Proud not to help

August 31, 2014

In 1800, Emily Pankhurst threw herself under a horse for the Womens Suffragette Movement, there was MORE PUBLIC OUTCRY for one woman who deliberately threw herself under a horse than all the men who commit suicide for the sake of MONEY and the CSA.

I consider that forcing men to pay high amounts for children they are denied the right to see is CHILD ABUSE! It seems a joke when a parent shouts at a child, they are “emotionally abusing” their child but to stop any parent from seeing their child is not considered as child abuse.

I choose not to see my kid for reasons which are known to me, members of my family and the “other family” of whom I do not wish to know since my Sister passed away, my front room window and threats to kill me and harassment took place in December and I am not interested in rebuilding any Father/Daughter relationship in any event.

I was accused of not talking to my Daughter in a local KFC which I did say “Hi” to her and left her alone with her friends and sat on another table with my former partner. A few days later, hell broke loose at my home and I was reported as a “missing person” from over SIX MILES away by my Daughter and her family.

I was also involved in a local charity helping others for many years and was reported to the DWP for being PAID as an unpaid volunteer thus nearly losing my entire benefit. I was paying CSA for an entrapment case child where the mother lied to me aobut being on the pill which now becomes quite the norm for all ENTRAPMENT CASE Fathers and are eventually “shown” their child many years later with assistance of one of my relatives telling them my business.

My personal mail has not been delivered to my home as frequently as it ought to be and my emails and other internet sites have been hacked into. Am I proud to be a Father to this child that is supposed to by my Daughter, No I am not and I totally disown her, my family and anyone else connected with her and her family.

To make threats to kill me, smashing my windows, harass me and nearly driven me to suicide is UNFORGIVABLE especially after I lost my Sister. I hope they read this because they never know how much they have broken me down and if they claim they love me as a Brother, Father and anything else how they see me, they got a funny way to show it by making threats etc after losing their Sister, Aunt and Daughter.

I am disgusted that other members of my family SUPPORT those who made threats. I am happy to be out of your lives but not happy living in the same town as YOU ALL! you all wished me dead,you nearly had it as anyone could have been sat in my settee when my window was smashed directly behind their head! Families, who needs them , I don’t!

I don’t want to hinder my ex because of overzealous CSA

August 31, 2014

I changed jobs nearly 2 years ago, and despite contacting the CSA a couple of months after starting my new job, they finally “caught up” with me yesterday.

My ex and I have a great relationship, and we both had decided to wait until the CSA contacted my employer instead of me paying her directly. Anyway, long story short, the CSA have doubled my payments to £72 a week, or £303 per month. Arrears for 18 months or so are at £5385.

They want a minimun of £122 per week. After doing my sums, I have realised I simply cannot afford to work. I dont want my ex or my 2 boys not getting the money they deserve or need, but what would happen if I stopped working (a job i have done for years and love btw). Would she still get £72 a week from CSA, if I was signing on?

A drastic measure, but after rent and utilities and CSA, I am left with around £50 per week to live on. I see my boys every weekend, but this is self defeating, as I wont be able to have them over, which is really hurting if i am honest. Is there an appeals procedure? Is there a means test? I dont want to hit my ex financially if I can help it. Any help or advice very much appreciated.

CSA have been no help at all

August 31, 2014

I left my verbally abusive husband after 26 years of marriage. I managed to just pay a half consultation with a solicitor who told me I had a good case for a speedy divorce. I could not claim any financial help with the cost of my divorce and was quoted between £900 to £1200.

I had a total bill well above this. I was awarded and my husband signed a consent form to pay £200 a month for two of our four children. He has not kept to this agreement. When I contacted the CSA I was told very rudely that I had to wait a year and a day from the date the agreement was signed before I could ‘do anything’.

In the meantime I have incurred terrible debt trying to keep us together and have had to lodge with a good friend for the last year because I could not afford to live on the minimum wage I earned, even with help from housing benefit etc. I am now on long term sick leave from my full time job and worried sick about mounting debts.

I have made sure I have not fallen behind with any payments but I have become extremely depressed with all the worry. If my ex husband was paying his monthly payments as set out on the signed consent form it would certainly help. Because I am on morphine and other medication I am finding it difficult to find out if I may be entitled to any other help? I have never claimed anything in my life and have always worked. It just seems so unfair, I am so depressed.

CSA keep sending me other people’s confidential details

August 30, 2014

My CSA hell goes back to the first time of dealing with them. I initially had a private pay agreement with my ex who has custody of my son, who I see every other weekend for the full weekend. After never missing a payment in 3 years, my ex then decides she would take the CSA route for CM. No problem, or so I thought…

So contact with then info sent to the CSA…the weeks went by, and by and then a letter came with all the calcs on how much I needed to pay, all sorted. Then 2 days later another letter with diff calcs and a diff amount, oh heck ! then the next day another letter with more calcs and a 3rd diff amount.

Brilliant I thought, maybe I can pick from the 3 amounts how much I pay hehehehe. Anyways tel calls and weeks go by and by and finally a fixed amount agreed.

A year down the line and my job circumstances changed, informed the CSA who this time were quick to reply with pages of calcs and new amount, keep turning the pages and find another persons details stapled to the back of my letter, name, address, NI number, payment details, childs name etc….rang them up and was told to ignore this part of the letter.

