CSA Reassess me after 8 years

August 6, 2009

We have had the Hell storey from the begining, my husbands ex was particularly malicious, we spent thousands getting a court order regarding access, shortly after the csa was formed and discharged the order. We where bombarded with letters, my husband provided all his details and i refused to give mine. I requested a copy of all info they had on us and was horrified to see they had written to MY place of work for MY earnings details!(given by pwc NO doubt)…..time went on, ridiculous assessment after another, we got a deduction of earnings order, my husbands boss could not pay it as it would leave us below protected income level! We then had the delight of a home visit but i must admit the then face to face contact was better then the current brick wall approach. Our assessment went down but still part of our working tax credits where taken as earnings so a benefit to get us above breadline was reduced to give someone else on benefits!

Skip a few years…been paying arrears etc…not heard anything for 8 years, payments stopped when he reached 16, we assumed he must be working (no contact from age 7 due to mother)….wrong at aged 18yrs 1month we get new assessment through as they are still claiming child benefit.

NIGHTMARE never ends,we are on the old system we have two children 15 and 12 and have no idea what figure they will come up with, the carer element should of gone. We have asked via e-mail, post and phone for a re-check on child benefit as we have past a termination date of 31st May and guess what nobody checking for us. We informed our case-worker that the “child” was not attending full time education therefore fraudulently claiming child benefit, she told us that doesnt affect our case!!! They state they are preventing fraud!? Anyone been through this at such a late stage?

CSA messing me about

August 5, 2009

I need some help, I have 2 on going cases with the CSA for my 2 daughters they have different fathers they both never wanted anything to do with there daughters. My eldest I applied for CSA not long after she was born, but only got the £5 per week off her dad through CSA as he apparently as a self employed farmer on his parents farm only earns £100 per week ( i seriously doubt that) anyway i got it re-assessed some years later when they upped it to £65 + £5 back payment (i actually thought this was excessive) my 2nd Daughter I only claimed last September (she was 5 then, basically i left it because i thought her dad would come round) we had to go through DNA tests etc it took them 6 months to finally get payment sorted for me (March/April 09) this one is £30 a week which is fine.

Then a couple of weeks ago i received a call from a very arragent csa worker to say that coz i had 2 cases and 1 was under the old rules that his one had to be brought up to date with the new rules (Which I understand) but my payments would be going down to £5 as it is only worked out under the NRP wage and not his partners, now i know he still lives with his parents so that did not apply before anyway.

I informed them about his working hours and that it was illegal for him to be working them hours on this supposed wage he’s told them. she said i had to rovide proof he was earning more than he said he was. Not sure how they expect you to do this but it wouldn’t be legal really would it!!! anyway i sort of took it as that and got on with it (you get to a point were you can’t be bothered fighting anymore) But then I recieved another letter saying that i Owed him £520 which he had over payed, (also in this letter they put my daughter down as having his surname which she as not????) as they had backdated the drop in the amount he has paid to September last Year??? I can’t understand them being able to do this without giving you some kind of warning it is happening!!

I thought the CSA were there to help the parent with care financially and get this from the father not make me pay him back for there blatent mistake! surely I should of been informed at the time about all this so i could of said well reduce my payments till i know whats happening! can you advise on this matter. I am also currently waiting to see my MP regarding this for further help as its just getting more and more distressing.

CSA have enforced a 33% DEO

August 4, 2009

I have been divorced for a number of years and have throught the last 10 years paid the csa various deo ,last year they told me I am £11,000 in arrears and I will have to pay the max amount around £500 a month which is killing me to do Im having to do overtime to pay for it as Im single with a mortgage so its a struggle, when I asked the CSA to do a review of how Ive accrued the arrears they told me theyve based a few of my past jobs on what I was earning and sent me a copy they also said because throughout the years I didnt inform them immediately whenever I changed jobs this is what I now owe and they will have to take the max amount as it has to be collected within 2 years can this be right ?