Can the CSA demand I pay them?

December 31, 2012

In May this year I left the UK and now work for an American Co on cruise ships all around the World – I do not pay tax to the UK or indeed any country as I am not redisent in any country and I work off shore. The CSA has contacted me through my parents address in the UK and are asking me to send proof of my income – even though they are aware of the situation.

Do I have to provide evident to them and can they demand I make payment to them? I have never admitted to being the father and have never had a relationship with this girl just a one night stand when she presented herself at my door one evening. However, by default the CSA made a decision that I must be the dad as (according to them) I never replied to any of their letters which they were sending to a very old address.

Prior to my leaving the country earlier this year I was having money taken from my unemployment benefit. Can you advise where I stand?

Do I have to use the CSA or can I pay my ex direct?

December 31, 2012

Can anyone give me some advice

I had a perfectly fine arrangement with my ex where I paid the amount as per the CMC options website every month via direct debit.

Ex asks for bank statements,pay slips etc so I decline but offer them to her solicitor,I decline as I have been divorced two years clean break so ex has no right to see then. My ex then contacts the CSA a month ago since then it has been hell hpone call after phone call from them.

I tell them I have an agreement and I pay by direct debit each month but now they say I have to pay through them can this be right is it the business of Government to become involved at the request of bitter ex spoues or have I got that wrong ?


Can my ex claim CSA for any property I sell?

December 31, 2012

I seperated from my partner of 20 years in 2009 we had 3no children Lauren, George and mellissa. WE were not married and she had no legal claim to my house . We signed a separation agreement in which i agreed to give her a gift of £120000 and she agreed to parental responsibility and custody times. since then it has been very difficult to see my children and on the times agreed, i accepted this rather than fight through the courts asi had decided that they had been through enough turmoil in the previous 4 years.

I completed renovations to my house and eventually sold it in april 2011 with £400000 equity, I then moved into my parents house, where I have been living up to now. In december 2012 i bought an office building for £175000 which i have been converting into residential accomodaion and is now registered as an HMo. In march this year my ex was granted a variation order against me for the value of the property and the remaining money which was left in bank accounts.

If i sell this property in the future willi she have a claim against the profit made on the propery ? If I register for council tax and live in the property partly will this variation be reduced, is there a specific number of nights i have to stay in the property per week, If raise a mortguage against the property will it make a difference if it is a comercial or personal one, will it make a difference if i share the property and received rent.

Please advise.

CSA took money from my wages with no warning

December 30, 2012

My case has been ongoing since 2003 when my ex gave false figures for my earnings. My true earnings were never looked at and i appealed full strength but was pushed from pillar to post. I was self employed and suffering from depression, my work was erratic and so were my payments BUT i always paid when i was working.

After a few years of being ignored by the CSA and noone dealing with it a mutual agreement was made between my ex and i that the money she owed me form the house would serve as the rest of child maintenance. In february this year £350.00 a month was started being Read more

Ex wants to claim CSA when we both have one child each

December 30, 2012

My daughter lives with me but my son who I do not see lives with my ex who is remarried. Her and her husbands income is a lot higher than mine. I always paid maintenance for both children but when my daughter decided she wanted to come and live with me myself and my ex agreed I would support my daughter and her my son.

She has now decided to put a claim in to the CSA. I contacted them and they told me it was greed but there is nothing they can do about it is this true?

My daughter is fifteen and my son thirteen.

Surely the CSA has to prove I am the father?

December 30, 2012

I have been contacted by the CSA with regards to an application made against me being the father of a child from an ex.

I have responded asking for further evidence of this and I have suggested taking a DNA test.

They have replied saying that i must pay for this but i cannot afford to pay for this. Now they have automatically assumed that i am the father as i am not willing to pay??? This is not the case I simply cannot afford to pay for this test. They are now insisting i provide financial details so they can work out what i have to pay for a child that i believe is not mine.

Surely they have to prove that i am the father?? Where do i stand on this?

How does the CSA get away with it?

December 29, 2012

I have 1 child that i have asked the csa to get maintance of my ex partner . He was paying off and on . I kepted phoning them but all i got told was was when he paid them they will pay me .Then i as the weeks pasted i still never recieved payments . I got that worked up about the problem i had a break down . How can the Csa say i should be recieving payments soon and i never did. So i phoned again and asked to speak to a manegerto sort this problem out for me .

In the end they got a attachment of earnings on my ex partner . But, still i’m still waiting for septembers payments but i haven’t recieved the payments apart from the 17th september 2012 . How can the CSA get away with doing this to single mums that need that money .

I’m so sick and tried of phoning them and speaking to different people i have asked them to phone me to sort this problem out and yet again they just say when he pays us we will pay you .

But that isn’t how it works. They said i should get £98 a fornight and still nothing . How can they get away with it .

CSA says they don’t tell you when attempts to claim money fail

December 29, 2012

I met my partner in 2004,i was living on my own after the breakdown of my marriage and had no children.The mortgage was actually in my name and my husbands but he never contributed towards the payments,after a while my new partner moved in with me and i found myself pregnant which was a pleasant surprise as i had’nt planned on having children my partner however had three children from his prevoius marriage and got on with his ex ok or at least he thought.

There was never any mention of csa from her so he thought she was happy with the situation as she had a new partner herself living with her who she as since married.Around 2007 after our second child was born we started to get letters from the csa demanding arrears and even had bailiffs coming to the house.

Eventually the csa got a liability order and then a wages order to take a percentage of the arrears from his earnings,all sorted …or at least we thought. Meanwhile my ex husband became terminally ill and decided to make a will leaving his half of the property Read more

CSA said any overpayment would not be given back

December 29, 2012

When I was first assessed by the CSA they came up with a reasonable amount for me to contribute to my 2 children. A couple of years later they cam back and told me my payments had be reassessed again again I now owed them in the region of £7000 and to ad insult to injury it was being taken from my wages. so they are now taking a third of my wages every month brilliant I thought.

Now to add insult to injury my eldest so who turned 19 over three months ago is still being credited to the account so i am still paying towards him though this should have been adjusted after his birthday. I emailed the Csa about this no reply .then out of the blue a letter arrived to say they would try contact me only problem got this letter 10 days after they were going to call.

So I called them only to be told they were investigating my complaint but any over payment would not be credited back. Funny thing is they take the money fron you with no problem but wont give you back whats yours .

Extortion seems a better word

Can the CSA over turn a court order?

December 28, 2012

Can the CSA over turn a court order !!! They say they can. I separated form my husband 8 years okay and divorsed 5 years later after a very long and costly court battle. We agreed in the end a Clean Break settlement 9or so I thought).

We agreed to claim no maintance for each other or the children. My husband had two living with him I had one living with me. My eldest child left home 3 years ago leaving one child with me and one with him. 6 weeks ago our middle child when off to uni – i like a shot I get a letter from the CSA seeking to claim from me for the child still at home with my EX-Husband.


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