CSA have been no help at all

August 31, 2014

I left my verbally abusive husband after 26 years of marriage. I managed to just pay a half consultation with a solicitor who told me I had a good case for a speedy divorce. I could not claim any financial help with the cost of my divorce and was quoted between £900 to £1200.

I had a total bill well above this. I was awarded and my husband signed a consent form to pay £200 a month for two of our four children. He has not kept to this agreement. When I contacted the CSA I was told very rudely that I had to wait a year and a day from the date the agreement was signed before I could ‘do anything’.

In the meantime I have incurred terrible debt trying to keep us together and have had to lodge with a good friend for the last year because I could not afford to live on the minimum wage I earned, even with help from housing benefit etc. I am now on long term sick leave from my full time job and worried sick about mounting debts.

I have made sure I have not fallen behind with any payments but I have become extremely depressed with all the worry. If my ex husband was paying his monthly payments as set out on the signed consent form it would certainly help. Because I am on morphine and other medication I am finding it difficult to find out if I may be entitled to any other help? I have never claimed anything in my life and have always worked. It just seems so unfair, I am so depressed.