CSA have assessed my earnings wrongly

June 22, 2009

well ive now been doin alot of research on my rights thanks to this very helpful website (csahell.com) and have been shocked to how many laws the csa have broken , with my case

firstly a couple of figures where wrong with my first statement i wrote on here and would like to make u aware of what theses where ,

When i first got asked to show them my 5 wage slips back in september 22-10-2008 , i actually got my re-assessment letter on the 24 march 2009 (a whole 5 months later to get back to me , and of course they had got it wrong by 50 pound a week, so was having to pay more than i was suppose to and a whole 5 months of arrears due to them taking so long.

i got in touch with them straight away and sent them another 5 wage slips , and kept phoning every week to find out if they had re-assessed it and was always told its till been done , FINALLY on the 17th june 2009 they had finally re-assessed it (another 3 months of waiting and they had done it completely wrong again this time it wernt just 50 pound over it was 200 pound over,

i phoned up yet again asking how the hell they have got them figures as i knew for a fact the wage slips i sent of clearly showed i earned my correct figure 400 pound a week, and was told that they had not gone by my wage slips but had actually been in touch with my employee and asked them to send my wage details .

Now i never knew this but thanks to this site , the csa have broke the law by goin behind my back and requesting my personnel details off my employee with out my consent . which of cause when i asked them about this they said they where entitled to do so BULLshit yes?????
also when i asked them where my wage slips have gone which they where suppose to use , have magically disappeard and they make out they never recieved theses wage slips . but why didnt they tell me this when i phoned up every week ?

Now i asked my employee to send my copys of the details they had to sent to csa , so i could try and work how the csa had done my new assessment , and was shocked to see that i could not see one week at all saying i earned what they made out i did ..

i phoned them today and asked how the had worked it out , and after an hour of gettin sarci replys they finally decided to tell me , and this is the best part , they had gone by my total gross PLUS added my weekly bonus which i recived off my employee , BUT i thought everyone knew when it says TOTAL GROSS PAY . that means it include my bonus and anything else ive earned that week , when i pointed that out to them , they did not even admit the mistake and did not even say sorry .

so now ive got to send another 5 wage slips off and wait god knows how long again till they get it right .

while in the mean time i have to pay a ridiculous amount i can not simply afford,


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  1. chall on June 22nd, 2009 10:53 pm

    Quote; the csa have broke the law by goin behind my back and requesting my personnel details off my employee with out my consent . which of cause when i asked them about this they said they where entitled to do so BULLshit yes?????

    3(1) The Secretary of State may require information or evidence under the provisions of regulation 2 only if that information or evidence is needed to enable—
    (f) the amount of child support maintenance payable by an absent parent to be assessed;

    Also, averaged earnings are used in a CS calculation. The agency may also consider cumulative earnings in the tax year in which the relevant week fall to the date of calculation.
    Earnings means ‘any remuneration or profit from employment’, as well as wages this also include, profit related pay, bonus or commission.

    Income from tax credits may also have been included, if your household are in receipt of such.

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  2. pikey on July 6th, 2009 10:16 pm

    keep on the phone till you get to speak to a manager , they will say one is not available so ask to speak to their manager or the manager of that manager and so on till you get a manager . you may have to wait a while but a manager is the only person who will actully do something get the magers full name location of call centre . The agents are useless and will look at ways of getting out of dealing with your problem , a manager has the power to take action and bypass a lot red tape . It takes persistance . Send every thing by recorded delivery so they cannot deny reciving your letters and information . Hassle your mp get him to write in for you too .

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