved documenttation directly off my employee that i earned this. I then asked what had happend to u assessing my wage slips that i sent u in march and was told they never have recieved them wage slips . (so basically theyve lost them) . i also asked what dates have u gone by for u to get theses figures and i was told the 12th and 19th of march.

Now I checked my calender for theses dates and it turns out that it was the 3 week shut down at my work so i basically recieved my basic wage and also i have not worked overtime at all this year due to the resession, and for that matter i have never earned £622 in my life a week .. I spoke to my employee askin how have the csa got theses figures , and she laughed and told me i aint got a clue how the csa have worked them figures out ..

So now ive been told to send 5 MORE wage slips off to be re-assessed Which will no doubt take another 3 – 4 months to sort out . and most worrying ill have more arrears to pay off 🙁


Due to payin arrears off for the past 5 months , ive fell into alot of debt with my mortage and alot of my other bills , i work hard to support my kids and yet i am losing my home and my prosessions


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