The system is not fair to my boyfriend who has 50/50 custody

February 28, 2018

My boyfriend and I have HIS daughter 50/50 ( so Friday till Friday ) he pays her (the mother ) child support every week . She works for the government and has said she is aloud to have 3 years of paid . So of course she’s taking it . The reason why she’s having 3 years off paid is because she has a kid to someone els and turns out because it a government job they allow 3 years off !! . Since she is in NOT working HIS child support went up ( not much ) but COME on !

So she’s at home getting paid more because she had a kid to someone els and isn’t working atm . I’m finding it hard to understand why he pays $145 to have HIS child for the week ? We would have the same bills here for her as her mum would there . yet he has to pay that amount to her for the week he has her daughter. How’s that fair ? He pays also half school fees uniforms ect . So can someone explain why he has her 50/50. pays 50/50 for anything she needs . And on top of that pays every week $145 ? Why can’t it be no child support and they split there daughters fees like school stuff ect . And who Evers house ( the daughter ) is at , that parent actually supports the child ? How is it fair ?!

I find it hard and a strain on our relationship as I have to take his daughter to school I buy her school food .pay half the bills like power ect . Him having a daughter comes at a cost to me every week ! ( not his fault obviously) just how the system is ! He has me helping him and if I wasn’t here I don’t know how he would do it or afford it ? Men work jobs that start at 6-7 am and girls normally 8-10 am . If he can have her 50 % of the time and still have her at school and looked after even WITH him working 6-4 ( clearly can’t pick his daughter up or drop her off for school ) then he’s made more then an effort as a dad and should not be charged for it ! . HELP because I’m at my wits ends !

CSA take money from me incorrectly then tell me it’s my job to retrieve it!

February 27, 2018

In 2016 I received a letter from the CSA claiming that I owed £12,200 of arrears for my daughter who is now 37. The debt allegedly dated back to 1993 and ran to 1997. Apparently the CSA were transferring data from their old system to their new one and this debt had come to light. They chose to write to my ex asking if I still owed the money and guess what the reply was? Yes of course, even though I had paid for my daughter direct to my ex’s bank account and not to the CSA.

The CSA said I had to prove I’d paid her. I almost went insane trying to prove my innocence. Then after months and months of trying my banks said they had managed to retrieve my statements dating back that far. It took almost 12 months and by this time the CSA were taking money direct from my salary! I was very low and extremely depressed knowing that my ex had lied and tried to get more money after all this time. I tried writing to her and calling but to no avail and my daughter understandably didn’t want to get involved.

Today after almost 15 months of agony they have accepted the statements as proof of payment and then gave me the biggest kick in the teeth! Because they had sent the payments to her from my salary, the CSA said it was up to me to get a solicitor to get it back from her! The CSA are a useless and double crossing agency. This has driven me almost mad! My daughter is 37 I am 63 why? Because of a money grabbing ex-wife. The direct payments made to her totalled £24,530. The debt was less than half of that and she’s walked away with the lot! If any newspaper, political party, police constabulary want to get in touch with me, feel free! I’m spent have had no fairness and no closure on this!

I’m glad the CSA exists to get money off my ex!

February 23, 2018

My daughters Carver Hasn’t paid a penny for 5years he earns £500 if Boy more a week and wouldnt eventi give me £20 a week and thats all ive ever asked for and he wouldnt do that but he will take. His 2 stepkids abroad 3 Times a year go on luxury hotels and days out eat and drink out in expensive restaurants and go out every weekend but wont give £20 a week for his daughter. So im glad the csa exists and get the money of sperm donors like my ex cause 5yrs ive done it on my own well no more its both parents job dont want to pay for a child than cover it up.

Fraudulent ex influenced the CSA to really come down on me

February 22, 2018

My ex has lied and defrauded myself and the ATO for years. Despite my pointing out the obvious facts CSA have been ignoring the behaviour and assessed me hard. They even took proceeds from a super withdrawal despite their guidelines saying it should not happen with post property settlement assets. I took them to AAT and I won, however no refund of the $12k they took. I then found out my ex was claiming to be a victim of DV – at my hands. Then it made sense why the CSA was acting the way they did. At the moment the ATO is looking at my ex and may do back-assessments and possibly even jail her. Also the DV charity she purported to represent has reported her for fake charity raising. If the ATO change her assessments and there is a back-debt, can I sue the CSA for their behaviour and claim some refund? I aim to proceed with an Ombudsman complaint beforehand to shore up a judgement there along with my AAT win saying they erred with the super decision as well.

Partner forced to sell house by CSA who slap a bill on him 18 months later

February 21, 2018

Hi – hoping someone can advice. My other half received a court order telling him to leave his home as it was being sold to pay the 9k arrears CSA. He agreed that it was for the best and meant a fresh start etc and now nearly 18 months after the house being sold etc he has received many letters telling him he owes 9k . Obviously the sale of the house etc took time to sort out – the mortgage lenders say it’s being dealt with by their solicitors but it seems beyond harsh if he’s been forced to walk away from his home of 11 years and the CSA still want their pound of flesh .

Any ideas , advice anything would be very welcomed.

