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My daughter is 19 – She isn’t a child anymore!

I helped my daughter for 16yrs and said that she could be alright but her money grabbing mother wanted more what broke all ties and the csa got there corrupt hands on me my daughter is 19 and apparently in education till 20 how can she still be a child as this government has there wires crossed 18 legal to vote legal to drink legal for sex and marriage can someone explain to me how she still allows her mother to get child benefit when Cleary she is not a child?

Am totally bemused with this scam she can lift arms and join the army please really we are getting royal and truly taken for fools what is higher education does anyone know what it in college or so called not working the government can’t fund this as plenty don’t even go to it but she can work part time and go to college and her lazy mother can still receive child benefit can anyone please put me right on this one as she is not a child.

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  1. Higher education rule is just another bull shit rule the CSA make for you to pay longer
    I paid for 2 till they were twenty,one dropped out and worked full time 2 months into it but CSA stated she had started their fore I had to pay the full term.
    Hate to spoil your day but once the date eventually arrives where you no longer have to pay
    Don’t celebrate to early,as more than likely they’ll have one more surprise for you before you leave,hope I’m wrong but can’t see it
    A little case of some invented arrears that have been ticking away in the back ground
    A slight difference of what you paid all these years and what you should of been paying even though your paperwork will state that you have always paid what was asked by them.
    So you’ll probably get a bill for £4000 which is normally the magic number they use
    This will be classed as arrears
    Arrears over £3000 invented or not in courts it’s the amount they look at and if you owe them or not makes no difference,the judge goes by the rule not the case
    So like in my case where I went to court to fight it as my paperwork stated I had always paid what was asked for on paper
    The judge said I had a clear case for despute obviously I was right but he awarded the CSA a liability order for the recovery of £4000 even though I didn’t owe it
    Because the CSA’S invented arrears were over £3000 which is a guaranteed liability order in courts the CSA know this
    During my case I always thought how can the CSA make as many mistakes,but I’ve been to court to many times heard to many stories of other people’s cases while they are waiting to go in and read to many stories on here and it’s like listening to and reading your own case
    It becomes clear you go off one case it looks like mistakes,you compare other people’s cases to yours they don’t look like mistakes anymore,they look like the CSA
    Are fixing your files so they win every time by making it look like your always at fault

  2. This is a scam and how they can use the law in there favour always how can these people use this act as the truth is it a law or an act of law the government need to take responsibility of this rule sending people to education and making them to stop getting unemployment money was tony Blair fault as his government came up with this scam sending the kids to higher education to stop paying out benifits till there 20 what a joke using the child benifit when they are adults giving they scamming rats the power of the courts and csa all the power that they need sure it should be a fathers right to look after his children but it a government should get them working at16 to help pay tax in the country eastern Europe ons wander around our country getting all benifit are they getting scammed under euro rule? Why is this allowed what or why is this scam allowed

  3. Everything with the CSA is a scam,I’ve been finished years now I keep saying your cases are being rigged to create arrears to obtain liability orders against you so they can get the law behind them then use the baliffs should you default this is the power they want from day one.
    Like i say so called CSA mistake are deliberate mistakes to create a paper trail for them making you alway look to be at fault.for the independent case examiners benefit
    The guys post on here dated 1st of November, his problems CSA send letters to old address,he phones them to correct the address and phone number,they repeatedly get the information wrong when he phones can’t get through to his case worker,then phones again at a later date and is told he was given the wrong information.
    He’s told the CSA phoned him yet he has no record of a call from them
    Identical CSA deliberate mistakes they pulled with me years ago for to create arrears
    The same guy phoned CSA 3 weeks later still waiting for a reply CSA’s Time game
    The next guys story he keeps phoning CSA and keeps getting told different stories,
    When he eventually gets through to his case worker he’ll be told all previous information was wrong.
    CSA send this guy a letter in May he has 14 days to reply he sends information requested doesn’t hear back from CSA till September again CSA time game
    Creates more arrears.
    This is how the CSA are playing everyone like a fiddle and wrecking lives by doing it.

  4. My case ended in 2012.
    The CSA then colluded with Judge Ponting to almost treble my income in spite of me having certified accounts to prove to the contrary.
    The end result was a bill for another £12,000.
    The same judge denied my appeal ant the upper tribunal judge, ( edward jacobs, yes the man that has written books about tribunals), backed him to the hilt.

    My favourite scam he pulled was to rule that my truck repayments were in the wrong column in my audited accounts and therefore he would not allow them.

    Amazingly he then added them directly to my expenditure instead of to my net income creating a large difference between the two. That ‘ EXTRA’ income was what generated such a big difference and BOOM . £12,000 from thin air.

    My biggest grudge is that there doesnt seem to be anywhere to turn for help. I know Judge Ponting was guilty of double counting but finding someone to stand your corner is near impossible.

    I think my only chance is to call him out publicly, which i’m attempting to do.

    In the meantime i’ll just keep huddling together with the rest of you and complain

  5. I know exactly what your saying mate doesn’t matter what proof you produce that proves your right it gets you know where,this is why their called elite professionals
    A posh name for thick as pig shit
    If people were to be on benefits and living together they would tell you by law you can keep a child on what ever the amount is today but with the CSA the amount they want off you way exceeds what the law says,nothing more than a money making racket
    Like I say the CSA rig cases;independent case examiners always side with CSA,
    money grabbing lawyers and judges just show up for their fee even though they know you’ve lost before you get there because of the rule of arrears over £3000 owed or invented are guaranteed liability orders,yet your lawyer forgot to mention that to you
    It’s like being psychic,same shit all the time
    Bottom line is all the CSA want in the beginning is a liability order on you so they have power over you and baliffs to do their dirty work anytime they want
    People’s lives are ruined day in day out by these lot and they couldn’t give a toss for all you hard working fathers trying to make a living and pay the CSA at the same time

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