What happens to CSA when you fall ill?

August 28, 2014

I was off work sick for three weeks, and I thought I would not have to pay anything as I never earned anything, but when I returned to work they took 4 weeks payment out of my money. I cannot afford to pay this weeks rent or for my monthly bus pass, meaning I cannot go to work.

The CSA said I should have told them as soon as I went on the sick, and there’s nothing they can do.

Are they right?

How do I handle this old rules case?

August 28, 2014

Two cases, first was on old rules, most recent has forced the old case onto new rules.

There is a ‘ramping down’ that is not linear, meaning I am paying massively more to my previous partner than my most recent.

I have an opportunity for a new job. If I am unemployed for a couple of weeks, will the first case be set to a more reasonable repayment schedule?

Who are we supposed to be paying this money to?

August 27, 2014

I dont even know where to start! my husbands ex has walked out on her husband and 5 kids at xmas last year, my hubby has always paid for his kid who is 17 now.

We found out that not only had the parent with care walked out and left all of the kids to set up home with someone else but that the child my hubby pays for has left college.

So we phoned csa a couple of weeks ago and they told my hubby that they were aware the kid left college in april/may. well we have still been paying and no one has told us any different. we have also found out that the mum is still getting the csa paid to her and other benefits and she is not even speaking to her kids never mind rearing them.

Surely this is benefit fraud? hubby phones up today again to see how their “investigation” is going and they have done nothing to date. they claim they have been trying to contact that woman for a couple of week and that they need acknowledgement fromher that she is now not a PWC and that the child has left school.

Paying themoney is not the issue here, its who we are paying it too. The experience we have had with CSA has been horrendeous and over the years we have had unexpected arrears and they take what ever they want out of our account without acknowledging us, this seems unfair and i dont know what to do next. helpppp

What happens when I move abroad?

August 27, 2014

I’m possibly moving to the rep of Ireland, where do I stand with paying CSA?

My employer will be moving over to the Irish tax system and I will pay into this.

How am I supposed to get proof of what my ex earns?

August 27, 2014

My ex lives in england his choice and i live in n ireland i have 2 kids and my ex has them 28 nights in the year, within the year he makes the journey over to collect them 3 times.

He works for sizzlers pubs as a general manager and earns 28000-31000 a year with the potential of 100% bonuses why do I only get £265 pounds seems really unfair along with his job he gets his accommodation and all in.

This is my third year receiving the same rate from csa and I have asked them to re look at the case and they told me unless i have proof they can’t do anything how am i supposed to get proof?? Surely that is their job. When he is ringing me up and telling me he is getting a bonus my kids get nothing what can i do.

I don’t want to do a DNA test

August 26, 2014

I have made a claim for child maintenance but my sons father has requested a dna i am very upset by this as we was together for 2 years and he walked out for no reason when I was pregnant.

I don’t want to do the dna as my ex is only doing it so he can try and take my baby away from me if I don’t they close the claim but if I find it hard to support my baby on my own and change my mind will I be able to make a claim for child maintenance at a later date

Is there any way we can make these payments fairer?

August 26, 2014

Hi, I am looking for a bit of advice from anyone with some CSA knowledge.

My partner has a child with a women he had a one night stand with 15 years ago. To cut a very long story short she made his life miserable and pretty much every year demanded his accounts were looked over by the CSA (he is self employed so she never wanted to miss any possible rises she could get). He had asked her for a number of years if they could come to a private agreement as the yearly CSA hounding was getting to much. She refused.

However in 2010 she contacted him saying she realised she had been out of order and wanted to set up a private agreement. By this point he had been hit bad by the recession but she wanted the highest figure possible. They finally settled on a very high figure (that worked out to be about 25% of his salary).

Anyway him and i met in 2011 and he told me all about the women and his son, just to make it clear he has had no contact with the child ever. By 2013 his income was still reducing and his payments are now amounting to 49% of his salary. I was having a look on google and finally found the women and we have now discovered that in 2010 she was in-fact moving abroad to be with her new partner who is funding a rather lavish lifestyle for her and her son and she is also now in full time employment.

My partner took the decision this year to contact her and ask if he can reduce payments down to 15% of his salary per CSA guidelines explaining the drop in income and how she is now getting close to 60% of his income etc etc. But as of now she has not replied to his email. We are now thinking she will just ignore all his correspondence and hold on to the larger payment for as long as possible.

So my question is, the only option we have is to go back to the CSA and ask them to step in (the CSA was the only get out claus my partner had to the private agreement) but will they have any jurisdiction now she lives abroad or are we now trapped and waiting for him to leave school? (another issue as we don’t know if she will ever tell us when he leaves school).

Sorry for such a long story but i am just unsure my self and was hoping someone might know the answer. Please appreciate my partner has done everything this women has asked for over the last 15 years including surviving on a very small income so as to not upset her and ask for the payments to be reduced. He isn’t trying to avoid paying he just wants the payments to be fairer.

If he pays, does he have a right to see my son?

August 26, 2014

My son who is 13 yrs old. Father had an affair an his new partner is due a baby due in november the same month as my son’s birthday.so i am not happy but my son is angry at him and has not had any contact with his dad since feburary and does not wish to in the future does his father still need to pay him (cs) and does it mean he has rights to see my son if he pays.

What happens when the ex just has them the bare minimum?

August 25, 2014

My ex partner has our children for 3 nights one week and four nights the next.

But it literally only is from late tea time till first thing in a morning.

Am i entilted to money?

What happens when a partner passes away?

August 25, 2014

My boyfriend was living with me as man and wife.

We had all our claims together and we have a 5 year old child registered in his name but then he died.

Who helps me and his child to live?

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