Following a quiet CSA period I then received a letter asking me to supply them with further details so they could proceed further with a child’s college application? not my child, and details of the child in the letter included who date of birth which meant she was only 12. College at 12 ! Rang them up and was told to ignore the letter. 2 weeks went by and received the same letter again, rang them up and told to ignore the letter…’difficult’ I commented ‘ when you keep sending me it’.

I have since received another persons details again and told to ignore it.

3 year ago I was made redundant, spent 9 month on JSA and then set up self employment. After informing the CSA of my redundancy and JSA claim, they proceeded to try and take the full amount out of my bank for the next 2 months, which I had to ring the bank and stop, which I then got charged for.

They have recently just billed me for £780 arrears, after querying there factually wrong figures they then corrected the amount of arrears to £440….all this took nearly 12 month to sort out. As my self employment was a new vent my earnings were extremely low and could not afford any CSA payments. So they took me to court for the £440.

I took with me an income and expenditure together with my accounts up to date which proves that I don’t have spare money, if I did I would gladly pay my CM. On attempting to hand them my income and expenditure they refused to look at it saying they were not interested, ‘so how do you work out my CSA payments’? I queried.

They pondered this question and then took a look at my In and Ex….after studying it for a minute they made a comment about non essentials, ‘which ones’ I asked…….’oh, well things like rent, council tax and maybe gas and electric’………….unbelievable!

How can my partner get to see his kids?

August 30, 2014

My husband has not seen his 2 children for the past 3 year’s his children are now 9 and 11 years and his ex wife and children have just moved onto our estate so they are living less than 1 mile away and my husband is still not able to see the children.

He has done nothing wrong apart from move on with his life and has been assaulted in the shop by her family for not trying hard to see them which he has had court cases etc but she has filled their brains with horrible things and stopped him from seeing them.

Yet he still has to pay the full csa and he still does and is a hard working person when she does not work and is in rented accomodation does anyone have any solutions?? Thanks

I lost my job because of the CSA

August 30, 2014

I was seperated from my childs partner and tried to arrange a private payment with her as she was on benefits but she refused…. she or the jobcentre contacted the c.s.a and they decided that i was to pay £108 A WEEK!

I was working and making approx £190 a week with full rent, shopping and was in a new relationship with another child, anyway this fight went on where they eventually arreseted my wages and took all money over £80 a week off my wages and forced me out of my job.

I ended up payinf £70 a month payments to them for years and out of the blue they arrested my wages and are now taking £219 a month to pay arrears that accumulated in 97/98/99 where they wanted the £108p/w.

Iam also paying £300 monthly to my other ex for 3 kids but not through the c.s.a so basically over half of my wages is going to maintenance and what is left is barely covering my rent/ food . contacting the c.s.a they will not help me, or reduce the payment…. it is only arrears left as my child is 19 and in F/T employment.

At my wits end with nowhere to turn.. is there anything i can do please?

The CSA are breaching my human rights

August 29, 2014

I am so mad this is going beyond a joke. I’ve now made my 8th complaint.

I have had to leave my full time employment because i cant afford to feed my children living at home, i cant afford to go see my children not living with me.

I sent a letter three weeks ago recorded delivery so i have evidence of who at the Crewe office has signed for it stating i am self employed. I cannot ring as my phone bill for last month just to calls to the CSA was £100 i couldn’t afford this so my phone has been switched off.

I am getting numerous calls asking about previous loans i had with my x wife and calls stating i have to pay £40 per week as from now when i haven’t even got any work yet how can a calculation be made when i have no work.

I have asked on 8 occasions for a schedule of my payments and statements regarding my arrears. How much i have paid arrears and how much maintenance im paying. I have been informed by my MP George Marsden that he is now willing to take my case on as the CSA are in complete breech of my human rights.

I have asked that all correspondence to be done in writing as i am getting no where speaking to CSA’s incompetent staff.

I am sending my self assessment tax calculation for the year 2011 to 2012 into the crewe office which shows my earnings for that tax year were £7,200 this years assessment will be similar so i cannot afford £40 per week and then a ridiculous amount added for arrears.

I am told if CSA calculation is incorrect and i overpay during this year they will not refund me the moneys paid. How is this legal?

All correspondence between me and them will now be copied and sent to my MP for further investigation.

Please could you advise me of the complaints procedure outside of the CSA as i wish to take this matter further.

Why can’t the CSA sort this mess?

August 29, 2014

I have been on the phone to CSA for months. Payments made have not been correct. They chased employers by phone but no joy.

I should be receiving 73 pounds a week but for last 3 months it has been 14 pound a month and today I find 30 odd pound for the month received. I have been told CSA cannot chase because change of circumstances going on but have been assured over & over tht I should still receive the 73 pounds a week.

Well.I haven’t and I have been.told if I complain tht the supposed fast track team sorting this will stop doing what they are doing. Well no one has done nothing!

I’ve waited and waited and got nowhere! This is a deduction of earnings which is not being kept to!

CSA are further endangering my health

August 29, 2014

The csa should leave me alone , i have cancer and unable to work.

They want 10 pound a week from my 85.00 pound sick pay.

I cant afford to eat the correct foods to survive.

Contacting CSA is a farce

August 28, 2014

I phoned monday and got put on hold for 40 mins then phoned another number to be told CSA where closed due to bank holiday.

Its a disgrace and it says on their web site its open till 8pm.

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