CSA waited for my court order to be 12 months old before unleashing hell

February 20, 2018

Since leaving the family home in 2010 when my wife made it unbearable to stay i maintained payments firstly direct into my wifes account and then to the csa for my 2 children, i have always paid what they asked for even though it was a struggle sometimes. In 2015 my wife then wanted to buy me out of my share of the house as she is with a new partner and wishes to remarry. I didnt have a problem with this as i would never live in the house again and after solicitors drew up paperwork i was offered a fifth of what i should have had, obviously i rejected the offer but then i was told that my ex could not afford anymore than half of what i should have had. I wrote back to her solicitor and said i would accept the offer as long as the claim for child maintenance was dropped. Yes i lost money on the house but at least i would see more of my wages every month. All the papers were signed and i received a cheque and my ex contacted csa to drop all claims. I myself phoned csa to put my mind at rest and asked them if i owed anything, they told me that i had actually overpaid and i would be due a rebate which i received. All was good, my ex had the house and i had more money in my pocket every month, everyone was happy.

Fast forward a year i receive a letter from the csa asking me for weekly amounts, i phoned them and told them i had a letter from court stating that no claim to be made to csa as part of the deal of the house, i sent them a copy of this but still they wanted money. I phoned them again and was told that the court order was over 12 months old and my ex can make another claim. To add salt to the wound they have also sent me a letter stating i have arrears of £1800. I asked them why is there arrears when only a year ago i had a rebate from them they responded that the arrears were from csa and the rebate was from child maintenance, a company that took over from csa.

I have reluctantly messaged my ex and told her that if she is desperate for cash we could set up something between us but ive had no response, i know that shes pretty well of, both work full time and both out every weekend so this is being done out of spite because ive since remarried and my 2 children with my ex get on really well with my wife and her children.

Researching the court order on google i find out that after 12 months of the court order being issued shes well within her rights to make another claim but all other aspects of the order remain. So i have lost money on my share of the house and now im back to a decision of wether its worth me working or not, obviously this is putting horrendous strain on my marriage so i could end up osing everything. How is this fair, any help would br gratefully received.

I haven’t worked since Christmas and don’t want the CSA take everything

February 19, 2018

Hi Everyone,

I’ve recently had a call from the CSA regarding an ex who I haven’t had contact with in years.

She has a child which she claims to be mine.

The woman is pure poison and this isn’t her only child without a father, she goes through men like most people go through underware.

I accept that if the child is mine I should contribute.

But I am self employed, I haven’t worked since Christmas! And I have a young son with my wife and we are expecting our second child very soon.

I have a family to look after and I don’t have a lot of money.

I know it sounds dishonest, but I really want to give the csa as little as possible! Can anyone give any advice.

Apologies if this offends anyone.

CSA doesn’t care about anyone as long as they get paid

February 18, 2018

Before all the do gooders jump all over me, first I agree that you have to support your child, but this organisation will tear you appart, I have now recieved a demand for arrears for 5,000 pounds I have disputed this and asked for a break down of how they come to this figure, I got another letter saying it’s 3700, but still no breakdown of how they come to this.

I pay 670 pounds per month for my son who will be 17 this month, I have asked the mother to sit down and come to an agreement but she refuses, she works for the DWP and sometimes I can’t help but wonder do they assist her more. I believe this mob are drivin to hit hard the easy targets while the others who don’t want to pay get away with it. There should be a set amount and thats it.

However I was told that the mere mention of fairness to MP’s and its met with anger about how people shoild pay, and many are women MP’s. We don’t have a voice and I feel no oe gives a damn. Even the poor man in England who committed suicide, got no compasion, all many would say that he should have paid. Many who make these statements have no clue what this organisation are doing to people, if you have an ex like I have it’s not the child they are doing it for. It’s revenge in my book.

Who can help me sue the lying CSA?

February 17, 2018

I need to know who i can use to sue them as this case has been closed now for 5 years and we are still dragging their ass threw tribunalk after tribunal they just keep refusing to listen and are clearly lying and have proved this but are still chasing for a debt we have PROVED they casued by lack of any action they did not do a dna test till the kid was 18 hes now 24 and still going threw thie they have done so many incorrect assessments and incorrect figures even though their own deptartments and higher tribunals have identified them they have stiull provided the incorrect figures to the ombudsman even though we produced the right ones to the ICE team and ombudsman the old figures have still been used.

this is rediculus we have paid 86.66 BLACKMAILED FORM US for a debt we have NOT established is owed after all 24 years of fighting this from feb to august totals over 600 pounds now saying they have NEVER received a penny even though have bacnk statements with dates and amounts paid im sick of it its not my case but i feel really down with all this can someone tell me how and who i can use to sue these mo fos.

CMS took money for someone else’s child after mother randomly listed me as the father

February 16, 2018

In March 2015 a child maintenance claim was made against me. A woman I don’t know named me on her application as the parent of a their child. I disputed parentage straight away but the Child Maintenance Service (CMS formerly CSA) ignored my letters and refused to help me carry out a DNA test. They continued pursuing me and have since taken £4000 of my money and forced me to pay maintenance for some elses child with a detachment of earnings order (DEO).

• The CMS assumed parentage despite me telling them there is no way I could be the father • I was never named on birth certificate, never been married and have never had any children • My case could have been resolved within weeks but has now lasted over two and half years • Without permission, the CMS took my personal details from my employer and HMRC • CMS sent me threatening letters to take me to prison and remove my driving licence • They enforced an order to collect £212 per month which I could not challenge or contest • During this time I was unable to afford their payments and have since suffered ill health • A DNA test in May 2017 finally proved 100% that I am not the father • However – the CMS have continued ignoring me and my demands for a full explanation • They have also refused to return any of the charges they took from me even with my MPs help.

I have recently setup a crowdfunding campaign against unfair treatment by public organisations such as the Child Maintenance Service.

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