The CSA are taking way too much from me

April 30, 2014

I want to know why I’m paying over 300 a month for 1 child when it is putting myself in serious debt.

The csa are taking more than a third of my wage and I’m falling behind all my bills.also my solicitor has informed me that I should be paying between 150. and 180 a month,also their calculator says I should be paying 152 an month.

This can no longer go on taking so much money from me as it is far to much and there is clearly a problem here.

I want this matter sorted ASAP as I have had so much hassle with this whole issue!

The CSA can’t get anything right

April 30, 2014

Not sure where to start, its been 12+ years of nothing.

I currently have 11 thousand pounds in arrears, I did receive a couple of 5 pounds here and there when my ex husband was claiming benefits.

My application was put in in 2001 but it took until 2003 to be accepted, why it takes 2 years to enter your information in the system, god only knows!

It’s the most frustrating thing I have ever had to deal with. The CSA do not do anything unless you keep calling them, then you can call again and that person still did not do anything. The case is NOT allocated to a dedicated person, no one has any responsibility of it, it just gets passed around to person to person.

I have even called them on many occasions and given them my ex husbands company name and place of work over the years and still nothing. Once you hang up that phone that person does nothing with it, other than type up the notes. Seriously!!!

They should have people in our situation working those phone lines, maybe we can get the work done. It seems these employees are just there to answer the phone and have no idea what we are all going through, fighting for what our child is entitled to.

Why does the father think that they have no financial responsibilities, if they do not want to support a child, DONT HAVE ONE!!! But then on the other hand, whats it matter, its only the CSA that are in charge of collecting money and they can’t even do that.

I would hate to count up the endless calls I have with them.

We should go back to the courts system before someone thought that creating the CSA was a good idea! What a JOKE!

The CSA do not care about my other children

April 30, 2014

My son is 18 this year and in college and we’ve been paying CSA since 2007.

Every time there has been a change in my circumstances I’ve informed the CSA. Since 2012 I’ve been waiting for my case to be looked at.

I’ve continued to pay what I was told while working then reducing payments to £5 when not working. I’ve not claimed benefits when I’ve been out of work as my wife has supported me. They now come back saying that I’m £3000 in arrears and it has to be paid ASAP when I’m not working but even if I was in work I’d struggle to pay this as I have 2 other children and need to keep a roof over their heads but the CSA aren’t concerned about my other children’s welfare.

I’ve always paid for my son but they make me feel like a low life. They are saying that I’ve not paid enough during times of employment although I’ve informed them at every stage. Sending then payslips etc but they are now saying that there’s no information on there system an that I’ve not sent anything off.

It took them 4 years to reduce payment when my daughter was born so I over paid £3 a week for almost 4 years but they say it’s are fault for not informing them, even though the claim started when’s wife was pregnant and the week she was born we rang and informed and was told a note was being made and we would be informed and changes to our payments which we never were.

I’m really at a loss as to how I can move forward with all of this. They say it’s all our fault but how can that be when we’ve informed them every step of the way. Some advice would be gratefully received.

Can my ex just cut down on my payments to buy other things?

April 29, 2014

My ex husband pays me csa of £56.00 per week for one of our children.

He wants to take him away in august and him and his new wife has told me they are stopping £20.00 per week from the 23rd may for 10 weeks to pay for some new clothes for his holiday.

Can he do this without my permission?

How can I make sure that I’m not cut off from seeing my son?

April 29, 2014

I recieved a phone call from csa saying I had two year old son and that wanted DNA and details of my income along with bank details.

I now see my son, he looks like me everyone says, so I didn’t take DNA as it was just cost me a further sum of money I am trying to be put on birth certificate as legal tender to him I was told from gossipers that someone was on there as father already and the mum keeps avaiding the question whenever brought up but has stopped me seeing him untill I pay.

Also she is moving up north with her new partner and my son, so I am not paying untill I put on birth certificate so she can’t just cut me out when she leaves.

She says it shouldn’t affect me seeing him to much but I can’t just take her word for it I need help as csa are now building the debt from back pay and now missed payments.

I need to know if I’m in my rights to do what i’m doing or a solution to resolve the problem?

She has stopped contact because she’ll get the money of the CSA anyway

April 29, 2014

I split from my partner over 9 months ago and we have shared our kids time, 3days one week 4 days the next.

She now has stopped my Contact because she found out csa will give her all monies retrieved off me.

How can this be fair???

Any ideas how I can sort this so I can see my kids please. Thanks.

What should I do now that he’s done a bunk?

April 28, 2014

I don’t receive anything from my ex and it’s really really hard to pay bills etc.

He’s bunked off to Pakistan all because he will have to pay for the kids.

He doesn’t want to come back what could I do?

He has a lot of land etc houses there but still won’t own up. What should I do?

All I want is the best for my children

April 28, 2014

My wife kicked me out divorced me and she was 100% right I was an arse drinking ,drugs.

I was not a good dad and after a few years of homelessness AA,NA I sorted myself out got work , she allowed me to see the kids which was great then because she was claiming benefits they demanded she ask for an aoe , which I believe is fine if the father is not paying buti was every penny I had was spent on them kids.

Then they took that away but I still had money to pay my bills ,I was made redundant and moved to london to find work (mistake)I was unemployed for 6 months so took a poor paid job I have a company ticket loan which I need to get to work that comes straight out of my wages,after that tax NI ETC I take home 692 my rent is 600 and council tax 120 so as you can see it is not viable ,foolishly I am spending the 92 on food.

I can’t pay gas or electric,(gas is on a meter and I use the electric boiler for once a week bath) boil kettle for a wash in the morning. and have missed 2 months council tax so I guess I am going to prison eventually and then lose my tenancy ,be homeless again , no money no kids no nothing to be honest.

I have researched a lot of suicide but most of the clean stuff ie not throwing yourself under a train costs money , I think I have about 3 weeks left and god knows ,what a state to be in , all I want is the best for my kids but that has been taken from me.

The CSA can’t even get the basics right

April 28, 2014

From jan 2014 ive been disputing arrears and pwc payment cock ups have dug out all paperwork I have saying im 1700 in credit then im not.

Not paying one parent for four years they saying I owe more than my paper wrk says ive requested a one to one they have refused they cant even get basic information right.

I have a deduction of earning for long time when I offered arrangement how long can they do this I have evidence of what im asking there refusing one to one meet.

Please advise I need help legal help, who do I contact that knows my csa rights to a meeting?

What will happen after we are married?

April 27, 2014

My partner currently pays CSA for his 3 children to his ex-wife, I have 1 child to my ex and she stays with us.

We both work and are getting married next year and was just wondering if CSA take my wages into consideration as well after we are married?

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