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It’s absolutely ridiculous!

So my partner and his son moved in with me. We was discussing how we was going to make things work financially when he told me his ex partner rang child benefit over a year ago to put it in her name. Which I then pointed out she CAN NOT do this. So he rang child benefit and she for the last year had been receiving payments into her bank in my partners name !

Over a period of 65 days he was with us for 44 and mum for 21. She then put in a claim for CSA! Csa awarded her £20 a week from my partner KNOWING the days he was with us was more than he was with her. His basic care needs was kept here at home, CSA were contacted numerous times and they still continued to award her the money. Until today he has contacted child benefit and explained to them where they have agreed it is benefit fraud and now because my partners ex knows about this she has denied all contact! It’s absolutely ridiculous! How does and better yet is it possible to get my partners money back??

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