CSA just take your money and give lie after lie!

October 31, 2018

Where do I start, they sent letters to my old address, said they tried to phone me and that they left a message on my answer phone,which they never did.

They started to take the money out for my wages without asking me if im the father because im not on the birth certificate, ive given them my new address and phone number which they got wrong yet again, I phone them to ask for the case worker to phone me back which im still waiting for over 3 weeks and counting, its just been one lie after another, when you phone up your told one thing then you phone up and they say that’s wrong you shouldn’t of been told that, you cant get a straight answer from them.

My daughter is 19 – She isn’t a child anymore!

October 24, 2018

I helped my daughter for 16yrs and said that she could be alright but her money grabbing mother wanted more what broke all ties and the csa got there corrupt hands on me my daughter is 19 and apparently in education till 20 how can she still be a child as this government has there wires crossed 18 legal to vote legal to drink legal for sex and marriage can someone explain to me how she still allows her mother to get child benefit when Cleary she is not a child?

Am totally bemused with this scam she can lift arms and join the army please really we are getting royal and truly taken for fools what is higher education does anyone know what it in college or so called not working the government can’t fund this as plenty don’t even go to it but she can work part time and go to college and her lazy mother can still receive child benefit can anyone please put me right on this one as she is not a child.

It’s absolutely ridiculous!

October 5, 2018

So my partner and his son moved in with me. We was discussing how we was going to make things work financially when he told me his ex partner rang child benefit over a year ago to put it in her name. Which I then pointed out she CAN NOT do this. So he rang child benefit and she for the last year had been receiving payments into her bank in my partners name !

Over a period of 65 days he was with us for 44 and mum for 21. She then put in a claim for CSA! Csa awarded her £20 a week from my partner KNOWING the days he was with us was more than he was with her. His basic care needs was kept here at home, CSA were contacted numerous times and they still continued to award her the money. Until today he has contacted child benefit and explained to them where they have agreed it is benefit fraud and now because my partners ex knows about this she has denied all contact! It’s absolutely ridiculous! How does and better yet is it possible to get my partners money back??

CSA is letting my ex lie and are both wrecking my life!

October 3, 2018

Child maintenance send me a request I pay just over 8000 pounds my I had my children on wkends and brought them all clothing and trainers took them out the ex wasn’t happy because I was with some one else my daughters are now 21 and I have sent prove that 1 lived with me and the other moved out of her mum’s do to the drinking habits she had still having to fight them thing is they are demanding money from me and I’ve only just brought my house and have a child of 5 and 1 of 11months to look after how can we change this system of how they get away with the lieing and bull they give with out thought for reckin people’s lives.

CSA decide to bill me for arrears that I dispute and can’t afford!

October 2, 2018

I have had shit from the child support agency scum since 2002. My ex took my house stopped me seeing my son and I paid her maintenance by cash. She still took me to the csa. Then a one night stand landed me another child who I have to pay for. The csa wanted too much money so I couldn’t afford to pay my bills. I paid what I could afford and still have the giro slips as proof. I went to court 3 times this Prick called Peter Towler from Newton Aycliffe who represented the csa lied his ass off and did a runner quickly from the court lucky he did…

Now I pay for 1 child a monthly payment which I can afford but had a letter now saying I have arrears of £16,000 which I dispute and will not pay that amount I agree there may be arrears of maybe £2,000 due to lack of work but I can’t get anything from the csa to back up this arrear amount what do I do ? Any reasonable judge will see I am paying I am self employed and just been sent a deduction of earnings form so I can dock myself money wtf ?