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CSA is letting my ex lie and are both wrecking my life!

Child maintenance send me a request I pay just over 8000 pounds my I had my children on wkends and brought them all clothing and trainers took them out the ex wasn’t happy because I was with some one else my daughters are now 21 and I have sent prove that 1 lived with me and the other moved out of her mum’s do to the drinking habits she had still having to fight them thing is they are demanding money from me and I’ve only just brought my house and have a child of 5 and 1 of 11months to look after how can we change this system of how they get away with the lieing and bull they give with out thought for reckin people’s lives.

5 thoughts on “CSA is letting my ex lie and are both wrecking my life!

  1. The cms do nothing but wreck lives “thats what they do best” its an organisation that is worse than nazism

  2. I’ve been through the CSA system start to finish,19 years thousands of pounds later one battle After another and got no where.
    But I learned,why no matter how hard you try to cooperate with the CSA you can’t
    Because it’s not the payments they are after it’s the arrears,arrears for liability orders that’s where their power is through the go to court to fight arrears they say are owed,more than likely just invented
    No matter how much proof you have the liability order is passed anyway,CSA trick arrears over £3000 owed or not are an automatic liability order,they win the day
    Start of people’s cases,assessment,all paperwork requested sent,one piece doesn’t make it.months later they request the piece that was missing,thinking they’ve lost it you send it again and again and again,the CSA time game,you get your MP on the job.suddenly it shows up,a lot of time passed since day one,BUT they can only find the last one sent,you’ve got yourself a nice total in arrears by now.
    You get on to your independent case examiner ,it’s always your fault for not cooperating in the beginning,remember they could only find the last piece of missing paper work.
    Your always notified about things yet you have no paperwork,they have their copy,so
    They don’t receive paperwork obviously they sometimes don’t send it either
    During their arrears building trick,they’ve also broke down all communications between you and ex partner so you can no longer find out what the CSA are up to.
    During your time with the CSA you’ll phone them,your case advisors always on holiday or off sick so another takes your call,they never pass on info another trick
    Once school leaving age comes the further education trick that gets them another 3 years out of protection means you can’t prove anything
    Your case eventually comes to and end WRONG as ticking away in the back ground is a little case of some invented arrears of £4000 you go to court to fight it but remember the automatic liability trick anything over £3000
    So arrears mean liability orders,which means Baliffs and fees should you default
    CSA have the power now and just sit back and hide behind the law
    Specialist lawyers are only good at taking you for any money that the CSA missed
    They’ll write letters back and forward for ever as long as your paying them and they’ll show up at court even when they no you’ve lost just for their fee

  3. Well if that’s the case why are we all just sitting back and taking all this it’s about time all men had the fighting spirit and start making the government change there ways they need us as much as we need them
    But just so you know mine are all arrears so guess I’m well and truly shaffed .

  4. like I say arrears is their game plan from the start,if you pay you could stop at anytime and they’ll have to go through the process again to try and get you to pay.
    They create arrears on you by playing the time game,you receive paperwork stating how much you owe in arrears,they get you all fired up then refuse to pay it until the CSA sort your case out,which,never happens creates more arrears.
    You know nothing of any arrears until it’s in the thousands, courts anything below £3000 could be thrown out and wrote off,over that and they win,their playing the system.a CSA representative told me that in court when I asked how it had taken them as long to notify me of any arrears,judge told me I had a clear case for dispute but he passed the liability order anyway,as the invented arrears were £4000 at the end of my case.i just paid it I’d had enough of the CSA by now and just wanted it finished.
    Like I say game plan, create arrears,cut all communications between parents so they can play both sides,obtain the liability order,send in the baliffs,you have to make a substantial payment that day to get them off your back, including their fees.then you have to agree to a payment plan that day to clear the rest off the arrears,it’s just become a legal binding contract.
    We’ve all seen the programme you can’t pay we’ll take it away,where baliffs are only interested in the court order they have and to collect the amount on it,reguardless of whether the amount is fact or fiction.
    Forgot when the baliffs shows up you’ll already of had a final reminder and you took no action which is why they are there,yet this will be the first you knew about it.
    I had that many I was notifieds yet I had no paperwork,one could go missing in the post but for all over the years to go missing in the post means they don’t send them.
    But as long as they have their copy that’s all they need for the courts.
    Im done with them now but still look at some stories to see what the CSA are up to these days as I feel sorry anybody dealing with them clowns today

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