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CSA decide to bill me for arrears that I dispute and can’t afford!

I have had shit from the child support agency scum since 2002. My ex took my house stopped me seeing my son and I paid her maintenance by cash. She still took me to the csa. Then a one night stand landed me another child who I have to pay for. The csa wanted too much money so I couldn’t afford to pay my bills. I paid what I could afford and still have the giro slips as proof. I went to court 3 times this Prick called Peter Towler from Newton Aycliffe who represented the csa lied his ass off and did a runner quickly from the court lucky he did…

Now I pay for 1 child a monthly payment which I can afford but had a letter now saying I have arrears of £16,000 which I dispute and will not pay that amount I agree there may be arrears of maybe £2,000 due to lack of work but I can’t get anything from the csa to back up this arrear amount what do I do ? Any reasonable judge will see I am paying I am self employed and just been sent a deduction of earnings form so I can dock myself money wtf ?

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  1. The CSA is a thorn in the life of every good father and they can destroy a family. Let me share what the CSA did to totally help my Ex kidnap my children when they were 5 and 6& a half in 1996/7. I went to the family part court to set up visitation because I had to literally whore myself and act the way she demanded in order to see my children. This began to get tiresome and I was done with her dangling of my children. So I went to court to end this game that some women play with good fathers. I was given joint custody with the children living with her I now figured I had my rights and she was also prohibited to leave out of state without my permission. I always paid my child support plus bought their clothes and provided healthcare coverage through my employer.
    After this was situated and I began to make my life as a single father and dating on the days I didn’t have the children. I believed she finally got it but she would still pull situations like oh we weren’t’ home when you came to pick them up or I didn’t hear the bell. One weekend I picked up the kids up and she told me she was going to a family reunion and would like to take the kids. So I agreed to let them go.So since my visits were every other weekend it would be a mother before my next visit. However, I called and spoke to them. On the Friday I went to pick them up their was no answer. Finally, the 1st floor tenant came out and told me that they have been gone for two weeks. I heart went to my stomach.but I knew she couldn’t get away with it because I had the courts to protect me.
    I immediately go to CSA/Family Part Court and plead for them to help me find her and bring the kids back home. Their answer: If we tell you where she is and something happens to her CSA is liable, even though their had never been any violent history in my case with her.. They said to me that I would have to locate her and bring back that information back to CSA and then they could act. Well, this is 1996 and computers were not accessible so everything had to be done by letters and phone. It took me 9 months to find her through a Pvt detective. Once I found the location I went to CSA and have them the info. Their answer: SORRY SIR BUT SHE HAS BEEN A RESIDENT IN THAT TOWN GOR OVER 6 MONTH’S WHICH MAKES HER A LEGAL RESIDENT AND THEIR IS NOTHING THEY COULD DO,, I was destroyed !!
    Because I’m order to get them back I would have to quit my job and go to Arizona from New Jersey hire a lawyer and stay down there until the courts render the return of the children. That I could not do because I had another child that had no mother and if I fell behind on CS Pay I would be incacerated.
    I never understood why she up and left just out of the blue. She had it good receiving child support, clothes and if I bought my kids something I always managed to bring her other kids as well so they won’t feel awkward. I was more than fair and out of the blue She moved as far as to go from the East Coast to the West Coast.
    Once the kids grew up We kept in touch but it was never the same as rearing a child into a young adult. The CSA and Courts took that.
    One day my oldest (the one that mother had died) calls me and tell me that you have to speak to your daughter.
    Long story short my daughter was being molested by her step brother when she was the age when they left New Jersey. That was the reason that beast took my children so far away WITH THE HELP AND GO AHEAD FROM THE CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY AND NEW JERSEY FAMILY PART COUTS.


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