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CSA just take your money and give lie after lie!

Where do I start, they sent letters to my old address, said they tried to phone me and that they left a message on my answer phone,which they never did.

They started to take the money out for my wages without asking me if im the father because im not on the birth certificate, ive given them my new address and phone number which they got wrong yet again, I phone them to ask for the case worker to phone me back which im still waiting for over 3 weeks and counting, its just been one lie after another, when you phone up your told one thing then you phone up and they say that’s wrong you shouldn’t of been told that, you cant get a straight answer from them.

2 thoughts on “CSA just take your money and give lie after lie!

  1. i feel sorry for you mate been their and done 19 years with them and their mistakes
    But it took me that long to realise their mistakes aren’t mistakes these are deliberate mistakes by the CSA to make you look to be always at fault to create arrears.
    CSA sent letters to your old address,strange they also done that to me,you informed them of new address but they got it wrong,yes they pulled that one as well,they phoned you and left a message you never received,yes they pulled that one many times with me only had land lines in those days but still had answer machines yet no message.
    You phoned case worker but never phones back,my case worker alway used to be on holiday or off sick so I would have to speak to someone else who they say didn’t pass message on,and told they give me the wrong information slightly different but same out come your at fault yet again.
    I take it with them taking money out of your account as they please you have a liability order against you which allows them to do this,like I keep saying on this site CSA create mistakes on your case to make you always look to be at fault independent case examiner see’s on paper the CSA have tried to get you to co operate but you havnt co-operated ,liability order granted by courts then the CSA just sit back and hide behind the law then just play you like a fiddle
    Mistakes create arrears,arrears create liability orders,liability orders give CSA power
    So these CSA mistakes where you never received paperwork and never returned phone calls that you never received,pity as the CSA have a nice paper trail of all their paperwork of letters sent out and phone records at their end for the independent case examiners benefit should you take your case to them.
    It can’t get any plainer than this the CSA are rigging the out come of everyone’s cases so the CSA can’t loose.

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